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I dropped the boys off this morning for their second last day of junior baseball camp at @truenorthcamps. The boys are having so much fun and it's been nice for myself to have a "break" (being home with only 1 kid is like a vacation). If you're looking to put your kids in a camp program, I would highly recommend True North Sports Camps. Find out why in my latest post and get my discount code for 15% off!

The first thing I want to do when I wake up at the cottage is enjoy a cup of coffee on the dock. However, by the time I make the coffee, feed the kids and attend to their needs, I'm starved! Instead of preparing a full breakfast (cause coffee awaits), I grab a quick and delicious snack like Good & Simple Muffins and Bars.
They come individually wrapped making a perfect snack on the go and they are wholesome, made with real ingredients (i.e. not artificial colours or flavours).
Good & Simple Muffins are available in three flavours:

Fruit + Fibre (with Blueberries and Cranberries), Banana Bran + Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

Good & Simple Bars are also available in three flavours:

Cranberry Orange, Walnut and Grains + Blueberry Oatmeal.


It's summer time and the brain drain is a thing! Kyle worked so hard throughout grade 1 to improve his reading; I don't want him to lose it all over the summer break. We're trying to get him to read regularly, but it's a struggle. He often prefers that we read to him or nothing at all.
The one bright spot so far has been the fact that McDonald's Happy Meals now come with a book option. Kyle is happy to read those on his own to himself or to his brothers. While he still prefers us to read to him the majority of the time, at least it's a start! // Do you have a plan to get your kids to keep up their reading through the summer break? 
#HappyMealBooks #sponsored

I 🍩 care that it's still morning!
Welcome to mommy summer camp - week 3, day 2. Send reinforcements.

It's the end of another cottage weekend and the end of the second week of summer vacation. Two weeks down and only a gazillion more to go... Just kidding but it often feels like that. Especially since I have at least one kid home with me every day for the entire summer.
I know though that come September I'll look back and comment on how quickly it all went by. Isn't that always the case??

Isn't it funny how we parents often wish for alone time away from our kids so we can relax, read a book or watch our favourite show in peace and quiet. But as soon as we get that time, we are anxious to see our kids because we miss them so much??? Like in this picture, Nate managed to wiggle is away on to me when I had a moment to myself reading on the dock.

Yesterday we dropped the kids off with their grandparents so we can have some much needed alone time. Of course the first thing we thought about this morning was the boys. Wondering what they were doing and what they got up to yesterday. We know they're having the best time ever but we can't wait to see them now!

My happy jumping "baby"! His face says it all... We're in 💘 with our new @springfreetrampoline.

I first fell in love with Springfree Trampolines last year when I attended an event and tried it out for myself. I knew that if I was having so much fun jumping around and playing the tgoma (interactive digital) game, my kids would love it even more! I also learned that the trampoline can be left outside throughout the (long and snowy) winter without impacting its quality and with little if any wear and tear. In fact, jumping on it while it’s covered with snow is encouraged! Talk about some great motivation to get your kids, and yourself, outside during the winter season! Most importantly, I loved how safe the trampoline is. Springfree Trampoline uses flexible composite rods that lie beneath the jumping surface out of harm’s way compared with traditional trampolines that use metal coil springs. This, along with a hidden frame, it’s SoftEdge Mat and FlexiNet Enclosure makes it the safest trampoline around. Suffice to say I was hooked instantly and knew that we needed this trampoline in our backyard.

And guess what? I was right! The boys have been jumping on it non-stop since we’ve received it. It’s the first thing they want to do when they wake up in the morning and the first thing they want to do when they get back from camp. I’m so grateful to have it for those weeks that we don’t have the kids signed up for summer camp (which is the majority of the summer). My summer woes have been answered.

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a Trampoline for your family, now is the perfect time because I have a discount code for you!! Use SpringInto150YYZ5 to receive a tgoma unit, a $399 value, for FREE with your purchase.


We've been on a summer schedule as of late. The kids have been outside playing with their neighborhood friends till late, jumping on the trampoline and playing ball hockey. Bed time is almost non existent despite them having to wake up early for camp. Same thing for baths - always an after thought so the kids will sometimes go for days without a wash!
Tonight though I'm solo parenting and nursing a massive migraine so bath time is happening - along with a normal bed time.

I’m not going to lie… it’s been a while since I read a book. In the mornings I’m watching the boys and at night I’m blogging. On a rare day off, I catch up on my favourite TV shows. This doesn’t leave me much time for reading. Even my favourite magazines are starting the pile up on my night stand unread! I do miss reading though. I always itch to read a book whenever I board a plane or get a moment to myself on the couch. I love reading people’s book recommendations on social media, making a note of it for future reference.
Now that summer is here and we’re spending more time at the cottage, I plan on reading more. Thanks to my #Kindle Paperwhite, I can now enjoy my favourite books in the great outdoors. Whether I’m sitting on the dock or relaxing on the hammock, I’ve been sneaking in a few chapters on the kindle before the kids come and find me (because they always do when I’m trying to relax). The Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect outdoor essential since it features a no-glare screen, long-lasting battery life, built-in adjustable light, and lightweight design.
// Any book recommendations? What are you currently reading?

If you haven't been to @CanadasWonderland yet this season, what are you waiting for?
We have visited the park almost weekly since the end of May and just last week we took our first dip at Splash Works (the water park). I'm sharing everything you need to know about enjoying the water park with little kids.
And even though Canada Day passed, the celebrations are still on-going at #CanadasWonderland. Check my post to read all about the events taking place and specialty food you can enjoy all month long in celebration of #Canada150.
Trust me when I say you should go there now so you can fall in love with Canada's Wonderland... all over again! // If you've visited there this season, what was your favourite part?

My person!
I'm so glad he puts up with me because I can't imagine doing anything without him by my side.

One of our yearly summer traditions is checking out the planes that fly in and out of #Bancroft airport for the annual pancake breakfast. It's such a fun day at this small town and we get to be up and close with the planes, hang out in the fire truck, catch crickets, and watch the planes land and take off right above us (you can see it all on my IG stories). Do you have any #summertime traditions?

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