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Mark Denham  Voted most likely to succeed by my mom.

No filter or photoshop needed. This place is the most beautiful and humbling place on earth.

This was probably the worst decision I have ever made. My first and probably my last rim to rim to rim. Cannot feel my legs.

Great day out on the range. Got the Ruger all dialed in with the help of some great glass.

I’m honestly amazed we ever get any work done. @leifsope

Another year of trade shows in the books. These people (and many not pictured) are the only reason I don’t lose my mind during these two months.

Our graphic designer is having a little trouble focusing with the Star Wars premiere going on. Soooooo ya this happened.

Im still laughing about this. We are geniuses.

It was an absolutely amazing year. Tagged out for now but I can’t wait to hit it again hard in January.

We fired Banjo and hired Gunner. He hasn’t gotten the hang of using the binoculars yet.

At the Outdoorsmans we strive to provide our customers with extremely in depth product reviews.

Kill what you eat or eat what you kill? There is a debate going on over which is the correct phrasing.

Always an interesting time down on the border in Arizona. Great hunt, even though @csdenham didn’t pack enough whiskey.

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