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Leah  | Wife & Mama to my beautiful 3 | | Tommy, Maya & Elle | Australia | SA | Next Stop ~ HK & Vietnam | 📷 Photography

Being away for just one night but missing the family so much. We normally video call and I show the kids my room and the area that I am staying. With the time difference it just wasn’t possible.

I never realised just how squeaky Elle’s voice is 😂 she was talking a million miles an hour, I couldn’t understand it all! Soon they’ll be covered in cuddles and kisses OX

Matching PJ’s @rock_your_baby

Pure Happiness ~ and the cutest little leg pop I ever did see 😍

Hanging out with their cousin in matching Louise Misha threads from @mini_nation_au

Weekends were made for adventures and making memories ✌🏻and for tourists from London to stop and have a chat about this gorgeous location 🙊 They knew more about it’s history than me! How embarrassing, I thought I was pretty much a local 🙃

This dreamy Banwood bike is from @poppyslittletreasures Who currently have 25% off storewide for the next 48 hours.
Bike @banwoodbikes
Romper from @mini_nation_au From @louisemisha
Shoes @wildchase_

Two little souls that were born to be Best Friends ~

After 3 miscarriages and a decision just after Maya’s first birthday that 2 is enough... we didn’t know that Elle was just meant to be ✨
We made the decision not to have anymore while I was already pregnant with Elle 🤦🏻‍♀️ pretty much sums up her personality right there. Elle does what Elle wants!!!🤣 #wouldnthaveitanyotherway .

Girls dressed in @dustydaisywears_

Better the balance, better the world #balanceforbetter #iwd2019 such a great theme for 2019

International Women’s Day is so important to me as a mum of two girls. I love that we openly acknowledge the impactful women in our lives. It doesn’t need to be celebrated on one day and it’s just not for Women, This years theme is a better balance for all 👌🏻 Girls bathers @hubbleandduke
Mine @calvinklein

~ I Had a Choice ~

Stay home and clean the house for the week or get the family ready to spend the day at the beach 🤔

Within seconds Michael says “get the family ready we’re going to the beach!” The ikea commercial comes to mind “Start the car, start the car”
It was the perfect choice, we had so much fun. So for the rest of the week we will be turning clothes baskets upside down in the hope to find the matching sock. I will step carefully through the house in the hope not to crush some toy laying around and my bathrooms will have to survive with a power clean 😝 .
Bathers @willow_swim

Making the most of the warmth from the summer sun before it’s gone for good ☀️ We will miss the late night beach runs, sunsets at 8.30pm and most of all the heat!
Totally not a fan of cold rainy days... I’m hoping for this warm start to Autumn is here to stay 🙏🏼 Elle dressed in @dustydaisywears_

You will forever be my little girl 💕

I spend most my time behind the camera. Capturing moments for other beautiful families to last forever. Thanks to my sister for making me front and centre with my littlest love.
Elle’s dress @dustydaisywears_
My dress @poppyslittletreasures
Taken by @for.eva.and.marlo 📷

Thank you so much for all your Birthday messages on my insta story 🥰 I couldn’t help but go down memory lane and post pictures of Maya as a baby! She had the best birthday party at the beach and we thoroughly enjoyed the weekend away as a family.
Turning 5 comes with change and so many new challenges. Tonight Maya broke into tears as she was sounding out her words in her homework book. She told me that all the other kids in her class can read already and she is the only one that can’t and she was feeling so frustrated. She’s only 2 weeks in at school and putting so much pressure on herself. Times like this I wish kids came with a manual!
I’ve promised her I’ll sit down every night after dinner to go through her sounds so she feels confident to learn the words. How does everyone else manage helping your kids through learning?? Swimmers @willow_swim

The one thing they all have in common - Karate
Tommy continually pushes himself to get better and better. He can’t wait for the next round of grading and the chance to compete.

Maya is enjoying being one of the more experienced in her class. Often she has the opportunity to stand I front of her group and counts out the moves in Japanese.

Then there’s Elle! She spends her time socialising in the lines. Insists that she gets to stand in front of the class and count out the moves even though she can’t count in Japanese or do the moves properly 🙊 I see her bouncing around, the biggest smile on her face and non stop talking 😂 she’s totally living her dream!
#karate #siblinghoodlove #matchymatchy #twinning #fashionkids #spectacular_kidz #kidsfashionforall #igkids #instagram #stylishkids

These are the only roses the girls will see on Valentines Day.
According to hubby they are not allowed to leave the house until they are at least 30! #noboysallowed 😂

Dresses @kidscrafter

Update from my previous post..... I wrote about Elle’s heart break when Maya decided to sleep on her own. Well since then, Elle has taken it upon herself to sneak into Maya’s bed twice this week already. Both times Maya has been fast asleep. Unaware that Elle has dragged her blanket and toys into the bed.
The first time I caught Elle she quickly scrambled into the corner. I whispered that the bed was too small and that she needs to go back into the other bed. She knew it wasn’t going to work. She looked at Maya lying on her back, fast asleep with her mouth wide open... Elle lent over gave her a kiss on the cheek, whispered I love you Maya. Gathered her belongings and went back to where she came from 🙊

I guess it’s progress from crying her eyes out uncontrollably!!! What will week 2 bring 😂

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