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max wanger  built my first camera out of paper & tape at age 7. the rest, as they say, is history. LA, @margauxelliott & dash = home. prints: @maxwangerprintshop

she's home. quincy noa louise. aka 'rocket' 🚀 as dash likes to call her. born 2.22 / 7lbs. 12oz. / 20.5 inches. mama @margauxelliott is my hero. settling in now as a family of four. this is new. this is hard. this is exciting.

seeing his baby sister for the first time yesterday. what an unbelievably cool moment. *a special thanks to all of you who commented on the last couple posts. we read every one and we're so appreciative of this kind, supportive community.

hello, sweet girl. thank you for choosing us.

it's been a hard few weeks. lots of tears. change is in the air. a new baby will come into our lives in a matter of days. and this tired, beautiful boy has felt all our feelings and soaked up our cloudy energy. we've spent the last 4 years loving him with everything we have. it's a love we didn't know existed. how will we love someone else as much? how will things change as a family of four? we're all scared. but in the frightening unknown, there is also excitement and wonder for what's to come. new adventures and experiences. a chance to hold another tiny human in my arms and love her with all my heart. how cool is that. #parenthood #fatherhood #reallife


holding on. #38wks



never a bad day shooting for @shopbando.

my (near) future is female. #35wks #girlpower #insolidarity

sydney and charlie.