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Maxim Sapozhnikov  📌 Fashion & Travel Influencer 📌 CEO Production & Creative company @fashiontomax ⠀ Заходи на РУССКИЙ профиль Interview with me👇🏻


Check all myths here #maximsapmyths

Everyone who works in the fashion industry has an awful lot of friends…well, it’s not true🤷🏻‍♂

Acquaintances – yes. At every single party you add 15-20 new faces, biographies, stories, which would be nice to remember after the lights go down. And then it turns into a snowball👩🏽👱🏻‍♀👱🏼‍♂🧔🏼🤴🏼👸🏾👳🏼‍♂👨🏻‍🦲

In this situation, as the time passes, you begin to appreciate those people whose stories, biographies and names you knew long before that🥰 Real friends (and you can usually count them on the fingers of one hand) are almost the only people who, for example, you want to celebrate your birthday with.

So fashion isn’t an exception: a friend in court is better than a penny in purse☝🏻 This photo was taken as I was having dinner on my 37th birthday, which I spent with only two of my close friends. I’m sending them my best regards! @beloxana @yula_danilina😘

Guys, why don't you say hello to your closest friends here? 🤗 Tag them in the comments and remember the coolest moments of friendship!💣

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WHO AM I? 🤷🏻‍♂

Some people think that I’m a sort of a bon vivant who does nothing but partying and travelling in style. Invitations to fashion shows just come from all directions and I probably got my production company from someone😎

Other people just believe in karma. Or good luck, if you want. One astrologist even said I was so hard-working in my previous life that now I’m just getting what I deserve😅

The reality’s different, though. In our sphere ​​pure luck, unfortunately, won’t get you that far. And nothing just falls from the sky as in The Devil Wears Prada😭

So I’m not a bon vivant and not just a lucky one, but just a workaholic💁🏻‍♂

To achieve my result, you need to put very little effort:
✨learn a couple of foreign languages;
✨literally break your back working first as a photographer on fashion shows and then as an influencer running like headless chicken from one show to the other;
✨part with your nerves every time you launch a new business, meet new clients and every time the plane takes off;
✨fly so much suffering from aerophobia as if it’s not there;
✨teach yourself to sleep for 4 hours or go all day without water;
✨learn, learn and learn again🤓;
✨forget what a cold, depression and any other weakness is which stops you from working hard;
✨at the beginning be prepared to work for nothing for a long time and get the like-minded people on board.

Was it hard for me? 🤔Insanely hard and it’s still difficult sometimes. But my love of what I’m doing is what makes it easier for me❤

Guys, I wanna keep busting the myths about the Fashion world and want to start a YouTube channel for it. What do you think? Is it a good idea? Is it easy or hard to do?🤳🏻🤟🏻
Photo by @myroslav_piurko 👌🏻
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Staying Alive or How to Survive The Festive Season😅

Today, just out of interest, I searched this on Google and it turned out to be one of the most popular searches🤪

There are variations, though: how to survive the New Year and not gain weight (a useful link I saved for myself)✔ Or how to survive the New Year and not fall out with relatives (fortunately, I never had this problem). Or how to survive the New Year holidays if you do not particularly enjoy them (I’m also lucky, I love New Year's buzz)🥳

I love it so much that the New Year holidays for me have begun already this week and we were partying so hard celebrating New Year at the @dsquared2 party last night that I ended up Googling to survive the whole series of New Year parties?😂

Maybe one of you knows the answer to this question?🤷🏻‍♂

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I’m 37 today and I am so grateful🙏🏻

Grateful to my parents for everything they’ve done to make me this cool as I am now. They are always waiting for me in the flat where I was raised with the most delicious dinner and they’re ready to fly over a half of Europe to spend a short break with me❤

I am grateful to my friends for their patience when I’m late and when I’m fiddling with my IPhone having dinner with them🤳🏻

I am grateful to my partners for the opportunity to be a part of the most amazing projects. They teach me patience and stay awake till 6am a few days in a row!😅

I’m grateful to my team @fashiontomax for staying awake till 6am with me a few days in a row and for being ready to get involved in the craziest projects and for being sooo professional!🤟🏻

I’m grateful to my followers for expressing their opinion here, chatting and being so positive about everything I do. You keep showing me that all I do is not in vain😘

I’m grateful to God for everything I have and everything I am going to achieve.

Guys, today is a special day! ☝🏻Not because it’s my birthday but because it’s the day to make wishes which will definitely come true, according to the astrological calendar. Let’s dream and blow the candles together!🎂

May all your dreams and wishes come true!✨

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Happy birthday to me and Mickey. He is 90, but seems to look better than I am at 37😂

My 36th year gave me many opportunities to reconsider a few things and even change a little myself✔️

So, here are some more reflections:

💁🏻‍♂️It turned out that all the difficulties and problems are not so terrible as they seem if real friends and family are by your side. This, of course, has always been the case, but this year I really began to appreciate every minute I spend with the loved ones💔 If we are to have a fashion-talk, then only with really interesting people;

💁🏻‍♂️ when my business grew three times last year, for the first time in my life I felt that I was tired. I had to quickly learn how to delegate, and, as I’m the one who always wants to keep everything under control. But things turned out even better than I’d planned: I trusted my team, and this year the company continued to grow rapidly👌🏻;

💁🏻‍♂️ I got aware of the fact that you can’t do all the work. This year I can’t remember spending longer than ten days in one place, and I didn’t have a long vacation, but I stuck to the rule to work to the limits and be sure to go on a short break at least once a season;

💁🏻‍♂️ It turned out that when you are over thirty, and you think you already know everything about yourself, but you’re mistaken😅 Who thought I’d make a good director or public speaker? “Never stop discovering new sides of yourself” is my new motto🤟🏻;

💁🏻‍♂️ sharing is caring: share the employees that you’ve “raised”, share your ideas, contacts – you won’t lose anything, you’ll gain! The boomerang rule works here too: all good things will come back threefold! ✨

💁🏻‍♂️ my greatest wealth is my family and friends who always believe in me, even when I doubt myself sometimes. For now, I’m learning to say this (usually in Russian) but I promise that I will do it more often in 2019: “I love and I appreciate you very much! Thank you for being a part of my crazy life!”❤️

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Photo by @byoliren ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Bday to me! I’m 37!🥳


OK, let’s look just at this year of my life:

🍾 50 take-offs and safe landings in 20 different countries and finally I had a chance to explore Africa and California properly;

🍾spoke twice on personal branding conferences and it turned out to be a success. It would be great to get more practice next year! #maximsapspeaker;

🍾 my team @fashiontomax have been super-active this year and made over 250 videos for brands and fashion magazines. We started working with new companies and kept on great work with our loyal clients. I’m proud of our commercial, featuring @gigihadid for Vogue eye wear, of our work with talented actresses @ursulolita and @BrunaMarquezine, with beautiful @KateUpton and a Bollywood superstar @PriyankaChopra. I can’t even count the number of supermodels we worked with on various photo shoots. All I remember is that they were really easy to work with!

🍾 now my team consists of 40 professionals from all over the world - from Asia to Brazil who are always open for the most crazy ideas and projects next year;

🍾I met around 1000 new
people and 10% of them not only have a selfie with me, but also became my friends and we have some plans for 2019;

🍾 I failed dismally to lose weight and, as you know, I couldn’t resist my favourite risotto and pasta. Let’s hope I’ll win this battle next year!

So how does 37 feel if one of those years looks like this?😂

What do you think?😏

#happybirthday #happybday #sweet16 #newyear #motivation #blogger

Yesterday I shared the story from the Glamour Talent Awards 2018 - a Milan-based event that, in my view, supports a very important trend🔥

I think you all agree that it no fun to follow the accounts which have tons of filtered pictures? 😉 The Insta-heroes of our time are the people who have a story to tell with every photo they post💁🏻‍♂

This time @Glamouritalia brought together 15 incredibly talented and interesting people in five different nominations (streaming, body masters, start-uppers, visual masters and sound performers) and threw a great party. Among the nominees, for example, were also a Ukrainian lady @mokhovikova_julia, a ballerina from Los Angeles @petraconti, a karate(!) woman @Vanessavilla, a clothes designer @violantenessi and a Russian DJ from born in Siberia @anfisaletyago🙃

The evening was a great success: I arrived at the ceremony in a tuxedo (I love black tie), met my friend @natalyosmann, who was one of the juries, and the winner in the visual artist nomination was my personal favourite from the start - a beautiful Pakistani lady @sarashakeel🥳 She knows how to make an ordinary photo look like a million dollar thing (check out her profile and see what I mean!)😏

Do you think she deserved to win?😌

#glamourtalentawards #milan #glamouritalia #award #natalyosmann

Here’s a quick summary!👐🏻

During my second master class on personal branding, the conference was held by @azarenkopro:

✔ I got 70 online questions from the audience and had time to answer at least on half them. To keep up with updates on my next stream, follow my new hashtag #maximsapspeaker. You’ll have a chance to ask all the questions I didn’t answer before.

✔ I got approximately 350 great reviews on my webinar on @maximsap, @azarenkopro and I also got almost the same number of reviews of direct reviews sent to me directly, which I tried to answer each and every one of them.

✔ I started to think about our next meeting with you and when we could discuss personal branding from a new and fresh angle.

Anyways, now it’s time to name the winners of our contest! 🔥 I know it supposed to beonly one winner but I chose three!
One of the best comments that were left by @alesyaorlova_official, @olegpospih and @tatiko_design. I would be happy to consult you about your personal brand – please contact me in DM!🥳🥳

I would like to thank all of you for your attention, reviews and nice words! They are very important for me and mean a lot! I’m looking forward already to meet you ASAP!🙏🏻

Ph by @katekatsmua

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Guys, it's just a month left before the New Year! 🎅🏻

I think it's time to start looking back. I remember that last December I set myself the goal to develop my public speaking skills, and, as you understand, I can tick this box!💁🏻‍♂

When I tell you that I feel really anxious before I speak publicly, I really do, so this new experience was a challenge for me🤜🏻

Anyway, in 2018, I managed to hold a master class on personal branding for entrepreneurs in Africa, and then did one and a half hour webinar at the conference from @azarenokpro. I think it's a pretty good start😅

These first steps received so many positive reviews (you left over a hundred of touching private messages and comments under the post) and I can now make plans for 2019🥳 Take my word for it, I promise to continue sharing my experience next year and develop as a speaker! 🤞🏻

Can I count on you?
Please share your results and plans for the coming year!

Tomorrow, by the way, I will announce the names of those who left the best comment and won a consultation with me!😏

Photo by talented @myroslav_piurko shoot on film camera 📷

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This is another post from grandpa Max about the generation Y 😂

Yesterday, the @Versace show in American stock exchange in New York had a stellar list of models on the catwalk, but all the eyes were on Cindy Crawford’s daughter, 16-year-old @kaiagerber😍

This young beauty turned out to be one of the sweetest and most charming people I’ve ever met🤗Although, with her biography and success, I would have gone off the rails long time ago 😂

Very few people know that Kaya began her fashion career at the age of five 😱 Then she participated in the shooting for Melissa Odabash swimsuits, and not everyone liked it, as Kaia’s body was covered in small tattoos🤟🏻

But mum Cindy reassured everyone: the tattoos were kids’ temporary ones and the daughter wouldn’t start modelling until she turns 18👐🏻

Fortunately, Cindy didn’t keep her word, and 16-year-old Kaya is considered one of the most influential teenagers in the fashion world.

By the way, I came across a cute Instagram account - @kbyp. There you can find Kaya’s early photos taken by her brother, photographer and model @presleygerber. Is anyone following?🧐

Ph by @tarnphoto 📸

#kaiagerber #cindycrawford #presleygerber #ny #vercase #michaelkors #fashionshow #newyork

New York, Versace!🔥

These two words always sounded especially pleasant to me: I’ve always dreamt about living in New York and wanted to “be friends” with @Versace as soon as I got engaged in fashion☝🏻

And tonight, these words are said together by the entire fashion world: firstly, today Gianni Versace could turn 72, and secondly, tonight the first Versace show under the management of @Michaelkors took place in New York🤟🏻

I remember the first season @fashiontomax… I couldn’t even think I'd ever work with such a huge brand - for some reason it seemed to me that it was easier to fly to the moon and back.
Nevertheless, it turned out that #versace has a great team of dedicated professionals; @Donatella_versace keeps her finger on the pulse and constantly introduces digital innovations into the process of brand development. Now I can pride myself in lasting collaboration on with Versace!😎

Guys, did you watch the show? Which look did you like most? Let's vote!🗣

#donatellaversace #michaelkors #ny #fashionshow #newyork

I’ve already told you about @beloxana but she deserves more posts as she is absolutely amazing💔

My partner in crime, soulmate and my friend of more than 30 years celebrated her birthday yesterday (we were born just six days apart!). But, unfortunately, I couldn’t wish her happy birthday in person😔

So, I would like to do it here and tell everyone on Instagram that I love you and again say a big thank you that you once appeared in my life and turned it upside down🙏🏻10 years ago you kicked my ass and supported me when I was moving to Milan🤜🏻 You travelled around the world with me – I’ll never forget our crazy parties in Rio and New York 😂🥂
I am immensely grateful for your beautiful daughter and my goddaughter, Olivia, and for the fact that you were always there when I needed it most😘

I want these thirty years of our friendship to be just the start and everything that you wished for yesterday, blowing the candles, to come true. And I will always be there for you🤟🏻

Happy Birthday!🎉

#friends #friendship #friendsgoals #birthday #happybday

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