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Mayhem Syndicate  Precision engineered EDC hardware and soft goods for daily carry.

......needs a Mayhem comp.

We get a lot of requests for our comp as a stand alone piece to work with a standard threaded barrel. This is roughly what it would look like. Science dictates that The system can't work on a normal threaded barrel. If you look  at a threaded glock 19 barrel it's actually as long as a g17 slide. But you can't disperse gas until after it leaves the barrel. So there is a trade off. You can have a long comp that wreaks havoc on the berries and use your current threaded barrel while you keep messing with your crack lighter and loctite, or you can do what we do and have a short comp that comes with the barrel and makes a setup that you truly don't have to compromise for. Oh and toolless install and removal. Because #innovation.

G26 carry comped, no other mods. From concealment in a @kmfjllc. Wait till I drop a SWiTCH trigger in this sucker.

It's close up day. 9mm and .300blk for speeeeed


Procrastigunning. That's a thing right?
#IDontWantToTakeBoards #GradSchoolGrind

Innovation opens minds. In our case it has a double meaning. #canoeing @yo_adrian_g
Well thanks @palmbeachtactical for showing me that I could be carrying a G17 with a @mayhem_syndicate comp instead of my comped G19. I'm like a kid in a candy store!

Can't get enough of this G26. It's so much more fun to shoot now.

Friday vibin. It's nice to have choices, which one are you taking with you for the weekend?

If you're pocket dumping and you don't have a Papal Protection Detail badge......don't worry you're still cool with us.
#unicorn #rememberthatfirstcompwedid #ThePeoplesComp

Going bump in the night.
#evergonightnight #WeeLittleShenanigans

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