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A vibrator line-up to wish you a Fappy Friday. *Starts singing “you are my fire, the one desire, believe when I say - I want it that way*
I have a lot of fun with vibrating toys because I definitely do want it /that/ way (you know you love me corny) so here are some thoughts on the ones I’ve liked recently.
Slide 1: Liebe Delighful
My fave basic bitch tbh. This vibe is perfect for people who are still getting into toys if you’re not looking to do too much. It v honestly simply gets the job done. It has different speeds and vibrations and that’s the most fun for exploring different ways to make yourself or a partner cum 💦💦 Slide 2: Liebe Bend it
This babe is for the G-spot lovers 😍 Because it’s bendy, you can get it to hit any G-point and with ten speeds you can work your way up to the peak or just go for it for a quick finish 😂 Whew. 💦💦💦 Slide 3: Liebe Bend it Plus
The Liebe Bend it with an extra head. For insertion and climtoral stimulation. All I’ll say here is make sure you lay a towel down because two heads on the right places makes for an easy mess.
💦💦💦 Slide 4: Odeco Vanessa
A bad bitch right here. You know I love a waterproof toy 😁 This babe looks cute but the POWER? Listen. I now know why seven is a spiritual number with seven function, seven speeds and seven times your body spasms til you’re a tiny bit light-headed. 💦💦💦💦 Now number 5... what are y’all’s feeling about vibrating toys? Do you prefer clitoral stimulation vs insertion or is the perfect toy a combination of both for you? Let’s talk about nice things.

As always, you can use my code MUFFIN10 for 10% any purchases on @wicked_wendys 🔥

Issme. At #KewpieExhibition. In my @sisi.the.collection. With my @justdyehair colour. Shot by @nerdy_neener.

This past week I went for psychometric tests for an exciting job I was fortunate enough to be approached for. Did a bitch not get dragged by the assessor for being painstakingly over critical of myself?
Self-doubt, -deprecation and talking down to myself have been a norm for so long that I didn’t even realise that when answering questions I spoke more poorly than positively about myself.

I’m sure we’ve seen the tweet, “stop speaking negatively about yourself or your life, even as a joke. Your spirit doesnt know the difference” around (please credit the person if you know them) and I’m trying to put this into practice.
This image may look like it’s got nothing to do with the caption but its planner I designed for @hellothembekile and I just wanted to remind myself that I’m that bitch for doing that.

Nothing profound to say, just wanted to share this absolutely beautiful image of @michellenorrisphoto with y’all. Go ‘head and swoon, I sure as hell am.
I’ll add this because perfect accompaniment: “Your life is waiting for you to make it art” - Toni Morrison

So. I just got a new vibrator. That may or may not be the reason I’ve been so silent.
This @tinamariaelena piece entitled Ascension is how I’ve been feeling the past week. Amen ameni.
Look here, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is currently my toy of the year. It’s waterproof and caters to the clit specifically. That alone deserves an amen. Similarly to the Womanizer (I loooove this toy but despise the name), the Satisfyer uses “innovative pressure wave stimulation” to get you off. In easy terms, it pulsates and vibrates. It goes all the way up to 11 (in terms of intensity of pulsation) and the buttons to control this a little uncomfortable to navigate but worth getting used to.
Have you ever had an orgasm sneak up on you? Because that’s what happened the first time I used it. In a minute flat and on the lower scale of the settings, I ruined my damn sheets. This is the perfect toy for us lazy fappers 😂 because you really barely have to do anything. Pop that thing on your clit and the next thing you know your clit is like that meme (you know that meme) and it’s 9pm. Words to describe the orgasms you may experience with it? Prolonged. Intense. Tingling. Insatiable. Full-body. Squirting. Relaxing. Abundant. Shudders. Dear god. You’ll get to five orgasms before you even finish an episode of Bob’s Burgers.
The Satisfyer has a detachable nozzle (super easy to clean) that made from silicone so it’s also gentle on your clit. The nozzle isn’t perfect as compared to the Womenizer, that comes with two sizes, so you may have to readjust now and then. It’s waterproof and I’ve taken at least 4 too many baths this past week. It also comes with the cutest USB charger than just pops on. It’s been a week of use and I haven’t needed to charge it yet. No one toy should have all that power.
This toy is incredible but always keep in mind that using different toys and tools to fap will always trump getting your body used to only orgasming in one way. My 2 cents 😘

As always, remember that you can get this you and others for 10% off when you use my code MUFFIN10 at @wicked_wendys 🥰

Hand me a teaspoon, there’s youth to be eaten.

One of my biggest takeaway’s from last week’s conference, other than all the incredible things I learnt from activists all over their world, is this very image.
While the quote speaks for itself, in the background is one of the kangas part of the To Revolutionary Type Love project. “As implied by its name, the project is a toast to all types of (Queer) revolutionary acts of love, both past and present, so that the project itself essentially becomes an act of love and celebration through the spectrum of the LGBTQIA+. Kawira Mwirichia is the brainchild behind #TRTL. The project uniquely illustrates rainbow love on kangas* using imagery and symbols unique to the triumphs of the queer movement in each country. In addition, love quotes collected from the Kenyan queer community are appropriately matched to each country’s kanga.” In all the excitement I didn’t get an image of the other kangas but Kawira has all the images, descriptions and also sells these on https://torevolutionarytypelove.com/shop

I’ve put my experiences of this conference in the #recon2019 highlight so feel free to peruse as you please ❤️

“Nothing is worth more than laughter. It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be light.” - Frida Kahlo

A throwback as I begin a new journey 🌿 I tripped in these shoes and scraped my knee just before taking these cute pics - which is as me as it gets. 📸: @mamoxofficial_

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
Via @morganharpernichols - thank you for your incredibly necessary words 🍃

I had a garbage morning and, for once, I didn’t let it ruin my day. I fall into self pity and pessimism far too easily so I just challenged myself by going the opposite way and think about the things I’m grateful for.
My usual includes staying in bed all day, sometimes forgetting to eat or interact with people, then getting anxious at my lack of productivity. Sometimes this helps and I wake up feeling rested but other times it just makes me feel worse. So today I looked at some pictures of plants and happy days, spoke to and got some affirming words from a loved one, shared some laughs and spoke to other people about things that make them happy.
I know for damn sure this won’t always help because mental health can be shaky but an effort was made with tangible results, which made me even happier.
I’m clearly in the mood to interact and share today so tell me, what are some things y’all do to work through bad days? 📸: @nerdy_neener

Wow, a bitch loves boobs.
Image via @rosegrown 💖

My first ever video sex toy review! 💦

Talking to y’all about electrostimulation ⚡️⚡️ Hopefully I’ll do a bit more of these so let me know what you want me to review next.
Transcription below (as soon as I learn to caption I will, I promise!): Babes and loves! Welcome to my Instachannel.
JK. Okay. I bought I’m just gonna upload a little bit of a short video because there’s a toy that I’ve been playing with for a couple of months that I wanted to test out and then come and speak to ya’ll about it. So now I’m ready.

Okay, so what ya’ll know about electro-play? I got this little kit from @wicked_wendys. Shout out to Wicked Wendy’s. And I just wanted to chat to ya’ll about it because whew, when I tell you it’s lit? It’s lit. I’ve got it on right now so if I struggle to speak you know what’s up. You know what’s up.
This little kit comes with:
- Your electro pads, these are the things you’ll stick onto whichever part of your body that you want. You get four of these in your kit.
- Your remote - Your little convenient pouch because I can take this wherever I want. I can have this in my handbag and no one will ever know. - Your conductive gel
- Little bit of an anal plug. You can use this in your vagina as well. You can use t to stimulate any part of your body. When I say any part of your body - listen here, any part of your body. - These tiny little things [‘cock’rings]. You can strap these onto your penis and you can also attach these to your nipples.
- USB charger
- Output cables

Ya, that’s it! Wheeeew, maybe let me just switch this off for a second while I talk to ya’ll. [Rest of text continued in comments]

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