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Maya Baratz Jordan  I write things and make (digital) things. Wicked smaaat. Twitter: mbaratz

So excited for and proud of my dear friend @erusli on the launch of her organic baby food co, @yumi #doitforthebabes

Behold: our Matzah trapper keeper. Happy Passover!

My mom gets pretty militant about Passover. This is the entrance to the kitchen. It is marked Kosher for Passover. And it is also marked with three distinct, underlined "do not enter" messages -- all hoisted up by a more aggressive and unapologetically doily version of a plane First/Coach divider.

Almost exactly a year ago, I took this photo at @christiemarchese & @instajoemarchese's. Little did I know @nicolelapin would publish a book with the same title as my caption and host a book party at the very same spot almost exactly one year later. Lesson? LV (the pictured perennial Boss Bitch) is magic. #spooky

In the 80's, my dad visited Miami and wanted to get a wall-sized photo of the city. He found a good one, but the photographer wanted $2k for the photo. My dad told him he can get the same photo for $100. And he did just that, by paying for a ticket for a helicopter ride and leaning his foot outside of it just enough to take this photo, which still hangs on the wall.

Nevertheless, she persisted. #internationalwomensday

Luke, I am your fauna. #dadjoke #literally

Fake news

Channeling Eddie Murphy in Coming to America.

Gonna spend the rest of winter in this giant floor-length hoodie I found here k bye

Room with a view.

Every hotel suite needs a hammock. Exhibit A.

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