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Prepping for 2 weeks of flying solo - Dave flies off to San Francisco, Vegas and LA for 2 weeks on Friday, so I'm trying to make sure that I have plenty of ready to heat meals to keep me going after log days with the gremlins. Today I'm making green soup - brocolli, zucchini, kale, potato, spinach, onion, garlic and thyme.

Mornings. Lunchboxes being packed, Otis peeling the boiled egg, Felix up on a chair trying to steal his zucchini bread, me doing 20 things at once (Felix wanted to 'help' make pancakes for breakfast and the only job I could think of was 'get the milk out!) and taking a photo! Would it be easier to pack lunches the night before? Does anyone do this? Does bread dry out and fruit go mushy? Getting it done before they get up isn't really an option unless I want to pack lunchboxes at 5.30am! kitchen isn't always tidy 😜!!!

Comment with your email address below and I'll send through an email for you to order a free box! First 2 email address comments receive a free box! And if you miss out, never mind...pop your email address below anyway, and I'll send you a code for $30 off your first order!

So, I can totally vouch for @bill.granger Cake for a Crowd vanilla cake recipe. It's SO easy (and I was using a dodgy website on my iPhone as scales!) and the results are perfect. This isn't a super healthy recipe, so I made mini cupcakes as lunchbox fillers.

This cracked me up! Otis looks like a coloured Zorro and Felix is just cute af.

Today's snack box for me. @sneakersandsoul has reinstated #projectme and this morning it reminded me to put this together whilst I packed some basic lunchboxes for the boys. I almost didn't bother, because I knew I already had a curry there for lunch, and I just wasn't feeling inspired - despite a delivery from @aussiefarmersdirect of beautiful fruit and veg, milk, bread, eggs and know, all the stuff you're running out of by Wednesday! But I remembered how important it is to my health and wellbeing to not only eat well, but do things for myself too. This little pack is such a huge reminder of the importance of ME in this equation we call family.

Well, that pretty much sums up today. Already. Since 6am. It's going to be a loooooong hump day! On a positive note - it's safe to say I'll get my step count today!

Tuesdays with Felix whilst Otis is at kinder (6 hours!!!!) Hanging at the Chocolaterie and working off our brownie!

A few people have commented on Felix's unique colouring lately, so I thought I'd try and capture it! He's olive skinned, with dark brown/hazel eyes, but his hair is something else.m. It's dark, but not brown. It's gold, but not blonde. And he has fangs! And a lip colour I wish I could replicate - the perfect pink! He'd pretty much be a supermodel...if he wasn't the owner of the shortest, stumpiest, cutest little legs ever! I never thought a kid could have shorter legs than Otis...then Felix did 😂 #iloveyoufelixeddie

Hello clean kitchen! Hello Fresh! #hellofreshAU Love a food delivery at the start of the week!

When they wake up early and full of beans, you bitch and moan and yell at your husband and make him get up...then realise you're now grumpy and can't get back to sleep, so you make yourself a coffee and banana smoothie and roll out. And now we're at the park and it's a lovely cool morning and life doesn't suck!

Anyone else?