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Only the "strong" shall survive is a futile attempt of the once "winners" of yesterday to put themsleves on a pedestal because they are too weak to get up and persevere in today's fast paced world. My Son has taught me that is takes FAITH, DETERMINATION, PHYSICAL and STUDIOUS strengths beyond the best of the best our predecessors could have ever imagined. This level requires the deep desire to WIN at all costs, in EVERY aspect of our lives. Whether it is in the classroom, playing field , church, or octagon, what it takes to win in "life" today is the inate desire to conquer when the book opens, or cage door closes. It is up to YOU, and YOU only to give it every single ounce of what you have inside of you to walk away victorious. We all know we will not always win, but Joshua has taught his Dad that just "surviving " is not the game anymore, it is giving it our EVERY THING. This is what it takes to be a leader, to the LEADER go the spoils of victory. Today is the birthday of one of the greatest leaders I know, and the greatest leaders of legions of people to come. I love you Josh, Happy Birthday!!!
A Proud Dad. 6/28/2015

218 lbs M I G N O N. thank you. Countless hours, so much food I cannot even begin to tell you, so many countless Saturday nights, all the other "kids" went out to play while I watched through the windows of the gym. Sunday mornings as we hit the cold wrestling mats at hackneys and took and received punches to the face while all my boys slept in. This is the stuff that carves us into the champions we are today. Thank you to all who never gave up on me. The outcome is

I have mr opposite dog of my main man Bams. This one cannot wait to take a bath, I dry him and find him sitting in the tub three minutes later. When I give meds his tail wags thinking"this place is great! I don't even have to chew my food here!! Full service !" Bam bam acts like he will drown if you spill a glass of water,, and you might as well get some type of power tool to get his jaws apart to take meds. Unreal. Love em both. Words can't do them Justice. M P B

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