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Maycie Johnson  •Kind of obsessed with The Great Gatsby & Elevation Worship || •Snapchat: MaycieJohnson || #33💙🏀

S/o to this guy for being almost as hot as Mack Brock:)) 5.17.17 #throwbackk

Happy mothers day Momma!💞 5.14.17

ADRIANA! Happy 16th birhday to my fav Mexican!! Lol🎉🎉 Thanks so much for making me feel welcomed in Joshua and for giving me all of the answers for our bio homework👌you da real mvp A lol.
You're a BA ball player for only starting to play freshman year. I'm also glad I was able to help you with post moves and thanks for being one of the funniest people ever & being my weight room partner! Lol I also miss our pregame & postgame massages from Redd😂😂
I love & miss you a ton and I hope you have a great day!❤❤🎉 5.11.17

2 Kooll for Skool✌✌ 5.10.17

Happy (late) bday to my fav!! Thanks for being my bff, love you Bugs!❤❤ 5.7.17

Ya'll holla at ya girl @amyolivas_ bc it's her BIRTHDAY!!🎉🎉 Ames happy birthday! I miss you a ton & I miss being on the court with you bc you're a bomb bball player;) I also miss our pre-game warm up dancing, eating too much pizza on tournament weekends, early morning practices, talking to you about how Pittsburgh has lame restaurants compared to Texas, and last but not least our talks about hot guys in Joshua and Pittsburgh😩😩 I hope you had a great day bc you deserve it! Party hard gf🎉❤❤ 5.5.17

Its been a long two years & I waited in line for 2 hours to see my all time favorite worship band & it was so worth it😍
Last time I saw Elevation was in 2015 for their Wake Up the Wonder tour & I have been completly obsessed with every song on their new ablum since!🙌🙌 5.2.17 #ElevationWosrhip #OutCry #MyBabeMackBrock

Hey ya'll so in honor of my girl Shandy for finally getting an instagram here's a cute throwback from bball season in Joshua:)) #TakeMeBack #DoublePostLolOhWell

So incredibly proud of Curtis for graduating from the Mens Hope Home! He's been such a great leader ever since he came in the home, and now he's the mens home leader at CityReach Cumberland!
I'm so proud for what he's acomplished and everything he'll acomplish in the future! 4.23.17

Happy birthday Momma!❣️🎉 4.19.17

Happy Easter ya'll❣❣ 4.16.17

Happy sibs day ya'll✌ 3.10.17

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