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Mark Bell's Sling Shot  #SlingShot #HowMuchYaBench ?'s:Info@MarkBellSlingShot.Com YouTube:YouTube.com/SuperTraining06

The HYPE was too real!!
@sschmidt75 smoked the WR granite press with a 352 lb stone this weekend! Big weights are no match when you got the gear to support.
STrong Bows + STrong Knees = STrong Press.

Now you can grab the STrong Elbow Sleeves and STrong Knee Sleeves for 15% off when bought together. Don’t let a little bit of dough stop you from smashing those WRs.

#STrongSleeves #HighlandGames #GranitePress #StrengthIsNeverAWeakness #ST06

When you wanna do hoodrat things with your hoodrat friends but #Fitness is life 🔥 #ButFirst #Fitness
Look STrong, feel STrong, Be STrong 💪🏼 #st06 #ganggang

Issa trap!

Only sociopaths sit there with a smirk on their face waiting for it to hit you 💩 whether you’re in a car or about to hit the deadlift platform. We’ve all been there.

#DoYouSmellThat #WhatsThatSmell #SmellsLikeGains

Designed with bench specialists in mind, the #STrongWraps will provide maximal support. There are several ways to wrap your wrists with these incredibly stiff wraps and @worldbreakersavage shows us how he wraps his.

#repost @worldbreakersavage
How I wrap my wrists without a thumb loop. @mbslingshot #strongwraps I prefer these strong ones here because they are stiffer. I can make a softer or cast wrap. Close hand on the end of wrap, once it’s wrapped around loosely, unwrapped it back around opposite hand and then tighten it down around the joint.

#STiffy #AlwaysWrappedNeverRaw #ST06

10/10 would recommend coming to hang out with @steficohen @hayden.bowe & @marksmellybell this October 6th, 8am-12pm at @thesupertraininggym - FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE — first 50 people!

FREE STrong Seminar with your favorite #hybridAF athletes. Can’t guaranteed you’ll deadlift as hard as Stefi but she doesn’t bite and can show you a few things.

#Repost By @steficohen: DEADLIFT
230kg/507lbs third attempt. Far from my best performance in the deadlift, but happy to see what is possible even when I don’t have my best day. Last meet of the year got me feeling all sorts of emotions. Happy to be done with this season and so ready for some time off!

#deadlift #squat #bench #powerlifting #powerliftingseminar #FREE

When you can press 125 lb dumbbells for 10s like @realworld_tactical there is no room to play. Accessories are just as important as your main work. Whether your main work is training for armed tactical survival like Tony, or just looking for a bigger bench, you can protect your elbows from excessive wear and tear with the #CompressionCuffs, so all you have to worry about is training to get STronger than you were yesterday.

#RealWorldSTrong #CuffinSeason #StrengthIsNeverAWeakness #ST06

Our mission, to make this World a better place to lift. A better place to live. THIS IS IT.

This is something that happens everyday when each and every one of you make a decision to be better, to do more and BECOME more.

We are proud to announce that we have @steficohen and @haydenbowe serving up some education, motivation and GAINS with our dude @marksmellybell for another FREE Seminar at the STrongest Gym in the West, @thesupertraininggym!

October 6th, Saturday 8am-12pm. First come, First Serve. First 50 participants will be allowed in. Going over squat, bench, deadlift, accessories and conditioning.

The strongest sponsors in the game, @bodybuildingcom @musclemonster @questnutrition and US @mbslingshot!

Are you ready? #st06 #STrongSeminar #Powerlifting #free99

No gym? No problem. No clothes? No problem. With the Hip Circle you can always get a good workout in anywhere and anytime. Summer might almost be over, but that don’t mean we stop ripening those peaches 🍑

#repost @alexastancofit
You’re going to want to repeat all of these exercises through as a circuit 4-5x to REALLY get those glutes firing🔥 all the bands I use here are @mbslingshot 👏🏼
1️⃣banded step backs (used the grippy band) x 15 ea
2️⃣lateral shuffles x 15 ea side
3️⃣banded hip thrust with abduction x 15
4️⃣banded step backs, 15 ea
5️⃣puppy squats w/pulse lol, 15
REPEAT🔥 Don’t forget to save!✨

#YearRoundPeachSeason #HipCircle #GluteGang #HumpDay #ST06

Get the speed and convenience of Amazon with all the products you know and love! Now with Amazon Prime! Free two day shipping! Sling Shots, Hip Circles, Knee Sleeves, and Wraps! #AmazonPrime #MarkBellSlingShot #GluteGains #st06

When she sees you bench over 500 lbs 🌊💦💦

#waterfall #pissorpass #ST06

#MondayMotivation 4 days after hitting a 495 lb squat PR, @jsmith_fitness comes back for more and buries a 505 lb squat in dem Sport Sleeves! —
The Sling Shot Sport Sleeves are thinner and more pliable, which allows for freedom of variation in your workout. Even if that variation means adding 10 lbs to your squat PR within the same week 😏

#SportSleeves #skwaats #StrengthIsNeverAWeakness #ST06

Hopefully this Monday, International Chest Day, this is the least of your worries...

@emilio_paez_ #InternationalChestDay #BuildTheChest #FckTheRest #MondayMotivation

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