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Storm clouds always make such a dramatic backdrop - and we find ourselves playing a game of “Mountain Roulette” - do we make it back before the rain - are the clouds just teasing or are we going to get soaked? One thing’s for sure -The dogs are always happy to keep going! #wetdogdontcare

Happy Fathers Day! We all have dads - I hope this day is a special one. To all the great dads out there - Kudos to you for making the world a better place! 🙏🏻👍🏻 (photo courtesy of Frost & Fitzroy😘)

Fitzroy: “Hahahaha Frost - you got stuck with the city skyline- I get the mountains!”
Me: “Stop it. Do not tease your brother - there are enough Mountains to go around!”
Thankfully the mountains seem endless at times - I hope it stays that way. I want to always have more places to dream of - more places to explore- more places to imagine even if I never get there. The dream is worth having...👍🏻🏔

Frost: “Yes Mom - it’s a great sky scape - but I like the mountain one better...just sayin’...”
Me: “Yup - me too buddy!”
Cities have their own beauty and a skyline of buildings in the afternoon sun makes a nice backdrop. But I gotta agree with Frost - we need more mountain time! 🗻🏔 #citydog

Sunsets and weekends - they just don’t last long enough...big fat sigh as another Monday sucks us in...
Thanks to @theruffoutdoors for featuring Frost - Mr. Universe is always happy to see his adventures shared!

Fitzroy: “ Mom! Mom! What are you waiting for? Those mountains aren’t going to climb themselves!” .
I work out so I can try and keep up with this dog...and yes, those mountains aren’t going to climb themselves so we better get after it! Weekend ahead- I can see it around the corner...
Big thanks to @lifewithnoleash for featuring Frost at Emerald Lake - Poster boy never gets tired of seeing his face out there!

I’ve been on the road which has totally cut into my mountain time - and Frost & Fitzroy are lobbying hard for MORE OF THIS Mom! 🏔🏔👍🏻 Yes...more mountains needed...
And speaking of mountains - Many thanks to @mountainsmith for featuring Miss River in all her black furry glory - she’s such such a bear! And check out the @hikingdogsofinsta 2019 calendar- a whole year of Mountain beauty all over the world!

I never get tired of Mt. Hood - it’s such a majestic mountain and it makes a perfect background for Mr. Universe Frost! If you look closely you can see the ski lift heading up the slope on the left side - the lower slopes of the mountain stay open for summer skiing and snowboarding- it’s a year round wilderness playground 👍🏻 Frost is sporting his orange bandana from the Timberline Lodge - very dapper 😉🏔 #mthood #timberline

Frost: “This tree’s wild and tough - like me! But I am better looking...
Me: “Gosh Buddy - for one minute I thought you were going to get all serious & philosophical on me. That tree has been through a lot - and yes, you are better looking...😝”
If this is a holiday for you - hope it brings you wild adventures of your favorite kind! 🙏🏻

#TBT with Tonka ❤️ Can’t wait to get into the mountains this weekend with the Gang of 3. It’s that time of year where there’s still so much snow that trails are buried...and the dogs are happy happy happy to be wallowing in snow while I get to enjoy sunshine ☀️ Fun times ahead! #campingwithdogs

Where I am right now (Chicago) it’s POURING rain...torrential I have to post a picture of stormy weather with Miss River. May your day be less cloudy and wet than mine 😝💦💦#wetdogs .
Big thanks to @dogsthathike for a recent feature of Frost at Emerald Lake - thanks to one of my favorite accounts for sharing one of my favorite photos! #dogsthathike

Sunglasses or no? Frost and I had such a great trip to Mt. Hood! I already posted the handsome serious version of Frost posing - but I couldn’t resist the silly sunglasses 😎 shot too. Frost got to stay at the historic Timberline Lodge where he was often mistaken for the Timberline mascot - a St. Bernard named Bruno. I kept saying - No, Frost is not Bruno - but everyone wanted to take his photo anyway! Can’t escape the paparazzi! .
Many thanks to @excellent_dogs and @tcampbell210 for featuring Frost’s serious Mt. Hood shot - love this account and always grateful for a feature! 👍🏻🙏🏻

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