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Max  I’ve watched all 3 seasons of narcos in 6 hours and sometimes I make cocktails at the local gastropub. 5 on instagram, 2 in real life.

*not photoshopped* I actually did forget to take my underwear off before swimming

her: hey babe come over
me: I can’t, I have to deliver this krusty krab pizza
her: my parents aren’t home though...
me: ^^^^^^

girls when I tell them I hike waterfalls with sperrys

did I get it?

it’s not a vacation until I post a pic of the results that come from my hard work and dedication. One squat a day keeps the pervs @ bay 😩😩 #instafit #fitstagram #squatlife #travelgoals


wait this isn’t @madisonsocial?

don’t know what I hate more: olives or the fact that @shunter__’s visits to my bar make me smile unconditionally

sam peña: asshole of the YEAR

when you tell her you don’t care whether girls eat salads or not

congrats to my brother and his wife for landing their dream jobs both in the same week and both in their favorite city. scott & jess are the epitome of hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard. except it’s not fair since they’re talented too. I will continue to invade on your lives just as I’m doing here because nothing makes me more proud than being a part of them. ❤️ u both

my face when someone claims they’ve been a pats fan since birth

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