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MayLa Ash  IFBB Pro Athlete Encouraging others to Train Hard, Dig Deep #MoBetta is in you! #LoveThySelf MBA, C.P.T. β—‡ Group β—‡ Competition β—‡ Prenatal

Me 15 minutes after my first cup of rice this morning. πŸ˜„ These dense muscles are starting to sit up. 😁 So happy to see things coming together. Hopefully we timed things just right! Stay tuned and we can find out together! πŸ˜‚ #IsWPDForMe #TorontoPro2017
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Woke up flat and bloated from the craziness of my travels.πŸ˜… Surprisingl I am actually in a very good mood. But that could be craziness setting in so take that comment with a grain of salt!πŸ˜‰
Seriously this prep has taught me to take it all in stride. I had no control of my flight situation, the weather or how my body has responded to the chaos. You just have to breathe and keep grinding. So after my cardio and meal 1 with some serious carbs I'm off to find a grocery store for dandelion root tea, a gallon of distilled water, some asparagus and the carb supplies I'll need for the next few days. #StillGotSomeThingsToDo #Motivated #StayPositive #2017TorontoIFBBPro #IsWPDForMe

I made it safely and I soooo need some H2O, my last meal and some sleep.😴 #IBSleepy #Starving #LetDoThis #2017TorontoIFBBPro #ShowingUpToShowOut #IsWPDForMe #InsanePhysique

Been are the airport since 11am this morning. Flight delays. 😧 Thank goodness I am FINALLY on my way. #2017TORONTOIFBBPRO here I come!😎
#LetDoThis #WPD

#3DaysOut #TorontoPro2017
The fire to reach my goals has really been driving me over these last few days. Cannot explain the feeling that burns inside me but all I know is I want to do more than just show up. I want to show out and shine! β˜„ I still have a little time left. Let's see what I can do.πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ
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Slow and steady. That's the process this time around. I am happy with the improvements and the transformation my body has taken.
Speaking of transformation what do you guys think of me "tranforming" from Figure to Physique!?! LOL...well stay tune because I decided to see if i can handle all of that fun at the #TorontoPro this weekend. Still need to do a little work because it will be a BIG change from Figure. So pray for your girl! πŸ˜‚ But I'm exexcited to experience all the fun my #SistersofSteel are always having on stage!πŸ˜‰
#NewPlan #InsanePhysique #IsWPDForMe #ShowingUpToShowOut #NPCNewsonline

Love it when my delts are popping BEFORE I get my pump! #OhYes #DeltasaurusFlex #InsanePhysique #TorontoPro2017 #WorkingIt

Well it's that time. This Thursday I am flying out to Toronto to compete in the Toronto Pro. I put in SERIOUS "Go Hard or Go Home" training over the past eight months and I even though I still have some work to do I am ecstatic about my transformation. But before I go show the judges #MayLaAsh2.0 let me add some polish this package. 😎 Time to go to work! πŸ”₯ β€’β€’β€’
#TorontoPro2017 #ShowingUpToShowOut #InsanePhysique #NextPhase #1WeekOut

Want elongated muscles that really show off definition? STRETCH! That is all...Carry On!! 😁
#WatchMeWork #InsanePhysique #Motivated
#NextLevel #Balance #Symmetry

It's been a long week and today I was REALLY struggling. But I meditated on seeing myself walking across that stage looking phenomenal and it gave me that little extra I needed. Back, Posing, Cardio, Stretching and Suana...done. #Tired #NoExcuses #YesICan #MevsMe #DoingExtraForExcellence #CarbCycling CardioKiller #InsanePhysique #SweetSweatUSA

My Meal 1 this week - Chicken and asparagus with a drizzle of EVOO and cup of coffee. Why? It will aid MY specific body with drying out. No I am not eating this EVERY meal. My meal plans are laid out to allow me - a female - to hold my muscle while slowly losing STUBBORN fat pockets and addressing heavy water retention in my legs and lower back.
Yes this is truly my hardest and longest prep but I finally got my nutrition combination unlocked and more than thrilled to push my body to see the masterpiece I can create. Trust me there is nothing more heartbreaking than for you to give 110% in your training just for it to feel like a "waste" because you don't have the right meal planning to help you achieve your goals.

Please don't misunderstand. I am not saying NO other person would be using a similar plan like my current plan this week. I'm weeks from stepping on stage to compete. The truth is there are a small amount of sure fire "safe" proteins, carbs and fats that, in the right combination and quantity, will work for everyone. You just need to discover and unlock your combination. πŸ˜‰

So if YOU are committed to doing the work and want to pay them alot of money to develop customize meal plans use social media wisely. Start by asking the coach and their clients (more than one) questions. How will the coach decide where to start your plan? What cues do they use to decide when to make adjustments? Because if you come acrossed a team that has
β€’ Different body types
β€’ Different body issues to overcome, β€’ Different lifestyles (work, stress levels, sleep habits)
β€’ Different developmental goals β€’ Different competition divisions

but everyone has the same meal plans can you honestly believe your nutrition will be "CUSTOMIZED" to keep you healthy and address your needs? #JustSaying #ItsYourMoney #NPC #IFBB #LoveThySelf #LoveThisSport #Healthy #CarbCycling #InsanePhysique

@stroudsfitness has become my go to bouquet gym to kill legs. It's some thing about the atmosphere that just gets me motivated to give it 110%. Tonight was no different. So thankful for Stroud family hospitality. 😏 Legs...Cardio...Posing done. #BeastMode #PecksOnDeck #WaspWaistline
#WheelsinHeels #TearDropsThatPop

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