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Hey guys so I decided to put my ifunny back up (mayisntokay) cuz I miss the community there plus I figured I could get more traction on multiple platforms ya dig. Maybe amino is next but I don’t wanna overwhelm myself

Full colour commission done! For @real_klunk :) thanks so much for buying one!

Last one is an art trade with, her character Ayame is always so much fun to draw (favourite feature is definitely the fangs)

What to do??

Thank you for a great year. This year I focused less on pushing myself super hard, and focused more on surrounding myself with inspiration. I think my art style is more true to me. And thank you to everyone who commissioned me this year I’m so proud to be working for my supportive and loving followers!!

still doin the pen thing!Just a heads up the drawing in pink ink is my bestie @urbanervirus ‘ character :)

Some pen work I did today during a call. I am going to be delaying the commissions a bit more because I’m going through some personal tribulations atm.
I am also coming down with another infection so maybe next time we’ll just go ahead and take the tonsils right out? 🤔🔪

Two commissions done :)

I wanted to draw her cuz I found her thru a friend recently and I noticed that she’s super cool about her artist following cuz I think she sees how inspiring her looks are yes honey keep being yourself so we can keep being amazed

Ren is howling for these new deals! 🎅🏻Ten dollars for a full colour digital bust.... only until December 23rd! Give someone the gift of art this holiday❣️

More pen work that nobody asked for 😎

Hey Elise 💕

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