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Mayte Garcia  For inquiries ... please EMAIL me at my goal is to end shelter animals being euthanized. All dogs/cats deserve love!Las Vegas and LA

UPDATE: we named him Dino in memory of our beloved tino that passed away ! So happy to announce that he’s been rescued and safe now! @enriqueriosrescateanimal went yesterday and couldn’t find him but today he was found and it was like he was waiting for them! So grateful, he got a bath and tomorrow will go to the doctor to see what is going on and how we can help. For those of you who donated thank you! Will keep you posted. What should we name him ? #rescue #love

Guys. I support @enriqueriosrescateanimal because he sends me almost everyday pictures of him feeding the many dogs of Venezuela from the donations to our loving Tino. He kept his promise and I respect and appreciate that . He is also starting a small donation fund to build dog houses to the many poor people of Venezuela with a large bag of free food to encourage/motivate these people to keep their dogs. It’s so bad there I can’t even imagine what people, let alone dogs are going through . So we are raising funds again. I gave him 600 today to Continue to feed the homeless and hungry but we need to raise money for the houses and for this one here. I don’t know if it’s a girl or boy but tomorrow he is getting the dog and taking to the vet . I won’t rest until I know he’s safe and eating and getting tons of love . If you can donate... A DOLLAR GOES A LONG WAY THERE ! Make sure to title Venezuela when you donate ! Thank you! #rescuelife #feedthehungry #love #endsuffering

Goofy Oreo!! This angel too is waiting for his forever family! Please network !! #adoptdontshop #rescue #love #dogsofpuertorico

Beautiful Molly aka Azabache smelling the flowers! Please network this angel! She deserves her forever family. She is 1 of the 3 angels found in a trash bag! I won’t rest until I know they are in a safe , loving home! #adoptdontshop #rescue #dogsofpuertorico #puppies

Our lovely baby Luna has been adopted. She has 2 sister and living with a great mama !! Yay! #happy tails. Her brother Bartolo has been adopted as well!!!

We still have Molly also known as azabache and Oreo who need their forever homes! These angels were found in a trash bag dumped into the trash. They are not trash; they are innocent angels that have become miracles.. please network. #adoptdontshop #dogsofpuertorico #rescue #love

Alert!! We are taking in a mama and 7 babies!!!! 4 females and 3 male puppies that will be small in size. Their mama is the first. She is a mix of chi and some other beautiful mixes that make her special and 1 of a kind! Talk about designer dogs!!! This is what you all want. Beautiful mixed angels ! Please network. I will get more info soon! If interest in fostering please let me know ... we need help! #dogsofpuertorico #adoptdontshop #rescue #dogs #angels #wontstophelpingthevoiceless #stopbuyingdogs @elfosterclub thank you for trusting me in finding these angels forever homes ! Update the first 4 are female and the last 3 are boys

Because of your donations to our badly burned Tino who passed away. I told @enriqueriosrescateanimal to keep the donations to feed the homeless and hungry animals in the streets and he stayed true and will continue to feed them. Here are a few pics of them ! Thank you! #adoptdontshop #rescue #feedthehungry #riptinoangel

Urgent! We need these brothers in a safe place, Foster. The owner was left these two dogs and I have been sending them food and treats but it’s going to take a minute to find them a good home. If you have space please help me get these two brothers into a safe place until adopted. Spike and Rocky are brothers and they are inseparable. You try to separate them and they start crying. They’re great with other dogs including children. Please network, they’re in California… Transport is available #weneedafoster #fosteringsaveslives #adoptdontshop

All of these babies need homes !!! Let’s do this !

This special boy here... “George” he survived both hurricanes last year in Puerto Rico and was found by a beautiful family that asked me to help find him a forever home. He’s about 3 years old and is GREAT with kids, cats, other dogs. He’s just a loving boy that needs someone to love and a place to call home! Please network. He’s up to date on shots, neutered and just a grateful , happy boy. I don’t like the boarding in Puerto Rico so even if a foster is available. Let me know. We will transport him ASAP. Being on that cage isn’t where he should be. Let’s do something about this. Contact me ASAP. #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #hurricanesurvivor #love

Let’s not forget benzolo aka peanut!! This boy is the sibling and protector of his brother and sister that were abandoned in the back yard. He is a sweet boy just needs a little training and socialization with other dogs but he loves kids and people! Let’s get this boy a home. He’s ready to go. Neutered and up to date on shots .

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