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× MAY ×  ✾ Malaysian Chinese ✾ 📍 London I'm a 2nd year PhD student ✎ 📧: may.wang@my.westminster.ac.uk


My mantra for Summer ’17? Coming in HOT! @flattummytea is making sure my tummy and I totally freaking OWN this summer - that’s right, crop tops I’m ready for you! An upset tummy is a BIG no no, might have put up with it last season… but no more! What’s even better than Flat Tummy Tea? Grabbing some at 20% off! Yes babes, the entire website is on sale now at flattummytea.com! Check em out!

You bet I’m coming in HOT! Summer '17 is so close I can taste it, and I’m totally ready to OWN it thanks to @flattummytea! Time to get my tummy flat, ditch this sluggish feeling, and send my confidence sky high! Ready to kill these two piece sets anytime now! Oh, and if you haven’t heard - best news EVER... they’ve having a 20% OFF sale right now! Check them out before it ends - flattummytea.com is where it’s at!

Brown 👧🏽

Girls, I am SOOO coming in HOT this summer! @flattummytea just launched their 20% OFF SALE! Time to put aside the sweaters and baggy sweatpants, and get this tummy flat! I’ll be switching over to Bandeau tops and playsuits! Summer 2017... I’m coming to slay you, and you better believe I’ll be rocking a crop top while I do! Make sure you get your hands on some before they sell out at flattummytea.com!

Since making @focus.factor Extra Strength my daily vitamin, I think I’m officially top of my class! Tests? Easy! Exams? Simple! Social Life? Well, I actually have one now that I’m getting everything else done so efficiently. I’m focused, my concentration is up, and my memory has never been better, if you want to say the same you better check this stuff out - focusfactor.com is where it’s at!

Parisien 👌🏽

My mornings? Well they've been starting with @focus.factor Extra Strength for a while now, and let me tell you… they’ve never gone so smoothly! Since I started feeding my brain with this stuff, it’s helped with my focus, concentration and memory, so not only are all my assignments getting done, I’m not forgetting them at home when I leave for class! Don’t let any morning obstacles stop you from reaching your goals, feed your inner Einstein and get the ball rolling!


My girls are looking fantastic and it’s all thanks to @sneakyvaunt! Backless, strapless and adjustable cleavage... I can’t even cope! This pushup is a must own, especially with the weather warming up, so who’s going to be vaunting this summer with me?

Even with so many teas out there, @flattummytea is the only one I know has my back 100%. It’s only been a few days and the sluggish yucky feeling is on it’s way out already, and (most importantly) my tummy is looking flatter! Can’t wait to see how my tummy changes over the next few weeks, have you tried this yet?

I'm back 😈
Ready for my next mini #getaway

I'm so excited to try the @flattummytea 😍😍😍
Can't wait for the result!!

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