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Matt Biolos  All work and no play makes Matt a dull boy.

These lovely pink ladies for @lukedavisthegrey are one of the more eclectic and purposeful quivers we have made in a while. Check all three photos for the whole story:
-Three " #Modern_RetroGuns " with low entry, forward foam, beak noses and pulled in, rockered out, vee bottom tails...the middle one with channels. - One #V3_Stealth, with #R4_Channels. - One #quiverkiller " to replace the one @bruceirons Stole " - One #VooDooChild " So I can still rip like a Pro-guy "
All of them masterfully glassed by @thesonofcobra working up there in HB, with @inertiamike.
Perhaps @gianbernini Can elaborate on the dims for us all.

@koloheandino22 returned from the Australian leg of the 2017 @wsl tour with a hand full of 9 point+ rides and some significant highlights...( including his QF win over #JordySmith, at #MargaretRiver, where he rode a pair of the best waves seen the entire leg) en-route to a second place podium, and came home firmly in the Top5. Consistent feedback from the phone, and studying the heats on demand kept me busy updating and refining for the next leg of the season. Upon arrival, these lovely ladies were waiting: A fresh few fancies from 5'11"- 6'2", for #Brazil and #Fiji, with a dash of neon added to his latest signature spray.

Mother Earth bounced back this winter, and blessed the West with the last four months of
historic levels of precipitation and cold temperatures for snow fall. Here's to doing the little things that can help preserve our surf and snow lifestyles.

One of my very good friends, Todd "Z-Man" Zalkins, has collaborated with some talented film makers to tell his story. A story of RockStar highs and rock bottom additions. I met Todd, who is a talented front man himself, through the great Bradley Nowell ( the original front man and creative genius behind the band Sublime ) and spent many a times with him along his wild ride, both highs and lows. We have been fortunate to see his more than ten years recovery from the depths of drug dependence that took Brad and so many others. Todd also wrote a book, " Dying for triplicate " which inspired this film. It's a whopper. " The long way back" has been cleaning up on the Film Festival circuit, taking top honors at the recent Phoenix Film Festival. It's premiering tonight, at the #newportbeachfilmfestival, and if your in the OC, and want to scare some one straight, tonight could be a good time to do so.
Here's what the critics have to say.... The "Long Way Back" is one of the most compelling and scary train wrecks you will ever see, and punches you in the gut with the reality of one of the most deadly and preventable diseases in the country: opioid addiction.

Directed by Richard Yelland and produced by Mike Meeker, this documentary recently took top honors at the Phoenix Film Festival. If you know anyone who is at risk of drug abuse or has a history, this is a 2017 version of the classic movie “Scared Straight.” It’s an anti-drug movie wrapped around a rock star biopic.

That rock star is Bradley Nowell, one of the founders of the rock group, Sublime. This movie tells the story of how Nowell was involved with the Long Beach rock/ ska/ drug movement which began in the late 80s, until his untimely and premature death in 1996 at age 28.

During those years, a number of rock groups abused every drug they could find, killing many of them. One of the former rockers featured in the movie shares that he has been to “two or three funerals every year since the 90s.”Todd “The Long Way Back” primarily tells the story of Todd “Z-man” Zalkins, 48, who spent 17 years as a drug addict. When Nowell died, many of the Long Beach punkers were scared into sobriety, but get it.

The #BabyBuggyRnd, with #R4Channels, in @carbonwraptechnology, is now officially available in limited quantities, through select @lostsurfboards USA retailers. Coming soon Internationally. Check out our recently updated website for more details.

Mason Ho / All stickered up and ready to Go / On a secret strike / don't Cha know.
#VooDooChild #PuddleFish and a pair of #PocketRockets / To put on a show.
Art by @search4shin Bro. 📷

14 year old @elihanneman from his new edit by @hurley. Almost as impressive as his surfing, is his composure on land, and the way he speaks and describes his motivations.
Eli rides a #Proformance_series #PocketRocket

Here's a pair of prototype #Proformance_series #Drivers for @jettschilling
5'1.5" 16.32" 1.95" and 5'2" 16.38" 1.95"
White, light and glassed over night, by a guy named Mike... @mike_huseman @catalyst_sc ...and headed to Mexico 🇲🇽 tomorrow.

Saturday's in the ally. Arts n crafts with @ryderbiolos @reese__dewey and #RiverRocket

High risk and reaping rewards, yesterday @ #Winkipop. @xococoho is into the quarter finals, to face @tylerwright, on board her pretty pink tailed
5'7" #Formula_1 Rnd tail, with art by @ryderbiolos 📷by birthday boy @tallteef

We are excited to see him take this act to a bigger canvas at #BellsBeach later today.
@surfline @byrdhair

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