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Maxx Brown  TEDxMaxxBrown is next. Twitter @MaxxB

Daydreaming of Nicodemus

all my dmv niggas, I’m live in Virginia on Saturday. Set at 3pm on the @lovelacemag stage. Come fuck with me #VibeOut2018


This Saturday, May 19th
Mineral, Va for the Vibe Out Festival brought to you by @pinch.harmonics
Come watch the legend grow.

“Laugh lines next to war wounds; I had a full life, but know that time heals all except for things done in spite” - Maxx Brown
a Physical Oxymoron

Contradiction in human form. Produced by @realfortes

#10Years10TapesTheMovie now available on YouTube.
Yes I was having a hard time with my hoody.
Ps. Watch that ‘Rachael Divide” documentary on Netflix.
Pps. Visit @nmaahc
Shout out to @jaetips

So 2-3 yrs ago, I was watching the news and I saw this group of young black kids who were getting attention for making authentic heavy metal rock music, and thought “damn its crazy what black people can do.” Fast forward to last night and we shared the same stage. Then it dawned on me how far I’ve come.
Shout out to @malxolm.brixkhouse @xo.kale @jaybalency #unlockingthetruth & @nmaahc

Tonight @m15lounge

Maxx Brown

So that you know the things that I rap about, represent and stand for are not a facade, here’s a pic of my queen outside of the museum @nmaahc
PS #ThisIsMy3rdTrip #WhenAreYouGoing?

Ima bring my niggas with me if I lose or win

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