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Mike Bartos  Husband to a wonderful wife. Strength Coach to a gym of great people. Working every day of my life to leave what I love better than I found it.


Very proud of my amazing wife. Julie hit PR's today and had a great first meet, but that's not what makes me most proud. I'm most proud that I'm married to a woman that does what she says she's going to do no matter what.
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@zachmachuga hitting 804lbs at 236lbs bodyweight on his 3rd attempt at the @uspapower IBC Classic. 23 years old.
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#throwback Thursday to Contrast Platform prototype #1. This piece was the first piece of training equipment I made. I even mistakenly jumped the gun and filed for a patent on version #3 in early 2013. Everything I read and my own training supported that it would work, but it was too clumsy and hard to reset.
The lever arm sat on top of the bar and was Plate Loaded to a desired weight. Depending on the height the back tubing was set to, it would fall off the bar and return the lifter to barbell only at their desired height. To create true isometric conditions at the bottom, I made a device that a training partner stood on that locked the arm in place. When they stepped off, it allowed the arm to move freely again. This piece may or may not have broken on a day I drank too much coffee and had a rough day training.
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630lbs DL Stance Concentric Goodmorning from Monday. Certainly not my best day of training due to fatigue from a few days before, but stayed on track to hit my 660lbs goal for the training cycle on my last training day in a few weeks.
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It's time to put the finishing touches on our first run of Contrast Platforms. We will begin shipping in a few days. Thank you to everyone that has a CP heading to them! We appreciate your orders very much!
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There ain't nothin' to it, Instagram made me do it." -Ice Cube
Okay, maybe there is a slight misquote there, but if Ice Cube started training in today's era, this definitely would have replaced his famous , "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It." Training is a slow and gradual discipline that rewards those that honor its principles. The principle of gradual progressive overload is at the heart of all successful systems. You can call it whatever fancy name you'd like, but more weight or more reps will always equal more progress. The key word of this principle is, "gradual." All too often in our Instagram era, inexperienced lifters begin programming for more likes rather than stronger lifts. No amount of likes can justify a train wreck the following training week because you had to grind out another twenty pounds for the camera. Especially when five pounds would have been a PR and enough to keep momentum rolling in a positive direction.
How you are going to get one step closer to your long term goal should always be the factor that influences all programming decisions. Never fall into the doomed category of trainees that have to explain their training decisions by saying, "Instagram made me do it." #squat #bench #deadlift #mbpowercenter #stoneofsteel #contrastplatform #powerlifting #strongman #fitness

Contrast Platform - Ripcord Deadlift (Equipment Link in Profile)

Making my speed work..work. (Method 2)
This is another one of the methods I have found most beneficial on our Contrast Platform. As a young kid, I had a sport coach nickname me, "slow as molasses in January Bartos." I guess I wasn't destined to be an explosive freak. I have always had to find ways to increase explosive power because I wasn't born with very much naturally.
I am aware that the maximal deadlift is done for one rep and has no eccentric phase prior to the start, but this is training not competing. I am okay taking advantage of the stretch reflex to train my body to be more explosive when the time for a heavy single comes.
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Quick Release Deadlifts and making my speed work...work.
For four years I have known that I had a problem to fix and I have actively been experimenting with every way I could think of to fix it. My Deadlift was weak at the bottom, but speed work and submaximal work didn't allow me to spend any significant time in this position. On my heavy training days, the bar would slow down, so I was getting more time at the bottom, but after 4-5 reps above 90%, I was shot. After seeing @brandonlilly3 post about deadlifting into elevated bands similar to our PR Platform, I saw many comments on the post that pertained to "needing to make the bottom heavy." Apparently, many people think like me. This brings me to one of my favorite ways to utilize the Contrast Platform.
There is an inverse relationship between force and velocity. As velocity increases, force decreases. As force increases, velocity decreases. This can be seen when lifting a maximal deadlift. If the lifter performs a maximal lift with 800lbs, he is exerting 800lbs or more force, but the bar moves slowly. If the same lifter performs a repetition with 400lbs, the bar moves with high velocity, but the lifter cannot exert 800lbs because the lift is completed too quickly. Our bodies take time to manifest force. This can be demonstrated right now as you read. Flick your left palm with your right middle finger without using the thumb as a trigger release. Now, undergo the same process, but push hard into your thumb for a short period of time and then release. You will immediately notice the increased power. The Contrast Platform allows you to reap all of the benefits of a hard start, including the increased power through the rest of the lift while using submaximal loads.
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Always train as hard as you can! That is smart!
Yesterday's post was about the dangers of becoming a pre-workout addict that stays up watching motivational videos until 4am to get fired up for the next days squat workout. This is dangerous, but I've found that over time these people learn to turn down the crazy and find the sweet spot where progress happens. These are the people that learn the hard way and have battle scars to prove it. These people are much easier to manage than the person that says they want to break world records but come to the gym yawning their way through another half-assed session.
Training as hard as you can is smart training. The important question here is, "how hard can you train?" That answer is defined by your recovery ability for your next scheduled session. "Train as hard as you can" sounds like an incomplete sentence to me. After the can, there should always be more clarification. It's your job to find what that answer is.
In reality, the more work you can complete and recover from, the better and stronger you will become. Knowing this, it's a good idea to systematically raise training volume over time. Toe the line of what your current ability allows and occasionally cross it to see how it feels to be on the other side. Once the other side is comfortable, move the line back a few inches and repeat. Your new "as hard as you can" has changed and so will the numbers on the bar.

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Don't sleep and get strong?

Many people in the strength and fitness industry tend to seek out daily motivational videos and quotes to jump start their days and workouts. This is evident as you scroll through social media. A large percentage of the posts are related to "getting things done" and are calling for more action. The problem with these posts are that for many people that are heavily involved with training, they are calling for the wrong actions or in many cases too much of a particular action. I see the popularity of posts about not sleeping, 20 hour work days, 4 scoops of pre-workout, working until you can't stand up and the constant battle cry for MORE! I tried all of these things for years and they only led to an inevitable downward spiral. Your goals should dictate your actions.
Maybe these messages are always so extreme because the truth is not as attractive. I bet a post that said, "Today, remember you are a human, not a machine or a beast. Make sure you meet your caloric needs to achieve the body weight you desire. Manage your life so you have time to sleep 8-9 hours per night. Only do enough work to get better and even if you don't feel extremely tired, know that this is a decades long game and today is only a small piece of that puzzle." would not get as many likes as the latest "IG battle cry." Your feelings do not dictate your actions, your goals do. If your goal is strength, you need the discipline to not fall into the trap of an emotional overload that leads to decisions that feel good at the time, but ultimately will become your strength training demise.
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