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Mayte Garcia  email NY Times Best Selling Author of "The Most Beautiful"#maytegarcia #maytesrescue #eternallove #themostbeautiful #dancingheals

Washington D.C. tomorrow Monday ! Come dance with me ! #dancingheals #fun #eternallove for tickets go to

Thank you @bangbangnyc @maksnyc for making this piece so special .. rescue is what I do and @kingziggysmalls is my angel! @maytesrescue #adoptdontshop #love #rescue #meaningfultattoos

#fbf to when the stylist for this shoot convinced me into trying on a wig!! Circa 1995... wow!!! #pixiecut #wig #fun #npg #versace

Philadelphia , tomorrow night! Friday! Let’s dance !!! Get your tickets

Loving this headpiece with healing crystals by @jewelzbyjewelia ... I’m so ordering many!!! Check it out ladies !

💃🏽photo @monsieurfabe #dancingheals #s3

#mood all day every day. New York, Philly, Washington D.C.,Kentucky... get ready! More dates soon! 📷 @monsieurfabe HMU @aimee_caballero

Lexington , Kentucky. July 14!!!! I’m coming back! Let’s dance .. gonna be a great class! #dancingheals #s3 #bellydance #fun

This morning I cried because of what’s happening to this world... to people losing their lives to mental illness to animal neglect, abuse and turning their backs to it. Please read below and follow us @elfosterclub and @maytesrescue ... prayers to this angel who lost their lives and to many out there on the streets. ・・・
Trying to find the right words for this has been extremely difficult. 💔This morning the Siberian from Barranquitas passed away. Our ♥️ are broken and our spirits are down. We usually don’t post things like this but this we have to share, for the dignity of this dog and to create awareness of this huge problem. This time we can’t just “let it slide” - justice has to be made and this can’t continue to be under the radar or unpunished. As i think this over and over again with tears in my eyes, I can’t process how this dog spent MONTHS tied up in that shit hole and no one did absolutely nothing. Not even at least untie the poor dog. Neighbors said his “owner” came by every 4 days to give him food/water. 4 days without water or shelter from this intense heat! What’s even worse is those neighbors watching and not helping him!How is this possible? How is it that we’re the only ones who witness this and can’t just “walk away”?Animal cruelty is real and this is just one of the many victims we witness on a daily basis. Maria helped unveil the existing animal crisis in PR which has been critical for years and got way worse after its massive destruction. Even though many of us are involved in this it seems like it will never end. 😰People can’t rely solely on rescue org. to save the 🌎. Everyone needs to chip in. We receive little donations and many times end up using our own 💴 to cover vet expenses. This won’t get better unless more people help and speak up! The 🌎 needs to see what is happening to these dogs, cats and even horses! People need to know what happened to this dog, only 8 months old and now dead due to a shitty person who probably wanted a “gift”, a “cutepuppy” and when it got older payed no attention to him. Animals are not toys! Having one comes with great responsibility, and requires attention.

Great song, performance, memory! Had to repost #eternallove

Honoring you!!! The day you came into this world! You will not be forgotten! #eternallove

Never would I have dreamt that as a little girl rescuing dogs from Puerto Rico, that I would continue to do so at this stage in life. I will continue to do so with your support! Thanks to the donations, we can continue to rescue these amazing dogs and cats that would of been on the streets of Puerto Rico left to die. Congratulations to all the families who adopted these babies, they will bring you many years of love that is like no other. Now onto the next case. Stay tuned and follow @maytesrescue and thank you @elfosterclub for trusting me to find them great homes! #adoptdontshop #dogsofpuertorico #love #rescue 📷 @monsieurfabe

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