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Ruth Nielsen  🐾Frost 🐾 Mr. Universe 🐾River 🐾 Herself 🗻Trailblazer @campingwithdogs 🏔🗻 🐾Fitzroy 🐾 Boy Wonder🐾🐾.Shop Mountainsmith.com. CODE MAZAMA20 for 20% off

Working Dog Saturday- wet and soggy weekend so we decided to spend some time working on Fitzroy’s carting skills. He’s only been pulling his cart for a short time so I’m thrilled at well he’s doing. Love the wagging tail and happy smile! #dogwithajob #lovestopull #cartingdog

#TBT to a time when Fitzroy’s paws seemed bigger than his head - ‘Lil Dude got Big! He still loves to put his paw in my hands but it’s a completely different experience now...#puppiesgrowuptoofast 😘🐾

Happy #TOT and a big grin from Fitzroy - smiling because we found the perfect fall hike with snow for dogs and sunshine and views for Mom = Score! 👍🏻🍁❄️👌🏻 ***********************************
Many thanks to @mountainsmith for featuring Miss River Queen of Drool - that girl needs more attention (she sez) 😂

River: “Weekends rule...Mondays drool...”
Me: 😂😂😂 “Exactly!”
It’s pretty tough to head back to the city and a work week after magical adventures in the mountains...storing up good memories until next time⛰🏔🏕 #mondaymorningsplat .
Many thanks to @dogsactivelife for featuring a fall shot of the boys - much appreciated!

Frost: "Mom! Mom! You are brilliant! You found us snow!"
Me: "Yep. Anything to make you guys happy..." ❄️👍🏻
It's classic October weather with snow in the high peaks - and three dogs overjoyed to get out and romp in the white stuff. Quite a contrast to the scorching temperatures and forest fires in the area just a few weeks ago. Mother Nature has turned another page...#dogslovesnow

Happy #nationalcampingwithdogsday! 🏔👍🏻⛺️🏕🗻 When I think about camping...it's always #campingwithdogs. And there's no better view than looking out of the tent to see spectacular peaks and a couple of black dogs just waiting for me to go exploring with them. What could be better? @campingwithdogs

Frost: "Mom! Mom! I heard it's snowing in the mountains! Promise we are going this weekend!" .
Me: "Good idea - working on it buddy!"
#TBT to a great snow filled trip to Mt. Hood - hope to get the Crew to the snow this weekend! ❄️❄️❄️

Frost: “ Sheesh Mom - don’t post that picture! I’m all wet and I look like a geek!”
Me: “I think you guys look cute - plus it’s fall colors and perfect for #TOT!”
Fitzroy: “Do I look like a geek Mom?” 🤓
Frost: “Never mind - go ahead and post it - Fitzroy looks way geekier than me!” .
Happy #TOT from a couple of wet boys! 😜💦🤓

A perfect fall pose from Frost - gorgeous red leaves and the wet look from all the rain...I’m sure he’s thinking winter (his favorite season) can’t be far behind!

Something different for a Friday...I've seen other people's edits with a double exposure effect and thought I'd give it a try- Combination of Fitzroy in silhouette with a scene from one of our favorite climbs...a true mountain dog! All mountain at heart ❤️🏔

Roll on Columbia Roll On...another shot with Frost from our quickie road trip along the Columbia River - Highway 84 in Oregon. This major highway was closed for weeks because of raging forest fires caused by teens tossing firecrackers- a tragic and senseless destruction of beautiful and historic public lands. We could still smell the smoke along portions of the drive and there were sections of road where burned trees surrounded us. I was happy to see many of the scenic areas appeared untouched although the exits to Mulnomah Falls were closed. The Mighty Columbia continued on its way as we stopped to watch some shipping boats in transit. Breathtaking beauty - don't take it for granted...

Road trip with Frost - he's pretty happy to be the "only" dog with me as I attend a work-related conference. Frost is quite popular with all the other conference attendees and even got his own name tag! #himynameisFrost

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