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Maxinne Björk  🌎Conscious blogger from SWE☾★ ♥️Tantrica 🌼Naturist 🔮 Yogini 📷Photographer 📍Goa, India ✉️ • Check out my blog here ➔

This is the reason why I'm to busy living in my real life at the moment. These gems are here with me in mama India ⭐️✨✨ Today I'm full on planning for my actual birthday celebrations tomorrow! 2 more friends from Sweden is arriving tomorrow morning and I already have my crew of love here already. Morning yoga on my roof top with Sophie, then breakfast picnic, beach activities, TREASURE HUNT, peer juice cocktails and a bomb dinner at one of my favorite restaurants here in Goa @anahataretreat 💕✨ So so so excited... my third celebration hahah! BUT, you only turn 30 once!

I'm a little bit food poisoned at the moment, stuck in bed... So instead I'm dreaming myself back to a magical morning by the waterfalls with this lion in Bali. Can't wait until I get to create more with him. And I can't wait until my food poisoning situation is over so I can start with all my creative projects here in India. So many ideas is just running through my mind 😍 And I have the perfect company to create with.... 💛🔥

I have to be honest - I'm having a real struggle with social media and my blog at the moment. Im trying to sit down to really focus to post but I'm just not inspired to do it. I'm fully living in the moment right now, following my flow completely. The days is filled with love and attraction, dance and movements, nourishing delights and hectic vibrations. I want to be in the moment while my friends from Sweden is here visiting me, it's such a blessing having them here, being able to show them my life over seas. Yoga, dance, singing circles and so on. And the moments I'm not with them I'm practicing magical love making. So I'm sorry for not posting too much right now. It will soon shift. But I also need to honor my feelings. And actually - a little break here and there from this app is good for us all ;) Hope you understand 💛✨
Lots of love your way 💕☁️

FRIDAY FRIDAY ON THE WALL!!! Tonight I'm going to take my two besties ecstatic dance virginity 🔥🔥🔥 EXCITED @weare365

And the day has started. When twenty something turned in to thirty something. Happy solar return for myself ☀️ Started my day in my best kind of way - with making love. The most powerful energy we have within, is our vibrant sexual force. And to combine that in a union with another human being - makes it double as powerful. We started a while before my actual birth time, to build up the vibrations for the right timing - to make it as potent and beautiful to send out my personal manifestations for the coming year. And baam 🔥🔮 After my blossoming early morning session, I arrived home where my two loved ones were waiting with a surprise breakfast! Smoothies, juices, nuts and raw balls, all my favorite tropical fruits & champage. Of course it as to be champagne involved in this big day of celebration. But I'm truly the most happy for having them here with me. So many birthdays that we have celebrated together, and so many more to come. I couldn't have wished for a better birthday - all my favorite things blended into one - abundant love - love making, sharing love with my loves & celebration activities. And the day has just started ! Vegan cakes and more friends is about to be included in this juicy soup. Now we are enjoying the heat of the sun by the beach. My skin is covered with salty water and my heart is boiling from unconditional love - for myself, for my surroundings & for the additional humans in my life story. Thank you all for being a part of my life. For ever grateful.

When I was younger I had a thought that my early twenties would be the most fun in life, oh so wrong I was. For every year I just feel more true to myself, getting more grounded, constantly exploring new parts of my self - just becoming the best version of Maxinne. So far 28 & 29 have been my best years in life, and it feels like it's just getting better for each day!! So.. maybe my 50's or 60's will be the years that tops it all. Who knows. Every year is also just so different, with its own uniqueness in the cycle of life. I'm very proud to be me, this brave little human who is loving life! Who dares to follow her heart! Very much looking forward to celebrate my day in a week with all my peeps gathered in my favorite place in the world. Friends that is coming from Sweden, my Goa family ❤️ Aah! Lucky lil me 🙏🏼🎈

Creating art - with human bodies, with nature, with accessories... It's truly a passion of mine. I helped my friend in Bali @anandasoulcreations to capture here jewelery in my personal way - and this is one of the pictures that came out of it. I love what her jewelry represents, they are created with love and in a conscious way - which is so important in today's fashion industry. ✨✨✨✨
Photo: @maxinnebjork
Jewelry: @anandasoulcreations
Model: @charlenaishani ✨✨✨✨✨

GAAAAHHH!! I'm in my vibe again!! I love myself even more here than any place in the world. The vibrations just levels with mine, and I'm just bubbling of energy. I needed a few days break from posting. I had to land and ground myself in my paradise. To really feel this place. Myself. Myself in it. Aaah Life ❤️✨✨

I can still see glimpses from her moving her body along with universe pulsating vibrations. Her beautiful lines, shaping the form of attraction. How I could role aside, just laying on the floor covered in oil, just breathing and letting the moment sink in. Watching her for my viewing pleasure, while she was emboding the divine feminine beauty. Dancing on top of this other human body while penetrating my eyes with mutual affection. What a night, what a moment to be alive.
Ropes: @thestoreofo

It doesnt matter how well I try to plan my time when I get back to Stockholm. This time I really thought that I will have enough space to really be able to hang out a lot with friends and family and just spend some quality time doing pleasurable stuff. But.. here I am, with the most hectic schedule as usual. Packed days with meetings and things to do. It’s crazy how a city can just let you fall in to this stressful and busy life so easily. Im happy I have still managed to practice yoga at least a few hours a day - it has really helped me a lot ! Now I couldn’t be more ready to go back to India. To this magical vibration of pulsating softness and rawness at the same time. Where my inspiration always explodes. I’m longing for dancing, to express myself through movement. To nourish myself with all juicy foods that it has to offer. Can’t wait to spend my mornings doing my practice in the sunrise and then finish with a dip in the ocean, to let my day start. A space where I can step into my full self. CAN’T WAIT to see all my loved ones that is already there waiting for me - my Goa family. Ah. So much love I have for this place. I seee you veeery soon Mama India 🇮🇳❤️

Since I wrote on my instagram yesterday openly about me being raped in my past, I felt that it was time to share my story. I have had in mind to write about it for a long time, I just haven't got the finger out of my ass to do it. I hope my story can help you feel less alone, if you have been through a similar experience. Or maybe it can give you the courage to report the person who did it to you, cause I was too afraid to do it. And if you have been trough sexual abuse and you have tried to push those feelings away cause it's to painful to deal with, I really encourage you to seek help and support. Cause it will always stay inside you and affect you through out your life. I didn't realize that it wounded me so much until later years, and after that I have done a lot to process it. But it's something that is needed to work through, to get your full power back. Your full strength as human being. That only you decide over your own body. It was not your fault, that someone took your freedom away and made choices over your body, that you didn't give them permission for. And never be ashamed! You find my story on my blog (link in bio).
I’m sending all my love and compassion for all people who have been sexually abused in their life, both women, men and other genders. Cause even if the statistics is higher regarding rape of women, there is a lot of cases for men too. And not to forget sexual child abuse.
In there I also added some links to organizations to turn to if you feel that it's time to start dealing with your past ❤

I have been raped by men. I have been sexually harassed by men. I have had a strange relationship to my two fathers that I was brought up with, I don’t want to go into details but I don’t have any contact with any of them since many years back for several reasons. I have met horrible men during my life time. I just don’t believe that other men will change and act for the better good if I act from hate towards all men. I don’t believe that hate will solve anything. Hate creates more hate. That is my belief. AND OBVIOUSLY I think it’s so so important that this world need a change, for women rights, and for mens rights, for everyones rights. Thats not what my message represented, that I don’t care about all the women who suffers and has had been trough horrible experiences in their life. Of course I care. I care a lot. Thats why I want to work with what I do - to heal womens wounds regarding sexuality from experiences. To teach a more conscious view of love, connection and lovemaking.
Regarding the part about tinder, with women who writes that they are feminists and then writes a text that they hate men. For me, that its the same as writing - I love all nationalities, but I don’t like Spanish people. That is blaming a big mass of people for something they haven’t been a part of, and has nothing to do with, just because they were worn into a certain sex.
I’m also not interested in having many discussions in my comment feed about this. I understand that many of you don’t agree with me. Thats okey. We are all different with different views. I’m not trying to ask you to change. But I use my social media channels to share my beliefs, if you agree, thats okey, if you don’t, thats also okey.
As much as I love men, I love women, and I don’t wish anything else that we should all have equal rights in life, in society, in love, in work - in everything.
And its important for us all who believe in this to work towards this goal. But for me. I don’t believe hate will solve the problem.
I got a really good comment from someone in my last post, who wrote ”BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE”. AHOO to that one. Thats what I’m trying to do. Act from love, and inspire your surrounding❤

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