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You only get to live so many lives before you get to live "you" fully. For all these lives you lived, the person you are has always been there then one day you finally start to live being you and lose lives you lived, they slowly just die within time of filling yourself up with you. The person you are in love with is built with their past, they're a collage of every moment they experienced; you love at that moment and there's a lifetime full of knowing, all that happened is what they are today. You take a step every day closer to you even if you don't notice your steps or not.
Everyday you get to learn/know something, you can't all at once; you'll stand still if you took all your steps. // #egypt #beach #sunrise #you #love #lives

You know that feeling you get when you're under the rain?
How every drop just drops on you and you feel it on your skin? How each drop just goes all over your face and you're just covered in rain?
Well, imagine that as rain notes.
When you're listening to music there are always these notes that just "drop" on you, and keep dropping on you. On your skin, swimming in your blood stream, flowing in the river of your thoughts; you just feel, everything.
Feel every rain note drops and drown in them. // #egypt #sky #mountains #beach #feel #music

- "So what? Why can't I try to save the world? It's better to fight the stream than give up and just die, why don't you just drown yourself already then?" - "If the waterfall is inevitable I might as well relax, enjoy the view, and for a few seconds appreciate the fact that I can fly." // #beach #sunset #sea #blue #sina #egypt

between the beauty of life itself. // #egypt #sina #blue #beach #dogs #camp #life

monachopsis (n.) the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place. // #sunrise #roof #egypt

all you need to be is to be in the right state of mind. // #peace #beach #stateofmind #sunlight #Dahab #Egypt

It's too quiet. I can no longer feel the beast clawing on the inside of my skin. I open my eyes to see the smoke clearing, leaving behind shards of broken promises and reminants of happy times made terrible.
I'm all alone.

I have failed my demons. I realize now they were never trying to get out but rather rupture my thickened skin enough to let yours in.

I reached out in my truest self but you never extended your claws to meet mine. //
- Illumination -

"I don't deserve to be loved." I know their love is genuine, and god knows so is mine, but beneath the thousand layers of my love is a thin layer of unexplainable hate. A little black stain deep in the fabric of trust that spells out doubt.

Lonely in your embrace, suffocated by your absence. When will you realize that my demons can't be tamed? //
- Separation -

I have a secret. And it's not like any other secret. One I have no choice but to keep for I don't know it.

I hear it banging on my walls like fists on sound proof glass. Those who make it close enough can hear it too. Some fear it and run away, some stick around and try to break through and let it out.

They don't understand.

My resistance is the most selfless act of love. // - Despair -

Written by @amrosphere

With the world's beautiful creations,
he's a beautiful piece of work; mind, body, and soul.
My view within a view. //
- Happy birthday love.
#birthday #love #mountains #egypt #desert #breathtakingviews

In some moments, you can feel everything, say nothing and yet have felt it all. // #dog #mountains #couple #travel #morning #everydayegypt

We get older by the minute. // #rain #blackandwhite #africa #carrides #throwback

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