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Mayte Garcia  For inquiries ... please EMAIL me at my goal is to end shelter animals being euthanized. All dogs/cats deserve love!Las Vegas and LA

Update: postponed till tomorrow because of the heat. American Airlines won’t fly dogs if it’s 85 or more and it’s 88 today on the island. So ... on the 24 we try again . We got this group of angels flying today. Makes me sad to think they were dumped and we rescued them and cleaned them up . Please network and if you can donate please do. I can’t even count how many we have waiting to leave the island. #dogsofpuertorico #rescue #love #adoptdontshop

To imagine for a second what an animal that has been dumped on the streets to survive on their own with no food, water thinks and goes through, It breaks my heart. And the look on the face of these dogs when rescued. Here is the face of a rescued baby. We just took her in. More info soon.

Hanging out with snoopy! He’s a sweet heart guys. Let’s get him a home fast !!! Photo by @amysamoura_bbv #dogsofpuertorico #rescue #love #shitzu #rescue

Our 3 year old girl is in foster care now and she’s getting better. She will soon be able to travel and go to her forever home. Please network this beauty that only deserves a warm bed , meals with love and to feel safe! #dogsofpuertorico #cockerspaniel #rescue #love #adoptdontshop #rescue

Snoopy is still waiting for his forever family! Please network this 8 year old angel. #dogsofpuertorico #adoptdontshop #shitzu #rescue #love

Meet beauty, she may not look like it now but she will with our love and help! She’s 3 years old and beyond emaciated. We have her on special food and treatment to get her better. Please network and let’s find someone who wants to spoil this girl!! #rescue #dogsofpuertorico #cockerspaniel #love

I am back from doing something from my heart now it’s back to doing even more for my heart and spirit. These 2 on the streets. We can see the shitzu has been groomed and dumped with a lab, how do you groom a dog then throw them away?? It’s not over .. we continue to try to save the homeless, abandoned dogs on the island of Puerto Rico. We need donations to rescue them ,board them because the lack of fosters on the island is also affecting us taking in . We need donations , food, gas for rescuers to drive and search for them then transport them, medicine, even a small donation of 1-5 dollars . It helps us send and buy food and meds for these angels. As well as vet them . We will be making a shipment of beds, pads treats next week.


More babies from Puerto Rico arrived !!!

This Ones a heartbreaking moment but ends with hope. This dog was posted to get picked up because his POS owner didn’t want him anymore, she waited 3 days (side note- we had been trying to reach her those 3 days and she wouldn’t answer ) then without hesitation, called the shelter to pick him up in the truck where they transport the dogs and the lady paid the driver the fee to have him euthanized and left on merry little way. Luckily we finally got a hold of her and she told us he was on his way to the shelter , we called the shelter and they said he hadn’t arrived but was en route... we called the driver and pleaded and he detoured 4 towns to get this dog to the rescuer then to the vet and in @maytesrescue if you see the pictures he was sad and broken. We have all cried tears ... it’s a miracle that this dog is here and full of people who love and want him. Meet coco. He’s a 5 year old angel that has a lot protecting him. Now let’s find him a good home where he will never feel like trash again! #adoptdontshop #cockerspaniel #rescue #ittakesavillage #love

We got some special ones coming. They have been waiting for months to get on this flight and for this special day.. to be adopted and in a forever home. Please come and tell your friends! Dog supply store 2960 saint rose parkway in Henderson Nevada! Come early !

This just broke my heart. A few weeks ago I received a text with video of this dog. I didn’t hesitate and said “yes rescue it” so they did.. see pictures in order.... so heartbreaking that this angel lived like this for how many years. We took him in and he’s a happy old man who only wants love and to be safe. Can you be his forever family?? Please network Cheo. I gotta tell you from experience that is nothing more rewarding and enlightening than to rescue/adopt a senior. The gratitude is beyond and love immense!!! Please network cheo! #adoptdontshop #dogsofpuertorico #seniordogsareamazing

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