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Maya Lino  WROTE RAPs 4 DrDre Rolex on KANYE's Voyr BULLYsCARs&SNEAKERs FEATs wit PushaT-MannieFresh-Jadakiss-Scarface-BunB- Mayalino EP ⬇️

The war began start praying knee drop the vision of god I don't trust these dealers is odd

Flashing all that money but they broke and shit rapping all them drugs but they broke and shit
I'm the son of a great great grandmother my grandpa past so fuck my moms sperm donor
I majored in cocaine with out Harvard I eat cause I'm bored I'm not starving
I could still hear the faucet dripping longer than dragon tails extended clip in
Trampoline smurfs blue money flipping higher rank than a boss position I'm the leader of the gang I forgot to-mention
Run the blade from ear to ear cause he didn't listen pay attention this deeper than sharks buried in oceans dealer unknown like tu pacs killer and biggies killer ( I ain't running from y'all I ain't running from y'all
Y'all ain't got shit on me ain't no probable cause y'all ain't got shit on me ain't no probable cause )

I keep it pumping like Reebok
Money stacking higher than the tree tops

Them bricks on a boat like Columbus
Gold gun barrel big looking like a trumpet
I'm doing more numbers than the matrix
The Oracle knows I'm beating these agents
More cameras on the house than Tony's crib
Don't get your sister killed like tony did
Cut the tape gently
Don't let the grease touch the keys then hit me
The future looks beautiful
With no drug money
My life ain't suitable
Just let my street brothers be at my funeral
Cause fake ass tears ain't doable
My wife loves me my kids love me
Noting else matters God trust me ( When I'm cooking in the kitchen
Make sure that the kids got they mask on
When I'm counting in the kitchen
Make sure that the kids ain't looking )

Little Jeremiah enjoyed his first Easter 🐣 yesterday..

Charges dropped now its time to make my family smile and help them forget about what happen that day. My family has gain strength and realized that DAD will do anything for them no matter what the consequences are.

Just want to let everyone know that I'm home and all charges were dropped after the judge went over all the videos yesterday. Thanks to the ones who reached out and helped my wife out while I was in fighting this situation.

Before I was born my life was written, death will come and do it's job but till then I'm forgiven, I'm aware that every hustler has his turn so with that being said, Earn!! Get your money dealer, shine on them dealer, live like you never lived before and achieve more! Till the Feds are at the door or the killers come get you, may the devil and god be with you. #god #devil #heaven #hell #money #cocaine #music #houston #truth #Mayalinooooo #glock #boys The mark of the beast has changed. 6/6/17

I pray to God while doing the devils work, it really don't bother me so I just pray for my loved ones that I hurt, whatever a man has to do, to provide for his family let it be done and don't judge, the money only lasted till the merchandise didn't come, drug dealing went to shit after these connects started to front out a few bricks, why all the bullshit dealers got all the right connects, this must be the end of the world, if we keep living like this, let the lord be my witness, that robbing everybody is going to be the new business. #god #devil #heaven #hell #money #cocaine #music #houston #truth #Mayalinooooo #glock #boys The mark of the beast has changed. 6/6/17

#god #devil #heaven #hell #money #cocaine #music #houston #truth #Mayalinooooo #glock #boys The mark of the beast has changed. 6/6/17

If you make a decision to chase your dream then go all the way with it, don't hold noting back on the dream, even if you don't make it. You can't give up if the money don't come, you can't give up if the meal taste nasty and only get one a day, that's the work out to get you in shape and build you strong in life. You have to always remember that you might not make it because a chance isn't a guarantee. #god #devil #heaven #hell #money #cocaine #music #houston #truth #Mayalinooooo #glock #boys The mark of the beast has changed. 6/6/17

Fish scale on the counter
Plug that money counter
The license plates in my drive way from Alabama
I'm living that good life be cause I'm selling cocaine
That kilo around my neck be cause I'm selling cocaine
That lambergini clean cause I'm selling cocaine
That Maserati dirty cause I'm selling cocaine
I'm use profanity my baby mama mad at me
I don't file taxes bitch you don't spend my money bitch
Let me see my daughter bitch
Hope you rot in hell you bitch
When devil comes for me boy I'm ready boy I'm ready
Gold Draco with two gold drums boy I'm ready boy I'm ready
My glock gold it got Louie vutton boy I'm ready boy I'm ready
My 38 super all gold
With Versace grips
My 38 super all gold
with Versace grips
100 kilos can change my life
100 kilos can give me life
100 kilos can take my life
100 kilos did save my life #god #devil #heaven #hell #money #cocaine #music #houston #truth #Mayalinooooo #glock #boys The mark of the beast has changed. 6/6/17

I'm waking in hell wearing my Jesus piece
I bought it from the profit off 30 keys
Rose gold hand ticking it's an AP
Lamborghini top down with some AC
Brown suit in federal prison with some new sheets
No 5k1 on my psi
I follow OG rules man free them guys
Claud banks doing life pass that gun line
Shots fired Burn my tongue trying eat a pie
10 million counted out this is no lie
FBI drone n thru the whole sky
Camcorders picture snapping wearing ear pieces
Long riffles at the ranch ain't no deer leasing
When the plug start stressing me for few bricks

I'm on the phone with my brother like fuck them bricks
He like bro let's go to war man fuck them bricks
We got ten more plugs with some another bricks
We got ten more plugs on some other shit

GlockBoyz right or wrong you can't tell us
Gold guns foreign cars drug dealer shit
Real men with some honor no pussy shit
Johnny walker in the glass talking coke shit
Gold bottle crystal on some rich shit #god #devil #heaven #hell #money #cocaine #music #houston #truth #Mayalinooooo #glock #boys The mark of the beast has changed. 6/6/17

What started out as Gods vision for living was doomed/
It's human nature to crave the
forbidden of fruits/
You wanna see the Garden of Eden just visit Peru/
It's a paradise where that white you sniffing is brewed/
#god #devil #heaven #hell #money #cocaine #music #houston #truth #Mayalinooooo #glock #boys The mark of the beast has changed. 6/6/17

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