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Rainbow rice play, with Duplo, matchbox cars, measuring cups, Little People and pipe cleaners. #invitationtoplay We had a rainbow platter for morning tea as well - must be a theme for the day!

Hey Monday...this is what we think of you!

I. Can't. Even.
#iloveyouotisbailey 👱🏼
#iloveyoufelixeddie 👦🏻

We're pretty much touring Melbournes miniature railways! Box Hill this time!

He has the most devine profile. #iloveyoufelixeddie

Don't mind me. I'll just be over here, reading Home Beautiful. On the iPad. Borrowed from the library! Ok, so I'm a bit slow, but I recently came across a book I wanted to read (Happier at Home, by Gretchen Rubin...but that's another post!), but didn't want to wait, so I downloaded the sample, liked what I read, and promptly purchased the eBook. I wasn't sure about reading on an iPad, but after discovering I could set the screen to black, and try text to white...I was converted. Which led me to investigate borrowing eBooks from the library and in doing all that, I discovered I can borrow and read the latest issues of magazines from my library too. For free - which is kind of heaven because I feel guilty buying magazines these days, at about $10 each! And here's the thing, I LOVE to read, but it's something I just haven't made time for in the last few years, especially because getting to the library to borrow books just isn't how I like to spend my time. However, I can do this at home, whenever I need a new book, or want a new book, or when my kid is in the playroom watching Bob the Builder!! I won't still blows my mind a bit!

My work here is done. He can scoot all the way to @two.brothers.mitcham and back. Can I set the pram on fire now?

The best Mothers Day present....I haven't changed a nappy in 6 days. (I have changed a few pairs of wet pants though 😜) #sorrynotsorry #tmi

The random sports you find yourself researching for your kids!!! Anyone's kids do t-ball?
Otis has shown some skill with his plastic t-ball set so I'm tempted to take him along. He's been to a basic basketball skills session a couple of times now, and is loving it, and I'm wondering if the key to all this aggression we're seeing is energy! Plus...if he does ball, he's actually allowed to hit things!

We NEED a @nuggetcomfort !!! This is the current state of my sofa on this gorgeous sunny afternoon! Go check them out people - a fun, functional, fort building, feet up sofa that comes in under $450AUD including shipping from the USA. I'm currently putting my pennies aside for one...SOON!

Moments in toilet training.

Good thing I got ALL THE THINGS done yesterday...because today looks like this. Otis still sick, mumma going crazy, house bound...and decided to start toilet training Felix too! On a positive note, the washing machine is FIXED, so my bed will finally get clean sheets, and we have roast chicken planned for dinner, which is a favorite for Dave.

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