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Maxinne Björk  🌎Conscious blogger from SWE☾★ ♥️Tantrica 🌼Naturist 🔮 Yogini 📷Photographer 📍Stockholm, SWE ✉️ • Check out my blog here ➔

Vanlife, what a beautiful thing. The freedom of being able to change location for your home at any time, but still being able to bring your sacred nest. For some days now I have been helping a loved one to create his space - and what a journey. How I miss to work and create with my hands. And to build and decorate things for a home. It’s also a big freedom to live as I do, with less belongings and bringing my home in my suitcase where ever I go. But in the near future, I would like a place to make my own - but now is not the time. Here you can se a glimpse of the bedroom in his caravan, and I can’t help being a bit jealous 😍 Dream nest for sure!! Luckily I have him so I can get a feeling of being home in his home where I were a part of the creation #vanlife #caravanpalace #caravan #gypsy #gypsylife

Something I love with the French country side is all the abandoned houses that is just falling apart. And after a period of time the building becomes one with nature while the flowers and trees is growing along the walls. Such a stunning view! And I was living just next to one of the most pretty one I have seen. Yummy nature and its force of taking care of an alone left over building 😍💛
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#kuatiae #studiotia #frenchcountryside #abandonedhouse

Isn’t it amazing when life just flows. Now Im catching the waves passing and float along in their rhythm. Life truly blossoms when I get to use my creative ideas with likeminded people around ☀️⭐️

I knew there was some bigger purpose with my trip to France this time. I had the calling strongly, and my manifestation from earlier this year truly set its roots. Something is growing with our creative and loving minds and I like where it’s going. Looking forward to our projects together. To be continued... 💛⭐️✨

Extra magnificent to look out over the heavy rain outside Stockholm Airport knowing you are on your way to the heat in France. An interesting meeting, some artsy projects and exploring is on the schedule. Can’t think of a better set up😍 See you soon France 🇫🇷 ♥️

A questions I get very often is:
”Would you be as naked and free as you are right now if you didn’t have a perfect body?” That leads me to the first thought - what is perfect really?
The norm in today's society may be that you should have a thin and well-toned body.
But if you go to the bottom of yourself and try to scale down what the media and everything in your surroundings tells you how an ideal body should be, wouldn’t that picture change then?

It's about changing the focus. What is actually an ideal body? Should’t it matter how my body feels instead? And what I am capable of doing with my body? Instead of just looking to the surface.

This has been the most important journey for me. To really start ignoring what others think about me. That I have gone into myself and built up my own ideal body. How powerful isn’t it that I have a body that allows me to dance like a wild animal and all emotions of euphoria that gets created. How cool isn’t it to have such mind control in meditation and yoga that you can move around your energy focus to different levels of the body. To feel sensations of pleasure, niggles and pulsations. To be able to feel love, sadnesss, happiness and expectation. How cool isn’t it that we have muscles that we can train to make us last longer? To feel strong. Learning everything about your body, how it works, and then knowing what we are capable of feeling.

Let's all change our belief system. And stop being so judge mental of ourselves and others. Be your fully you♥️ A longer text about my journey to self acceptance you can read in my blog (, link in bio. In both Swedish and English.

Sorry for the swedish, but this is for my Swedish followers💕 Känner att jag överlag har varit alldeles för objussig på att dela mig själv i live-format. Jag har tackat nej till podcasts och andra erbjudanden för att jag lixom inte riktigt fått in det i mitt liv. Också lite av rädsla för att det är utanför min confort zone att bli inspelad i både ljud och på film. Det ska bli ändring på det i alla fall och mitt första steg i detta är en podcast vecka⭐️ Först spelade jag in en podd för två dagar sedan med en av mina bästa vänner, där vi mest sitter och tjattrar väldigt öppet om djupa tankar om livet - och nu har jag precis spelar in en podd med de fantastiska tjejerna från @allavaraligg där vi pratar om tantra, kroppsideal, orgasmer, nudism, sexupplevelser & annat härligt mitt i livet!! Så DET SKA BLI SÅ KUL ATT FÅ DELA DETTA MED ER😍
Båda kommer att släppas i slutet på september/början på oktober. Så en karamell att suga på✨⭐️
Vilken jäkla rooolig veeeecka!!!!
@malinedvardsen podd som jag gästar heter "Efterfestregeringen". Info om hur ni kan lyssna på dessa kommer såklart när dem existerar♥️

A journey into the role as a washed up mermaid on the beach. What a morning!
Waking up at 4 am with mescal and fruits for breakfast in Mexico. Rushing to the beach in the dark to start our morning sunrise ceremony before the sun rises. I got to undress my two best friends and cover them in glitters and colors. Three crazy swedes running around on the beach with mermaid fins. There is some moments in life where you wished someone would have hidden in the bushes and filmed it all. This is one of those moments in life. Lyckily my memory is still sharp as a knife and I can dream myself back as it was yesterday 🤣♥️

DETAILS - My little maroccan gem ♥️

The divine feminine <3 How much I love women - everything about them. Equally as much as for men since we are all the same - humans with flesh and bone, with a brain and a heart that is beating, with a powerful mind and a body that is made for recreation. I love the sensuality of women, there vitality and glow that is coming from their pulsating life force. Their glowing prana that is sparkling around their surface. A female body with all its curves. Round breasts that is not only functional, that is an art piece in themselves. Their sex that is build like a cave full of pleasure, made out of the softest of textures. I love their big hearts, that just wants to endlessly give. What we can accomplish with our passion and love. How our drive to take care of our loves ones can cross land and sea. The true magic that gets created with many women gathered in a sisters group. Our strong minds that can take us anywhere. Once again, there is so much to love, men and women equally -and I have learn so much from all the magnificent women through out my journey in life. Lets not focus so much on genders. We are all the same <3

There is so much to have passion for in this world. Something I love THE most is to express myself through movement. My body is now acing from too little dancing the past weeks. Normally I go to ecstatic dance a few times a week - that is truly one of my most powerful tools in life. To tune into the deepest part of me and follow the rhythm. As high as I get in these moments - it's indescribable ⭐️✨ SO THIS SATURDAY we have organized an ecstatic dance á la Koh Phangan style in Stockholm. I can't wait to explode within myself - dance like a crazy person, grind the floors and jump around. There is lots of energy to be released in this little temple 🙏🏼💃🏼 #ECSTATICDANCE #STOCKHOLM

The divine masculine ❤️ How much love I have for men - and everything about them. The masculine body structure, a nicely formed bum, BEARD, chest hair, the animalistic vibrations that is coming from their true nature, their wild hearts and vigorous minds, the softness of a caring man, the strong pillar who is leading the way, the playfulness of a loving man & the creativeness of an exploring soul. There is so much to love! And they are all so different with a mixture of goodies. During my days through life I have met so many powerful men that I have learnt so much from. Friends, family, boyfriends and lovers. They all helped me to become the most exquisite version of me today. Thanks for being part of my journey in life. I LOVE MEN ❤️

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