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Happy Birthday and 4 years together!! Can't wait to celebrate this weekend in our favorite place ✨ I love you💕@shredtillyourdead

At the end of the march we displayed our signs on a fence across from the White House lawn, there was at least one mile of signs like this. A big fuck you to the pussy-grabber-in-chief

Say it loud, say it proud 💪🏼

Yesterday was a rough day and definitely a tough pill to swallow. Today I was in our nations capital with hundreds of thousands of feminists, environmentalists, and human rights activist of all different race, gender, age and class united together to fight for a common goal. It has been a day I will never forget ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿 #womensmarchonwashington

Today was magic✨

So so so happy for my best friends and favorite couple who just got engaged!!💍Congratulations Tanner and Mark I am so excited to celebrate your love and commitment for each other 💕👨‍❤️‍👨 I love you guys!!

Lilium umbellatum via 1974

Today is a very sad day for human rights and our environment but this figure gives me hope that our generation understands and cares about what's going on. We have to stop letting older generations make the decisions for us because when they're dead and gone we will be the ones left to deal with the consequences. Climate change is real and is happening right now. As a biologist this state of mass extinction of the world's organisms breaks my fucking heart. The time is now to make the changes we need to lessen the effects of climate change and research ways on how to adapt to climate change when it's consequences will impact us strongly. Having a president that denies that this is occurring will set us back greatly but I'd like to think that this generation's new found love and respect for the environment will not let this happen. Let's rally together to protect this planet so our children have the same opportunity to enjoy its tremendous beauty the same way we have.


My heart is heavy today because I have to say goodbye to my sissy who is moving to Seattle for grad school in conservational biology. I'm gonna miss you more than you could know😭 buuuut I am excited to come visit and explore Washington with you☺️

Wild flower meadow dreaming✨

Summertime in the Rocky Mountains