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mica 🏳️‍🌈💫  angsty as fuck and i love melissa fumero more than life

the ending to little nightmares is confusing and heartbreaking and i wish the game were longer but whatever i’ll always have this little nightmare right here

guyfawkes aka me taking a bunch of blurry photos while eating chocolate and trying not to stand on cockroaches


happy 10th birthday stara, sorry you didnt like your hat 🎉🎉

okayyy so its 1am and you wanted a post so here goes... its probably a bit more than expected tho
first 8 pics are from our angsty year 9 days, that was a terrible year in terms of school and people and other bs but (cliche shit coming up) you were always there for me n i love u
8th pic are those disgusting, ridiculously expensive fro-yos because even tho we chucked them out theyre still pretty and they deserve to be in this post 😂
last two pics are from this year, with the last being from my amazing birthday, im so grateful everyday that i have you in my life ahh (even if we get separated because of stupid hospital shit it just brings us closer??)
love u tc, enjoy your post you asshole xx

am i artsy yet

mature kittyplant ready for harvest (+ stara just being a model in general)

the mermaid pillow doesn’t lie 🤷🏼‍♀️

petal pup

angsty suggestion blog where i talk about all the ways to say im gay

my kitten is a model and i love her a lot

twas a fun night of very nearly setting myself on fire several times

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