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Matt Biolos  We all gotta duck, when the shit hits the fan.


Saturday July 1st, I will be @ripcurlasia flag ship store on #sunsetroadbali in #kutabeach. 2-6pm ( 14:00-18:00 ) to talk surfboards and design custom orders. There should be some beers and snacks as well. If your in #Bali and interested in, or have questions about, @lostsurfboards, come on by.

Awesome afternoon @komunebali. Good surf (and great times) with friends and family. Oh yea....and
@burgerinparadise cheerleading the whole way.

Can't get enough of this kid lately. @ian_crane glue footed, with shades of vintage #Marzo. 🎥 @alani.media for #VonZipper

Here's a few shots of the groms, from our #NoPros trip to @tilodge. @niko_hippo @braydenburch and @jaxonripley having fun in beautiful Indonesian reef waves. Free from the rampant crowds of most Indo destinations , and able to focus on building confidence and their own surfing, rather than competing to catch scraps and leftovers. For kids looking to gain some reef pass experience, or Dads who are slowing down a bit, it's a perfect destination.

I just love this shot of @ian_crane from the gram of @whatyouth today. It just feels like cutting edge surfing. What a treat it would be if this colorful character of a kid made the #WCT. Ian loves his @tajamos #proformance_series #BeachBuggies.
This one being 5'11" 18.75" 2.32" , and right about 27liters.

The #RoundNoseFish_Redux, in #BlackDart construction. Developed by @inspiredshaper these boards are shaped from stringer-less eps blanks, then glassed using epoxy resin and a composite of fiber glass and a full deck of proprietary carbon fiber, and finished off with dazzling tints and opaque resin work. We don't make a whole heck of a lot of them. They are beautiful, high end, boards that excel in the type of small surf where they were first developed, or any soft surf around the world.

Island life...leaving the smiling faces of the Telos and off to Bali. Time to build some boards with @lost_indo. DM us if your in , or heading to, Bali and want to place an order.


Just soaking it all in.

Disaster struck one of my most cherished places today. @pukassurf aka The #Olatu Factory.
These words and photo, above, supplied by @chris_christenson73 , who barely escaped. My thoughts are with @jaimeazpiroz #Miguel, #Marion, @adur @angula #Ignacio @xipriano #Tala, #Inigo @jaimeazpiroz and all the employees, workers and friends. Just there last month as a 20th anniversary of @lostsurfboards X PUKAS For twenty years of my life I worked with incredible people in these hallowed halls. Such an important place and part of my being. I will do whatever reasonable to help bring it back to life.
Long live #Pukas.

While us mere mortals were have the time of our life, playing in perfect overhead surf, here @tilodge , @tajamos was doing unimaginable superhuman things at #LancesRight. Here's the text from TB, that came with this photo. " It's very low res, but you get the idea. On a 510 Tube pig. One of those thick ones with a pin tail you made for big tubes 👌"
Thanks Taj, I guess I won't post any photos of my head dips from this week😂.

Considering that so much of my life is working with/for and around surfers who either are, are attaining to be, "
Pros" I wanted to take a surf trip with a couple "Bros". So we are here @tilodge with #RobRipply and #BrettBurch (first two shots) and three of their young sons. The groms are charging, but more on them later. We surfed this left from chest high to almost double over head, and the Dads were having a blast. Brett surfs like someone half his age. Robs ripping and slashing everything in sight, and I'm doing my best backside to keep up. My 6'2" #QuiverKiller handles everything from outside bombs to little inside double ups.

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