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This s/o goes out as a reminder 2 all, that if u luv, cherish, respect, adore.....even GOD 4BID u hate, despise or don't luv ur MOTHER. U've gotta agree, that w/o ur MOTHER, u would'nt b able 2 have those feelings. So u gotta have LUV 4 MOTHER'S, they make it all possible. The 1st goes out 2 my mother.....AMANDA M. GILMORE(SHE'S UP N THE HEAVENS NOW!!!), my 3 sisters, my MOTHER-N-LAW(who gave birth 2 my wife Vikki), Nina Gale, my nieces(2 many 2 name here), Robin, Debbie, Semper Fi, as u clearly c, there r a lot of family & friends alike. So I'll conclude by saying this......HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! @ms_icanonlybme @darealmrssimien @glam_ma63 @ninagale215 @msgina_ @minniepearloyc @nails_on_fly @lucky_u_ @muslimah_20 @katie0988 @khadijah03 as u can c the list goes on and on and on and on.....ijs!

Nigga wanna act like a dog, so he get caged like 1. The look on the dogs face even says, WTF! Only n North Philly.....smdh

This BLOOD run deep n my veins.

@musa_sayeed215 this shit is PRICELESS! @5cissorhand5 @sassy_patty49 @magic_mkw don't u just luv it when this happens....?

@mister_rubin we may not have any present day 'CHIPS! However, this should clarify any doubts as 2 our capabilities. Let's take count of the GOLD. 1st time ever loosing n the GRAND FINALE' good!

@pc_drew caught her slippin' on the job. Had her laffing all over the place wit!

@mister_rubin @shortnotlil get ur weight up yo....!

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