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Matt Biolos  All work and no play makes Matt a dull boy.

Always a good time when @alisonsadventures comes by. Alison was raised in a tree house, in Hawaii, and grew up exploring, surfing and skiing the far exotic reaches of the world...with her Yogi master parents. Now she adventures (always with her pink Surfboard in tow) exposing pollution and rampant waste, globally. We built her this "Mayan" inspired board, for her next adventure, to uncover environmental messes in Mexico. Her IG feed, and website, are well worth a look.

Six sick stix / not made for tricks / for one really rad chick / Now en route / way down south / to the Islands of Fiji / to be ridden in waves / that could make you queezy / Over night / on a flight / to the one and only / Miss @tylerwright.

It's that time of year, again. The first big amateur event of the season. The @nssasurf Western Championships, went down this weekend. Fresh off his big Brazilian #ripcurlgromsearch International championships win, @kadematson took both open men's and open juniors.
@kirrapink won open women's, and little @seasoybean won whatever division little 11 year girls win! Congrats to all three of you! Next up is US-Champs, and Nationals.

In 1990 I was living with @wd_woodcock @618paul and the legendary #Tonan. Musically, things were pretty stale. The last good #Punk albums were about 5 years behind us. The " Grunge " revolution hadn't really hit. ( unless you were really clued in) . #JanesAddition and #Fugazi, were about the only real current music I was relating to. Woodcock walks in the apartment and says " Danzig is playing at LongBeach Auditorium, tonight, let's go!" The first #Danzig album was a real fun frolic that we played relentlessly a couple years earlier. So we all drive up to the LB. The opening act comes on and BLOWS MY MIND. I had no idea who they were ahead of that night. The singer was hands down, the most powerful vocalist I had ever seen. Period. They sounded like nothing I had heard before. I would not have wanted to be Glen Danzig that night. We were in shock. This was new. This sound would save us from spending more years listening to classic rock, waiting for a new Messiah. The vocalist was #ChrisCornell and the band, #Soundgarden. We had been saved, and the sounds of bands like them, #Pearljam , #Nirvana and others, would ensure our 20's would be as musically satisfying as our teenage years. Rock n Roll had saved itself, once again. A true #JesusChristPose.
Fortunately, a couple years ago, my friend @johnwdewey scored front row seats to see them at #IrvineMeadows. I got the invite, and was blown at by Cornells stage presence, youthfulness , vitality, fitness , and most of all vocals. " This guys a good five years older than me.Damn, he's so healthy ". The band crushed it that night. Unfortunately, mental health is much more difficult to confirm and diagnose, and evidently,all was not well. Once again, with mental health,those closest friends and relatives are the ones with the window and power to try and help. I am learning this now, on a personal level as well. Sorry for the long rant. #longliverocknroll

Thanks to @viralsurf @lostsurfboards_europe @pukassurf @joanduru and all who came out to @shaperhouse #Biarittz, last night, to watch us do our thing. The passion of surfing in Europe is strong.
Oh yea, it was nice to run into one of my all time favorite Surfboard builders, #JoeWood ...if only a life size poster on the wall.

I wonder the last time some one beat three world champs in a single event....regardless, Big congratulations @yagodora . It was really fun to watch. We were proud to be along for the ride. Now let's get back to work, and get you there full time. Congrats to Minihero, and our own, @tylerwright for the well deserved wins.

While @yagodora was busy beating world champions, @ryderbiolos got busy on a couple #pukasxmayhem team boards. Swipe right, for the step by step.
Thanks to @yowsurf for the new, custom surf skate.

Tonight's the night, @shaperhouse #Biarittz.
@sir_dick_viral , of @viralsurf , will be hosting an RSVP crowd of 250 people, entered to win a board, hand shaped live, by the dancing bear in the above photo. Don't I look excited? There will be the mandatory food, drinks and entertainment. The facility is truly modern and unique. Check @shaperhouse for details on time, location and details on how to RSVP for the event...and be entered into the raffle.

Meanwhile, I think we just uncovered where all these large dorsal finned juveniles are coming from, in #CapoBeach.
I guess the cats out of the bag. 📷and art direction:
Boards by @thesonofcobra / #Theluckybastards

Bom Dia!
Busy Brazilians busting out big batches of beautiful @carbonwrap_lostsurfboards In the back hills of the #BasqueCountry....Boom!

A little #fishbowl fun, from the @hurleysurfclub #sansebastian, a couple nights ago. Thanks to @pukassurfeskola and @lostsurfboards_europe for putting together a cool event, in an even cooler setting.

One more, before dark ( meaning 10pm ) in #Hossegor, with #RyRy. 📷 @lost_south_central

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