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M A Y A 🍉  The original letter board mom! None but Jesus ☝🏼 Mother to Irish Twins Zoey & Hazel 💌

I love my husband, but I irrationally resent him when I am awake about 7 times every night trying to get our baby *WHO WILL NOT TAKE A BOTTLE* (tips, please?) back to sleep and he is over there sleeping like an angel 😂 I might “accidentally” wake him up 👊🏻😏 .
Tim and I are smitten with our bedding, that’s probably why he sleeps so deeply! 😅Everything is from @thecompanystore. Our favorite thing is our Bamboo Cotton Comforter, it’s so soft!!!! They’re having a huge sale right now, check out my stories for the link, so you can save some money on outstanding quality bedding! 💛#sponsored #companycapture LINK IN BIO FOR MY BLOG POST!

Ohhh the aftermath of their sweet gestures!!! 😫I am not kidding the only thing I had to stage for this picture was the balloon and my letter board. He used 5 pots to make dinner, a cupcake pan, 6 plates and endless cup measures and utensils!!! I can’t with men 😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤯#YouShouldHearMyAccentWhenImAngry #ZoeyIsScaredForHisLife #SorryIDontHaveAnInstaKitchen #ILoveYouTimAndThankYouButNextYearPleaseOrderInKBye

I’ve ruined so many of your nice things by accident and every time you said: “They’re just things, my love... it’s ok.” I’ve behaved badly and made you sad, and every time you said: “I forgive you, my love. It’s ok.” and never brought it up again. I simply never understood that, until now.
Last week Zoey found my iced coffee and dumped it on herself and all over the floor. She looked at me so afraid at first, not knowing what my reaction would be, and without even thinking, I said: “it’s just coffee, my love... it’s ok”. While she still can’t talk, she looked at me surprised that the unconditional love I have for her will always and forever be just that: unconditional. There is no small or big mistake, no bad behavior, NOTHING that will ever have the power to change that. When it is time to discipline them for those mistakes and bad behaviors, I look to this woman in the picture and her grace and firmness which was always founded in love. She has confronted me with the truth, taught me compassion, challenged me as a woman, and shaped me into the mother I never thought I would be. For that, your love for Jesus and everything else, my sweet mother... I thank you. I am so honored to have turned out exactly like you. Te amo, Mãe. Happy Mother’s Day. 💛 @iaraduca . Side note: I firmly believe that somehow I have birthed myself. This kid is my xerox copy 🙌🏼#HerThenMeNow

As parents, we often feel invisible. I look in the mirror and do not recognize myself because I never actually look at my face. I barely recognize myself when I’m scrambling around throughout the day, handling 5 things at the same time. I often neglect my own meals, my personal care and needs and I know you do, too. I will tell you 2 things: 1- you’re not alone. On the days that you feel overwhelmed and unappreciated, invisible and neglected know that all of us parents feel the same way almost every day. 2- it is worth it. My tired and forgotten reflection in the mirror signifies that I am doing my absolute best. Instead of seeing myself as all those negative things, I try to see that my children are happy and safe, loved and cared for. When I look at THEIR angelic faces, I see my hard work and sacrifices invested in the precious treasures that were trusted unto me: my children. Stay strong and keep up the wonderful work you’re doing 💛
You can read more inspiring, raw and encouraging stories by visiting @plumorganics and their outstanding #keepingittogether campaign which talks about the life-altering experiences of becoming parents. #sponsored

SWIIIIIIPE! This time I had a helper!👉🏼🍉
39 weeks in Vs 39 weeks out and my watermelon bump has turned into the most beautiful watermelon baby!
This picture changed my life here on Instagram, but it changed my real life the most. We were so not ready to have another baby, can you imagine me taking a pregnancy test while holding an 8 week old newborn?! Hahaha but you know what? When something is meant to happen and has God’s hand all over it, there is NO way you can’t handle it! We put our adult pants on, and opened up our hearts.
Hazel, we cannot imagine our lives without you. Our beautiful, sassy yet sweet and strong surprise baby 💛
Shut out to my husband @timvmusik for being such a good sport 😅 #breastfeedingisnotbirthcontrolBTWhahaha

Parents: giving their children full spa treatments before bed while looking like that 🔝 in an attempt to get them relaxed, so they can MAYBE sleep for 5 min longer😅 totally worth it!
Bedtime is so important and such a bonding experience for me and my sleepless babies. Rocking them... twirling their hair... bathing them... it’s just the best. This season is going by way too quickly so I am trying to soak up these moments as much as I can. Even when they scream when they don’t want to ether get in or get out of the tub 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ link in bio for our FULL BEDTIME ROUTINE! What makes your bedtime special? Tell me in the comments and I’ll try some of them!! We’ve been using the comfiest towels in the world by @thecompanystore , you may have noticed it from my video in the shower too, make sure to visit their website!!!
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It’s amazing how our kids pick up on our behavior, habits and manners since they are so little: the good and the bad. It is so adorable to see them imitate us dancing, talking or being goofy, and sometimes you’ll catch them micromanaging and bossing around their small sibling just like you do to your husband.
Zoey loves to feed Hazel and although it can get messy, I’m always there to supervise it, take pictures and clean it up! Moments like this make me want to live the “right now” instead of wanting to fast forward to when I’ll be able to sleep in!
Hazel has been eating @plumorganics Baby Bowls since she started eating solids. All their ingredients are organic, USDA approved, and the combination of flavors are out of this world! I even use them to make smoothies for myself and Zoey. I truly love this brand and everything they stand up for: supporting parents in #keepingittogether and making quality food for our precious babies! #sponsored #plumorganics #babybowls

You can also call me psychologist, nurse, wife, shoulder to cry on, chef, accountant, cleaner, driver, handy-woman, stylist and personal assistant, but my favorite one is Mother. To all you beautiful and strong women out there: you are doing a kick butt job. Even though some days your house might look like an episode of Hoarders, your kids are always well taken care of and loved, HIGH FIVE sisters!
Ps: who knew that mixing coffee and wine in a beer hat would create the perfect elixir to keeping your eyes open 24/7 AND be happy at the same time 😉

WHAT A MOTHER THINKS IN THE SHOWER! (When she has time for one, that is 😂)
Tag a mom friend!

Last week was a complete train-wreck. I let everything get the best of me: the mess in my house, my lack of sleep, a wicked hormonal imbalance, the crappy weather, but especially my anxiety. It stole all my happiness and even caused a panic attack after months without one. THIS WEEK WILL NOT BE THE SAME. Today I showered in the morning, even though my daughter got soaking wet from repeatedly opening and closing the shower curtain. I cranked up worship music at 6:30 am and I prayed loudly. I put on cute clothes FOR ME. I took back the control over my life, my happiness and my mental health. If you’ve had a bad week and are feeling defeated, I want to encourage you, lift you up and tell you that it is ok! We all have setbacks and rough days, but we also have the power to change things. We are WOMEN. We are RESILIENT. We are STRONG. Feel encouraged, my sweet sisters! Cheers to a *for sure* messy, but *for sure* victorious week! 💃🏻#NotTodaySatan #OneDayAtATime

But it’s ok! This works perfectly for our family, we get some extra sleep
and extra snuggles! WIN WIN!
We are truly in awe of our new mattress @lullbed ! It was fun and easy to set it up, it is so comfortable, and Hazel slept her first 4 hour
stretch on the very first night we slept in it!!!! ANOTHER WIN! Give it a try and get $50 off your Lull with my exclusive link: #ad #getyourlullon

Meet Dwight!
He was very nervous about being an InstaDog, but I gave him a kit with all the instagram essentials as you can see, so now he feels very confident!
Zoey is smitten, and follows him around saying Hi all day long!
More poop to clean, but one more baby to love 💛🐶

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