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Twinning to the max dude🤙🏽🤙🏽

YAY my bestie graduated💛💛🎉 #PeepAtTheRedHair #MyBestieIsABabe

This babes OOTD💁🏽💁🏽💁🏽

I bought this yellow top yesterday & I was kind of iffy about it, but after wearing it, I absolutely love it..soo I took a selfie today, and here we are now w/ my yellow shirt😂💛


Happy (late) 22nd birthday you"sick sack of sewer slime!!!"🎉🎉🎉(If anyone gets the quote/reference you're amazing lol)

This beauty is leaving to go home back to Georgia on Tuesday😭😭 Alex it was such a pleasure getting to know you this summer & thanks for hanging out with me randomly when I was bored haha. I will miss you a ton when you leave, but I'm forever thankful that God has given us this friendship. I wish you the best of luck back in Georgia & I hope to see you when you come back to visit ! Love you girl !!💛💛💛 7.30.17

A few months ago, back in May I attended the OutCry Tour. Lauren Daigle performed a new song that I fell in love with once I heard it. Although it has yet to be released, the lyrics from the song have been repeating in my head for the past few weeks now, and yesterday I finally decided to record them down in my journal. The song is basically talking about how no matter what you're going through, don't be afraid or worry because Jesus has conquered all fear ; you should have faith that He can fix everything. You will be put in trials, (some that may seem impossible to overcome) until you turn to Him for help, you'll then be "dancing in the deep" as the song says. In other words, the "impossible" situation will no longer fear or phase you because you know that God has it under control & you'll be overjoyed with how Jesus has touched your life. Our faith has to be strong and you have to believe that God can move or else it won't happen. •••••••
The song is based off of Mark 4:39 where the disciples are in a tremendous storm, and they ask Jesus for help because they did not know what to do, and Jesus simply said "Peace, be still!" When Jesus said those words, the storm immediately stopped. When things get tough, He wants us to go to him right away. Don't try to fix it on your own. Because in the end, He is the one who conquered it all when he died on the cross. To us it seems like an impossible situation to fix, but Jesus can simply say "peace, be still!" and there is now peace in the situation because Jesus can fix whatever you're going through. •••••••
This really isn't my typical post, but I have been praying about it because God has put it on my heart to share this because I know there are plenty of people who are going through something greater than what they can handle. They have been trying to fix it on their own, but let me tell ya. Immediately go to Jesus and ask him for help, and He will say "Peace, Be still!" and the situation is no longer in your hands, it's now in Gods hands and He will take care of you. 7.30.17

Luv Cara 💛💛 ( give our finsta a follow @mc.johnsonn ) 📸; to Jake

LA Lakers & purple flowers🤙🏽🤙🏽 7.18.17

Played in the rain today w/ my little munchkins☺️☔️☔️ 7.10.17

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