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Max  part time crisis actor, part time anime bar owner

when you tell her you don’t care whether girls eat salads or not

congrats to my brother and his wife for landing their dream jobs both in the same week and both in their favorite city. scott & jess are the epitome of hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard. except it’s not fair since they’re talented too. I will continue to invade on your lives just as I’m doing here because nothing makes me more proud than being a part of them. ❤️ u both

my face when someone claims they’ve been a pats fan since birth

ask me 4 years ago if I was gonna be a groomsman for a wedding with @gmattkadd in it and I woulda made the same face I’m making here. congrats my guy!

smug look because even canadian barn kids get sick of the cold. where’s the mexican heat when you need it

peace out 2017, next year you’ll find me right at this rooftop bar cept this time home will only be a couple miles away
EDIT: my plans changed!!!

my reaction when dani swears she’s not a hipster after buying a brand new polaroid (feat. justin’s 10th old fashioned)

shred szn

home is where the lights are so here's a scenic st aug pic along with the annual mother-son holiday card photo

'98 throwback to when i used to dress like the fresh prince of moscow

every mexican - "whatsup you fucking gringo"
me - ^^^
(@mattpasta solid photo creds)

another halloween, another meme. one day you'll get your mcflurry just not today #notrealcostume #actuallythirdwheelthisyear