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8.13.17 DC
awesome use of #tincantelephones in this beautiful, evocative piece from Berlin based (DC area native!) artist @james_bullough up on 13th St!
the mural went up in '14, but more than 1/2 of it is obscured by it's positioning in the alley, so it's hard to fully take in the brilliance of it without some worthwhile effort (photos are tough too, but see pics 2 &3)!

1.17.16 New York, NY
feeling like a classic this am!
if anyone can arrange delivery of a board of Chef @danielhumm's seemingly simple, yet transcendent (#buttereclipsed) breakfast radishes I'll wait a few hours to eat 😜

8.19.17 Cambridge, MA
I'm freaking exhausted, which I guess means job well done Boston!
great to hang with @emkuller and family, protest the nazis and celebrate life with friends @sieffertal @sterniebergs @eryenne @cbrinn1 @themundanityofnow @jmullen121 &
@mathewcalabro !
thanks for three stellar meals @sarmarestaurant @islandcreekoysters & @mistralrestaurant !
big up to @a4cade !
(apologies to Philly for not giving you post #215, need better photos of you! will see if I can wrangle something in time for #267!)

8.13.17 DC
flower pot ❀️s flowers & DC!
Congrats to @ariellemk & @adamsternjr on their sweet new Bloomingdale abode! Thanks so much for the awesome #sundayfunday house-made pasta and hospitality last week! Hope everyone is having a nice one today!
(incidentally, this beautiful card, now framed in their lovely home, was the first note Adam ever wrote to Arielle❀️)

8.11.17 Charleston, SC
flower pot presents:
#saluteasalad #6 :
flower pot ❀️s Alex Lira
a kaleidoscope of local melon and Asian 🍐in this family style Summer smackdown-salad! thanks for making my 4th visit of the year just as spellbinding as the first 3, @el_jorts & @philipmichaelcohen!
congrats on @bonappetitmag ..hopefully I can still get in later this year for visit #5! 😜

8.1.17 New York, NY
flower post #212
reppin' another favorite #areacode! especially excited to be posting this from within the "rival" city of far inferior Boston at #212 AM!

5.4.17 Barcelona
my ❀️ is with you, my friends in Spain, as you mourn yesterday's awful attack.
I know that the healing will take time, but like with your (pictured) beloved Calçots, you will eventually peel back the layer of ash and get back to the joyful sweetness within your wonderful Catalonian way of life!

7.22.17 Ithaca, NY
this is my kind of public pool situation πŸ πŸ’¦πŸŠ
#americanaville #4theSummer

5.31.17 Mexico
πŸ‡²πŸ‡½thanks to Mexican attorney Antonio Battaglia we will be able to wipe our butts with this stuff real soon! @amazon, please take note!
πŸ“·credit: Antonio Battaglia/AP

7.23.17 Lodi, NY
had to post this beaut beside this am's Blueberry Terrarium pic, 'cause for me they are companions.
when flower pot's checkout time is 11am and his ride isn't coming until unclear in July in Lodi flower pot hunts wildflowers (or drinks #FLX Riesling or beer I suppose, but in this case he flower hunts!)! 🌸(flower pot ❀️s flowers)
looks kind of like Milk Thistle (πŸ₯›πŸŒ΅?), but having trouble with a definitive ID.. help?

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