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Brandon J. Johnson || ~ Choosing Joy ~ ••
I used to always push people away and I never looked at the positives in life. I never realized how important a smile was, until it was all I had. I’ve noticed that no matter what you are facing & no matter what is causing you to stumble, you will always have your smile. You will ALWAYS have joy. I love seeing other people smile and laugh because it simply shows that they are able to have joy through even the toughest times. •

It’s also very important to find those people who have the ability to make you smile and laugh, even in the hard times. •

I would like to start a series of pictures of people who give me joy in life and who can always make me laugh. Mostly because I love seeing other people smile and enjoy life. So here’s the first one! •

Bub, you never fail to make me laugh. We have so many inside jokes and memories that I absolutely love. I’m so happy that you have been a role model to me and have given me inspiration to be more like Christ each day. Also, you just got ENGAGED! How crazy is that!? Seems as if it was yesterday, we were back in Oklahoma and I was cheering you on at your little league football game! I’m so thankful for everything you do for our family and for being such a great brother.
Love ya lots Bubba❤️

I love how in children’s ministry, we have the ability to impact the future generation. We are able to show love, compassion, and hope to kids who may not experience that at home. The church is a safe haven for the kids, and it makes me so happy when these kids have an uproar of faith. They don’t partially believe that God is real, they are all in and ready to learn more. •••
The boy in the picture is Isaiah. I was able to meet Isaiah this past summer at the APC Ambridge Campus for a week long bible camp, and let me tell ya this boy has faith like none other and it is so admirable. He would walk to church everyday that week, just so he could have fun and experience the joy of the Lord. He even was able to bring some of his friends along. He wasn’t ashamed of Jesus, he just wanted to spread love. Despite of what was going on in his home, he had such a strong faith and dependence on God, that he knew God would never fail him. ••
My most favorite part of teaching these kids about Jesus, is knowing that they have the ability to be a vessel to spread the love of God to their family and friends, who may not know who Jesus is. No matter what their background or current home situation is, they are completely fascinated by who God is and want their loved ones to experience it too. ••
I think it’s important to have childlike faith because without it, we have room to doubt and second guess God. When a hardship happens, we tend to get a little uneasy in our walk with God rather than just fully trusting and knowing God is going to fix whatever it is. •• I love how kids like Isaiah are a constant reminder to have that childlike faith.

#tb bc RIP to my black hair:(( you will be missed..see ya next December👋🏽

Even though Alice’s apartment almost blew up in flames, still a Christmas to remember;) •

(On a more serious note) I think sometimes we can all get so caught up within the craziness of the holidays and lose track of what is meant to be true reason of Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, it is fun to be able to spend time with family that you have not seen in a while, to be able to give gifts to people you love, and to of course watch the 25 day’s of Christmas on FreeForm, haha. •

But it is also good to take a step back and to reflect on what God has done and why we are able to celebrate Christmas in general. It is the day that God came down to this earth in the form of a man called Jesus, who was sent to save us all, and had changed our world forever. •

God had stepped out of eternity and had entered time and our world of sin. He was fully man, but fully God as well. He was the perfect human to ever exist. He had shown God’s mercy, love, holiness, compassion and glory while still being human. He showed us what it is like to live as Christ, to not conform to the worldly ways and to love those who do not deserve it. So yes, it is fun to celebrate the holidays, but lets not forget that Jesus is truly the reason for the season and that without him, none of this would have been possible!☺️💞

It’s also super crazy to imagine living and walking the same streets as Jesus when he was here on earth! How extraordinary would that have been?!

This past year, back in May I attended the OutCry Tour ; Lauren Daigle had performed a new song that I fell in love with once I heard it. The song is basically talking about how no matter what you're going through, don't be afraid or worry because Jesus has conquered all fear ; you should have faith that He can fix everything. You will be put in trials, (some that may seem impossible to overcome) until you turn to Him for help, you'll then be "dancing in the deep" as the song says. In other words, the "impossible" situation will no longer fear or phase you because you know that God has it under control & you'll be overjoyed with how Jesus has touched your life. Our faith has to be strong and you have to believe that God can move or else it won't happen. •
•• The song is based off of Mark 4:39 where the disciples are in a tremendous storm, and they ask Jesus for help because they did not know what to do, and Jesus simply said "Peace, be still!" When Jesus said those words, the storm immediately stopped. When things get tough, He wants us to go to him right away. Don't try to fix it on your own. Because in the end, He is the one who conquered it all when he died on the cross. To us it seems like an outrageous situation to fix, but Jesus can simply say "peace, be still!" and there is now peace in the situation because He can fix whatever you're going through. •
••I know there are plenty of people who are going through something greater than what they can handle (myself included) They have been trying to fix it on their own, but let me tell ya. Immediately go to Jesus and ask him for help, and He will say "Peace, Be still!" and the situation is no longer in your hands, it's now in Gods hands and He will take care of you

You see these flowers? They are all so beautiful, however there are other flowers in the gardens that are just as alluring. Yet, we don’t compare them to each other. We don’t say “oh these marigolds are beautiful, but the violets are more beautiful” we don’t say that, because they both grow in different seasons, at different times. They are both beautifully unique and both show Gods creativity and glory.

I like to think that we all are like flowers. We are all so beautiful, but we all can grow and sprout in different seasons. Which is why I think it is okay to not be in the same position as someone else. You may look at their life and want to be in their season. But you have to realize, they also went through a dry patch to get where they are now. •

Never compare yourself to someone else’s growth becuase it’ll only keep you from your growing season.

•• n e w c h a p t e r ••

• Hey ya’ll! This may seem a little odd, but I have decided to make a new Instagram account. Why, you may ask? This has been something I’ve been thinking about a lot these past few weeks. I figured that my old Instagram had revolved so much around myself, yes that’s kind of what social media is for. However, I want to have a different view on social media and how other people view it too.
I want social media to be something where I can encourage and uplift others who may need it. Not everything you see on social media is positive, so that’s what I’m going to try and do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect whatsoever ; I just want to give those who may need hope, some encouragement! •

(( you don’t need a new year, in order to make a new change!😉 ))

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