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Kevin  I'm actually not that funny. I'm just an asshole & people think I'm joking @la.airheads #LCG ☘️ #BTK 💉 ⚓️USN Vet CV64

Rain Beaters

Shoutout to the birthday boy @westcoastmo for snapping this pic 💉💉

So I’m a cowboys fan right ? And Victor Cruz was a receiver for the fuckin Giants ..... the ... fuckin GIANTS 🤦‍♂️ That’s how much I was feeling the Air Cruz 😩

Puma Rs-X Toys

4 corners 4 seasons

Such an honor to be a part of this function !! @beijamvelez @dalockmaster @iamjeffreyjason @_steezuschrist @shoehefner5 @esymai @kajiholic @stomper_haus @the_little_pair @taniajorden @everydaimday couldn’t fit all of us in the tags but I see you ! 👀 Thank you @johncolombo227 for the invite and a special thank you to @jeffstaple @ntwrk and @nikesb 🙌🙌🙌 and as far as the flipping of the birds ? @steveberra made me do it 🖕😆🖕#whataday

🐦 🐼 got to have these in hand today 🔥coming to you 1/6/19 on @ntwrk #flockwithus


I look in the mirror and I’m happy with the mofo that looks back ! 💯 #happynewyear

HOLIDAZE 📸 My Kiddo took this shot. Show her some love ! She doesn’t have an IG but she’s with me so I’ll let her take a peak #bloodthickicks

She’s a pro !! 🎳 #swag #kidsrule

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