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mayaeni  Detroit Bred Flowerchild 👇🏾

Detroit! I’m opening for @citizencope on Saturday April 13th at @fillmoredetroit
Tickets on sale now.

Hello February 🦋
Detroit! I’m playing at @fillmoredetroit on Saturday April 13th. Opening for @citizencope ! Hope to see you there ✨

Growing wings so I can fly 🦋

Autumn 🍂🍁🌾
📷by: ldysoul

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My cover of #justlikeheaven by #thecure is available on all streaming platforms today.
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I’m a shy person & a bit socially awkward. I like to wear a lot of mascara, it’s like a gateway making it harder to see my eyes. Sort of like protection I guess. Sometimes I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot of things because I was just too shy to show up. But maybe all this time, I was just showing up for myself. It’s okay to be alone. 📷by: ldysoul

Autumn, the season where trees do their last dance & show off their beautiful colors before they rest & repair. Maybe us humans should do the same. ✨✨✨✨✨
Life has been crazy af lately. I’m in the twilight zone. I’m jaded. I’m broken. But I will always create. I put out 2 songs today. An original called ‘Impatience’ & a cover of one of my favorite feel good songs ‘Just Like Heaven’ because I needed it. Hope it can fill a tiny space inside of you if you needed it too. ✨link in bio✨

Writing, producing, recording, mixing & mastering a new song every month that you are proud of to share with the free world can be quite difficult. But I promised myself I’d do it for a year. So here is ‘Impatience’ out now everywhere in the digital world. Link in bio.
As always the biggest thanks to, @steveongtr & @cdspooner1 making my music elevate to higher levels & huge thanks to @mikepicotte for never disappointing on the master mix!

‘Impatience’ out now everywhere in the digital world ✨✨
link in bio for soundcloud
My 6th song release in 6 months. Half way there 🤩
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Told you I was a Butterfly 😉🦋

In my element 🌲🌱🌿🍃

Golden Hour Detroit 🌅

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