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Maxx Rayne  🌈SoCal chick in DC. Native|Feminist|Spoonie|Mystic|Empath BAs in Crim and Psych Music is everything. Follow me into the unknown🌙 -I unfollow back✌🏼-


Please check out my friend, @shopcrystalrosee, gofundme page.
Her cat is very, very sick and for her cat to make it through the next few days she will need more hospitalization. And of course, vets are cruel with their bills. Please help save Mab, she is everything to my friend💜Everyone with a pet understands this love and it would mean so much to Shani. Gofundme.com/savemab

You know you got things to say.
*Especially since I can't post pictures of myself because of my severe dysmorphia that's been beating me down for a year*

*Walking around with my little rain cloud⛈hanging over my head⛈and it ain't coming down*

✨*I "won" this beautiful piece but have not received it. It's been 3 months. I'm just being ignored and it hurts my feelings. I would rather they just tell me they don't want to gift it to me. At least I would know. So what is going on @wildairco?*✨ .
If I won this piece from @wildairco it will be the first thing I put up in my new place in San Diego 🖤❤️🖤My brand new start.

Would you come here and spin with me?
I've been dying to get you dizzy.

(How I received *FAKE CRYSTAL* jewelry from @copperdrift and their disrespectful, horrible customer service.)
These "crystals" in these photos were bought from @copperdrift. I received these two as a gift from my mom, so I didn't open them until well after the five day policy the shop owner has for returns. When I first opened them, I immediately wondered if the "Angel Aura Quartz Necklace" was real. It had a plastic like appearance, feel, and weight - plus it was blue. I contacted the shop owner--Sara Lombard--and I received a very short reply of her just insisting it was a real crystal, which she said she received from a supplier. Still doubtful, I took it with me to my energy healer, and she said it was not a real crystal. I then took both of these items - the "Angel Aura Quartz necklace" and the "Brazilian Quartz Electroformed necklace" - around to some crystal shops in the DC area, and every crystal expert I spoke with said that the blue "crystal" was without a doubt not real, that it was a fake. They could easily tell by appearance, weight, and feel. They also had doubts about the authenticity of the Brazilian "Quartz" as well, but couldn't confirm for sure. They said it didn't have the temperature a real Quartz would have, the feel, or sound of a real crystal. My mom, who bought the items, contacted the shop owner, Sara, with a very polite, professional, and detailed message about our concerns and what the crystal experts had said. Instead of a professional and polite message back, Sara was very dismissive to my mom, insisting the items were authentic and saying we could not return the items for a refund. She then sent a follow-up message to my mom a few minutes later accusing my mom of making passive aggressive threats, when all my mom did was express her concerns with the authenticity of the items and requested a refund. My mom is a lawyer, she just stated facts, expressed our concerns, and asked if there was any way to fix this. Sara, however, was nothing but rude, dismissive, and completely unprofessional. She wouldn't even entertain our concerns and certainly did not offer to address our concerns ANY other way. (Continued in comments..)

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.
Happy birthday to me.

Just a few things on my @bodyartforms wish list
Key word is wish...

"Warning, this object may change your life"

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