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Mayhem Syndicate  Precision engineered EDC hardware and soft goods for daily carry

Why comp? Watch the gas.
#memorialdayweekend discount on apparel and accessories code: NEVERFORGOTTEN

Memorial Day Sale
@kobrien running a Mayhem/S3F carry comp on the range and training to get the most out of her next trip to chipotle.
#memorialdayweekend #freeguac #nachogunbunny

If you're not getting your freedom on this Memorial Day you're not remembering them well.
Use code NEVERFORGOTTEN FOR 20% off accessories and apparel on the website this weekend.
Most importantly, honor the fallen and live fully!

@inertiacreepin rollin dirty mixing that old school glock with that new school innovation.
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Glock 19 Gen2 + Mayhem Syndicate Comp #9mm #overwatchprecision #accuracymatters #mayhemsyndicate #gen2 #glock19

Just want to give you guys a chance to look as cool as the gats you're packin. You can try, but you'll never look as cool as @mad_dog_18_33 chained up and building his bumps between convoy missions.

We will be putting them back with you guys this weekend and we will also have guys monitoring this page if any of you need someone to reach out to.

Lots of questions about this:
Your current threaded barrel will NOT work with the Mayhem/S3F compensator. The reason is simple. Your average threaded barrel is about as long as the slide for the model one size up. Since it is impossible to disperse gasses and compensate the gun until after the gas has left the barrel it would be impossible to have a compensator system that meets these specs without a modified barrel. We also milled it specifically to accept our attachment method. So that's the deal. We aren't trying to make more money by selling a package or force you into a particular brand. We're bringing you something truly different.

@bangincans heading out to burn it down on that @sofletehq shooting program rocking a G19 with Mayhem/S3F comp and barrel.
Pre orders open now for G19, 17, 26
#sofleteshooters #shootflatterlivelonger

When it really matters, you look for every advantage you can get in a gunfight. We designed this comp for gunfighting and we carry it on our guns daily.
Well, most of us do. JB carries a XD and I've been trying to fix him for years... #truth #whenitmatters
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Finally squeezed in some time with the Mayhem Carry Comp. Amazingly flat. #mayhemsyndicate #glock19 #carrycomp #flatshooting #s3fsolutions #9mm #acompyoullcarry #shityoudidntknowyouneeded #2a

@customcaliberflags showing off his Mayhem Carry Comp and @s3fsolutions on his @trident_defense G19. Laid on top of some of his epic in house work!
If you missed the memo, black nitride barrels are now available for G19/17/26!
#hashtagmarketing #WhereAreTheDudesWhoWanted26s

A few of our favorite #murderyassfriends
If you want to get murdered out, we have released a black nitride option for Mayhem/S3F carry compensators in G17/19/26.
#blackout #blackside #deathcard #shootflatordie #murderedoutmayhem

We listened to you guys, and we released the joint Mayhem Syndicate / @s3fsolutions Carry Comp for the G17, 19, and 26 all at once. Pre-order now (link in our profile) for an early August ship date! .
📷: @ofbloodandsteel
(Production models will not be laser marked on the barrel hood)

Call it the GWOT boom or something similar to when the WWII generation came home, but innovation is abounding in the industry these days and we want to be a part of it. The homies at @fobbrewing and @alonsodefensegroup are heating things up right now!
#innovation #TheNextGreatestGeneration

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