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maxine.  courage is the key that opens every door 📩:

(55 minutes past your birthday but...) happy 21st birthday mi luv!! so blessed to have you in my life & dont ever feel sad anymore!! we’ll always make time for each other no matter what... love you & see you on the 27th bb! 💖💖💖

low quality photo but high quality friendship!! happy 21st to my low maintenance best friend!! so blessed and thankful that our parents joined the same cell group back when we were 9 & over a decade later, we’re still putting in the effort to keep in touch despite our busy schedules. i love you so much and i can’t wait for more of our time to be spent together 💖🎂✨

happy first birthday to my baby boy!! so blessed to have you in my life and i thank God everyday for bringing you into this world & into this family. i love you @macthemorkie ❤️
swipe to see how much he has grown in the past year 🌸 #macthemorkieee

dolphinately the best group i could ever ask for 🐬 & shoutout to dr frankie for being such a flippin’ cool prof!! su1 is done, see y’all pals on monday for su3!!

to my best friend since ‘12, thank you for staying by my side and for always loving me. no long ass cute message this year because everything i wanna tell you, you already know (from all the messages from the past few years & everything). always remember i love you and will always be here for you 💖 happy 21st birthday and may we never take ever take any ahlian selfies ever again 🙆🏻‍♀️

ultra 2018 is over & afrojack and nervo were definitely the highlights for me this year... can’t wait for next year’s!! anyone wanna go together? 🔥 #ultrasingapore2018 #ultrasingapore

taking a break from my ultra posts to thank everyone who made summer’18 foc such a memorable one!! shoutout to all the new friends ive made and to everyone else who has stayed by my side from day 1. yall r d tru mvps!!11!1!!

one year later & i’m back here with a different group of people to create newer and different memories together!! can’t wait for the rest of the weekend with you guys 🔥 #ultrasingapore #ultrasingapore2018

💜 M O I R A I 💜
whatever i want to tell y’all, i have already said it in the group... love y’all and i hope that darryl and i made camp an enjoyable one & that it was a great start to all of your university journey!! #ubsummerfoc2018

thank you for making camp exagora such an unforgettable one. dont know about you but i feel like our chemistry is so on point that it scares me (in a good way, of course) 💜 couldnt and wouldnt have been able to pull off this camp without you by my side & i have and will continue to thank God for putting you in my life!! stay amazing and always remember that youre enough!! ✨
#marryl #ubsummerfoc2018

it’s less than 12 hours till camp exagora starts!! & the past few weeks have been nothing short of amazing and i cant wait for us to have a great camp together!! let’s do this, venturas!! 💜💪🏼✨ #ubsummerfoc2018

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