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5.23.18 Douro Valley, Portugal
flower pot 💜s flowers ..especially a few hundred meters above the Douro River!
#estadioenportugal !

5.20.18 SanlĂșcar de Barrameda, Spain
back in Spain 6 years later, Brent in the same t-shirt, maybe both of us just a bit wiser many Euro trips later, in SanlĂșcar yesterday!
check out @btkroll ‘s post for a look at the shot from 6 years ago :)
#EuroBros for life!

5.18.18 SanlĂșcar de Barrameda, Spain
..where sunshine is literally in every glass of Manzanilla.

5.17.18 Madrid, Spain
the panda really improves the demeanor of this sign’s restrictive message :)

5.17.18 Madrid, Spain
too much interesting food, gin and decor to process at the moment, but this mural seems to sum up the start of (my solo portion of) this Spring’s #estadioenespaña trip nicely..
stay tuned for much more as I link up with @btkroll and the crew from @oleimports tomorrow to visit wineries throughout Western Iberia before meeting up with @adambernbach back in Madrid next weekend to visit a few Spanish distilleries and fill many suitcases with rare gins to share with you @estadiodc ‘s 1st annual JunioTónico Festival next month!
tough work bringing Spain’s awesomeness to the USA, but somebody has to do it ;)

5.16.18 Madrid, Spain

9.3.17 DC
Happy Mother’s Day!
I love you @cookinupastorn !
Thank you for everything to my wonderful, sweetheart mom!
Excited for dinner tonight!

6.19.18 DC
some very sneaky legislation on the ballot in DC’s primary next month, which could have a majorly devastating impact on our booming restaurant culture and it’s thousands of tipped employees.
Please check out to learn more, and help spread the word amongst our DC community!

4.24.18 Baltimore, MD
beautiful sunrise post super shaky descent this am.. a storm is a coming DMV!
awesome trip to the Bay area and Sonoma, but it’s sure nice to be home!
#clouddiaries from the clouds

4.22.18 San Francisco, CA
Happy Earth Day!
..very appropriately I scored this latest addition to my board game collection this afternoon!
It was released in 1970, the same year of the inaugural Earth Day, to educate the public about ecology and water pollution!
Wish it wasn’t still so apropos!
Hey Scott Pruitt, want to play?

4.18.18 Petaluma Gap, CA
Greetings from America’s super exciting newest AVA and the magnificent @kellerestate !
thank you to @anakellerw and team and all the other amazing @petalumagap vintners for the spectacular visit on Wednesday!

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