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Chris Mazdzer  2018 Olympic Silver Medalist Season 26: Dancing with the Stars Booking/Media: Use Promo Code “Mazdzer” for On-Go Energy

#HelpThemRise This is powerful! Children are one of the most vulnerable group of people in the world. @righttoplayusa is transforming their lives. Watch share and support please 🙏

I never really liked the no feet on the table rule 🤷🏻‍♂️ 📸 @mattclayton21

Sometimes you win, sometimes you luge... #oops #lugefail #oberhof #germany #hahaha #crash

As an athlete I can unfortunately see that for the most part sport is not leading the way when it comes to climate action compared to other business sectors. But what I do know is that this is going to change as the IOC, businesses, non-profits and many motivated and brilliant people are taking the lead when it comes to sustainability. I want to thank the IOC sustainability team for inviting me to Lausanne, Switzerland to talk and learn about our challenges but more importantly listen and meet the people who are behind the effort to leave this world a better place than we found it.
Sometimes the hardest thing is to simply admit that there is a problem... We can do more, we must do more.

#IOC #sustainability #lausanne #IOC2018 #nosingleuse #leaveitbetterthanwefoundit

Yesterday I had no idea that I was going to wake up today with a view of the Matterhorn (the mountain on Toblerone chocolate). It’s been fun making every decision on the fly and being surprised and amazed with everything I came across. It was refreshing not having any real expectations and then being blown away by pretty much everything. I am heading back into the Luge season recharged and ready to kick ass! Oh yea, and have fun 😉
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It’s actually been really nice checking out of social media for a week and just being very present with whatever I am doing. I find that it allows me to focus my strength and energy into areas of my life that need attention and that I care about.
During the last week I have been in Calgary CAN, Innsbruck AUT, Lausanne SUI, and now I am driving through the Alps to Berchtesgaden GER. Our team had our sleds held up at customs for a few extra days so I took the opportunity to explore some places I have yet to go to. You are definitely not disappointing Switzerland!!! #topofeurope #jungfraujoch #switzerland #present

I am excited to announce that this past weekend I claimed the national title in #lakeplacid!!! Really pumped for how this season is shaping up. There are still a lot of challenges down the road with doing two disciplines but for now the sled feels good and I was able to put down some solid runs. Looking forward to the season!!!! 📸 @aidankellyusa
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Just enjoying my morning commute. #pov #luge #lakeplacid #teamusa #morningcommute

There is a reason no one has medaled in both doubles and singles in the same season going back over 2 decades... This is going to be a serious challenge and both mentally and physically draining. After the first few days I realize that I am going to have to give everything to make this dream become a reality. I still believe it’s 100% possible but it’s going to only get harder on the road. Regardless, I love a challenge and this is my target, it’s definitely not impossible. #goals #dontgiveup #luge #notimpossible

I’m so excited that after 16 months of development and a lot of hard work from my friend AJ (Olympian in Table Tennis) @ongospray is launching!!! This revolutionary energy spray packs 25mg of caffeine per spray and is loaded with B vitamins and Taurine so you feel awake, alert and ready to go in just minutes! With 60 servings per bottle you can keep it in your gym bag, car or backpack for any occasion where you need that little pick me up or energy for that last set of a workout.
Use the link in my bio and code “mazdzer” for a big discount. I don’t know if I have to say sponsored ad because I am a part owner and have helped develop this for 16 months... #amazingproduct instead of #ad ?

Excited that it’s finally sweater weather!!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️ #winteriscoming 📸 @mattclayton21

Thank you #dowdupont for inviting me to give the keynote at your METEOR™ EO-RETRO Catalyst Conference which focused on sustainability, high performance and collaboration.
It’s no shock to anyone that plants and processes created in the past are becoming less efficient and sustainable. But instead of avoiding this topic all together there was a room full of insanely smart individuals from around the world (first time I had a talk live translated to other languages) who are leading the charge in finding solutions to these difficult issues that humanity faces. I walked away energized knowing that some of the worlds largest material science and chemical companies are taking huge risks to change how they do business moving forward to be leaders in making change to more sustainable solutions. “There is never a moment in life where you pre-qualify to do hard things. You’re never ready the moment you start which is why you start before you are ready. You become qualified as you act not as you wait and wonder.” #publicspeaking #accountability #sustainability #movingforward #catalyst

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