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Maxinne Björk  🌎Conscious blogger from SWE☾★ ♥️Tantrika 🌸Naturist 📷Photographer ⭐️PR & Event 📍Koh Phangan, Thailand ✉️ • Check out my blog here ➔

Sunrise discussions while skinny-dipping 💛 So much beauty that I have now words. How do you like to start your day ;) ?

Today I miss this beautiful woman. Her powerful vibrant energy next to mine. I keep you in my heart and I can't wait until I get to snuggle with you soon again ❤️

Digging deep into the feeling of how it actually feels. Truly capturing the power of now #surrendering #feelingthefeelings #lettinggo #livinginthemoment

I guess people will always have opinions and wide eyes of what you do, but as long as you are happy with your own life choices everything is perfect. And... I'm happier than I have ever been. So I must do something right 😉💛

SURRENDER #shibari

In love with life at the moment ❤️💕

Red bathrooms and pastel ocean blue hair, those were the days ❤️🌊 The days when I miss my different variations of colorful hair is coming more and more often. I really need to hold my horses while dreaming away of pastel shades and bright colors. So today I unfollowed many of my favorite hair accounts on Instagram, better not be tempted. Way to much of a struggle to color your hair by yourself while living a gypsy lifestyle #stayingnatural

I was just looking through pictures from my time in India this year. And I found these pictures from our mind blowing night when we celebrated Franziska's birthday at the abandoned secret island Ding Dong Bell. When the moon was shining so light that it almost felt like the sun was shining on our skin. Sailed there in the afternoon and got there when it was dark. And we had the whole island to explore naked in nature, getting woods for the fire that we danced around, sharing love, singing for our mother Mary, praying for the unknown. This is only pictures from the beginning, as the hours past by everything got even more amazing. This experience is one of my most precious moments in my recent life. I'm so happy I got to share this with these fabulous souls 🙏🏼❤️ #freespirit #makingthemostoutoflife #livingmydream #nudism #naturist #grateful #traveling

Focus to perceive ✨ To really feel those fine vibrations. Mmm Saturday feelings is strong today 😍⭐️ #naturist #natural #freespirit #nudism #biodegradableglitter

Combining different arts, energies and passions through creativity. Life is meant for playing with all tools that we was given. As long as we do it in a conscious, exploring and heart opening way. Just another Thursday evening in life 🙏🏼 #shibari #fineart #finenudeart #consciouskink #consciousexploring #freespirit #exploringthursday

Happy as a Clam ❤️ Naughty and skipping class this evening, but what don't you do for art and shifting energies #agama #tantra

Feeling the earth, the soft wind on my skin, the sounds in nature around me, feeling myself, my heart, the inner walls of my Vagina. The tingeling at my crown chakra, my cervix, the egg getting caressed by my inner walls, the entrance of my vagina. So much pleasure my body can give me with so simpel tools as meditation. Feeling my heart, feeling my perineum, my anus, my spine, my beautiful brain. Dreamy sensations with myself ❤️🙏🏼 #mylovestorywithmyself #selflove #yoniegg #jadeegg #yonieggmeditation #meditation

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