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Maya Beatty  Detroit to Atlanta | HowardU. | 💜💎

My baby is no longer a baby😪.. Prom 2k18 was a success!!! 💛#BigSisterDuties #SheWon #Top2ButSheNot2 #AKnightAtTheMetGala

throwback to the summerrr✨

Thank you @marchforourlives for facilitating this movement.. But a special THANK YOU to the strong young girls of color who stood up on that stage today and spoke up about how this movement did not just begin with Parkland.. it’s been going on since before I was born. Our black brothers and sisters have been senselessly killed for years.. it didn’t just start recently. On top of the fact that our men continue to be profiled, when NONE OF THE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS HAVE BEEN BY A BLACK PERSON!!!!! As I say often, the irony in it all, is that the country that has caused all of the pain & suffering for me & my people, is the only place where I can comfortably become a change agent to ensure a better future for generations to come. If an 11 year old can get up on that stage and talk about issues affecting his/her community in order to make a change, what’s stopping you? Thank you Naomi (11), Maya (16), Yolanda Renee King (9, granddaughter of Martin Luther King) and the countless others who are taking a stand and using their voice. #EnoughisEnough #BlackLivesMatter #StudentsLivesMatter #IloveUsForreal ❤️


Wishing my mini me the happiest of birthdays on her 18th birthday today .. I am beyond blessed that God chose me to be her big sister. It’s like I have a personal best friend and no matter what we will ever go through, she like kinda has to be there lol. We are total opposites in so many ways but literally the same person in other ways. People think we look like twins but I disagree. Nonetheless, this girl literally means the world to me. And if you know me, you know that. Happy Birthday to my roll dawg, my ace boon coon, my main thang, and the other half of my heart. I love you more than words, actions, or expressions will EVER be able to express. #ThemTeethInThat6thPictureTho #ThankGodForLittleSisters #NoYouStillArentGrown #ThisIsAForeverThing❤️🌏

To my village.. To the women in my life who have shaped & molded me into the woman I am today.. And the women who have pushed me to continuously exceed my own expectations.. Thank you for everything.. from being role models to being so great at everything you all do, to being there for me when I need you the most. I love you guys ❤️ #Internationalwomensday #AndYESBeyonceIsinmylife (and There are plentyyyy more, I only had room for 10 spots!)

Quick Appreciation post for someone near and dear to my heart.. I’m so very proud of my Qri Qri. From starting out as working behind the scenes at the radio station to now having your own blog segment, being on the radio, and being featured in Rolling Out!! Proud is an understatement and I am so excited to continue to see you blossom in this field and beyond. #ItsYourYear ❤️

Congratulations Lil Mama! 💎I can’t wait to see all of the things you do in Jewels and beyond. Your future is so bright and I’m glad I can be a BIG part of your journey. 💜 #Proud

Happy Black History Month!
Make sure to head over to @steroseint for all of your needs. They carry clothing for men, women, and kids. They also have the best priced authentic black soap and shea butter around. #detroitbusiness #blackhistorymonth #sterose #ankara #african #fashion #blackownedbusiness

Thanking God right now for another year and a special thank you to everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday! The love I got today was unmatched 💛 #Year19 🎉

happy homecoming #sophomoreszn 💙❤️

Missing these 2 👩‍👧‍👧

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