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12.10.17 Sydney, Australia
there are countless reasons to fall in love with Australia, and Mark Twain’s 120 year old illustrative words still ring fresh and true to describe some of them!
flower pot will surely be sharing many more slices of Australian wonder in the coming months, and fate permitting I hope to return to your glorious country soon to continue to explore the the under heralded mystique and beauty!
thank you for another awesome slice this time around Aussie and @wineaustralia!

11.2.17 DC
wow, what an epic journey the last month was! excited to be sitting in Dallas Love Field with only one flight to go before I’m home for the holidays!
everywhere I visited was just awesome, but I am so thrilled that I will be back in DC in just a few short hours!

12.12.17 Sydney, Australia
as my ‘followers’ are well aware,
flower pot ❤️s flowers,
and Poppies may very well be my #1 floral jam!
such beautiful, simple, radiant beauty!
what a magnificent Hanukkah-eve present to encounter them in peak bloom mid-December @rbgsydney on my morning run!

12.11.17 Sydney, Australia
Ha! I did not stage this.. I swear!
#truthinadvertising ;)

9.17.17 New London, CT
and if de-elevator tries to bring you down,
go crazy (punch a higher floor!)
WOO! -Prince
hope you’re have a crazy #sundayfunday 🇺🇸!

12.10.17 Sydney, Australia
I'm checking them out, I'm checking them out.
I got it figured out, I got it figured out.
There’s good points, some bad points.
It all works out, you know I'm a little freaked out now.. -Talking Heads

12.6.17 Chiang Mai, Thailand
thanks for the great times Chiang Mai!
super fortuitous timing to be headed back down under in time to celebrate yesterday’s victory for marriage equality before returning back home to the states!

12.7.17 Chiang Mai, Thailand
is in fact a golden destination.
but, what is more beautiful, the gold or the space in between?

8.?.12 Saigon, Vietnam
pops would have been 65 years young today, and I can only hope he is somehow celebrating from above.
I know I have lots of company in celebrating 65 years of his wonderful spirit being amongst us here on earth!
this photo was lifted from the Washingtonian’s online version of the interview they did with him after his SE Asian R&D trip pre-opening doi moi. I decided to head back to SE Asia again myself, before heading home to DC in a few days and am posting this from his favorite stop on that trip: Chiang Mai, Thailand.
I’ll share some of the magical beauty I’m currently witnessing soon, but thought this great photo of him smiling in his double Yankees getup in Vietnam seemed right for the occasion!
I love you daddy-o!
Happy birthday!

11.15.17 Beechworth, Australia
was a wonderful surprise.
even with the legendary Giaconda and Sorenberg having flourished in the region for decades, and a whole slew of up and coming young winemakers doing some very exciting work Beechworth remains well under the radar.
wise aficionados will certainly start exploring it soon, as it’s relative secret status will most definitely change in short order!
I was also quite taken by the other charming scenery..

11.29.17 Kyoto, Japan
this trip is leaving me zapped for words, but man was this ancient Buddhist temple beautiful, serene and magical at night!

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