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Maximilian Georg Arnold  - 🤵🏻 Creative Consultant - 🖋 CEO & Founder of Man‘s View® - 📍 Based in Hamburg - 👻 Snapchat: Maximiliang_a - ✉️ Maximilian@schrader-marketing.comi

When it suddenly gets 27 degrees warm and you wonder what to wear. I would choose fresh bright tones, combined with a striped shirt in addition white sneakers you never do anything wrong and the next cocktail party is nothing in your way !!

Evil tongues claims that shoes are like shoes. I used to believe the same thing. Today I know better, there is a huge difference.
The sole, the material, the workmanship. These are all very important things when choosing the right footwear. I deliberately spend more money on a really well-fitting couple than having to buy a new one each month.

Sometimes I wonder what’s happened if ....... and then I come to the conclusion that certain things in life never happen without a reason. There are situations in life where you just have to do what you think is right and don’t do what others think is right.

How to turn into a modern man, a suit in a light gray combined with a gray tie. Plum-colored Penny Loafer and socks in the same color. Have a coffee in a beautiful location while reading the blog post about "10 Tips for Being a Perfect Gentleman". That’s it 😜

That kind of outfit you choose when you’re unsure if you’re going out tonight or reading a book. Both are definitely possible.Altough I haven’t read a whole book in the past year 😂🤓

You have those looks that got it all, even through they consist of very few basic pieces.All it took in this case was clean designed clothes and fresh colors.Dark blue , light blue with stripes and brown. It’s absolute simple but it forms a great spring look 👌🏻#meninolymp

22 degrees in Bremen, absolute wonderful!
Finally you have the opportunity to go outside without a jacket.
Shirt in combination with a V-neck pullover a chino and loafers. The summer is calling!

Do something you really like, then you do it 100%. That's exactly what I’m doing when I think about Fashion. The colors go into each other and form a fabulous symmetry.
Sporty, classic, casual, there is nothing better than dealing with all topics.

What a great experience!
Yesterday we had the opportunity to have a driver safety training in Lüneburg with . We tested the new Porsche 718 and I have to admit that it was amazing! Words can’t describe how happy I was after driving one of my favourite Porsche models.
Thank you so much @porschehamburg for this experience. If you have the chance to do a driver saftey training, you should take the opportunity. You won’t regret it!🙌🏻

I can‘t wait for tomorrow cause I will drive a Porsche on an open track hell yeah !
The last time I had such a possibility was on the Côte d'Azur with the Panamera Gran Turismo last year.
So it's definitely time again!
If you want to know where exactly I am tomorrow and what type of Porsche I will drive, follow my story ☝🏻

Wearing a vest is an absolute statement in this day and age. In the past, at least men dare to believe in this fantastic piece of clothing.
Thereby a vest is such a classic and great garment which can be so easily worn with a jacket or without.

It should finally get warmer next week, time for a timeless piece of clothing, the vest.
A vest is usually buttoned at the front, with the suit vest the bottom button remains traditionally open. On the front of the vest had four, and later two small pockets, originally often for inserting the worn on a watch chain pocket watch. For a double-breasted or high-necked single-breasted jacket usually no vest is worn, as they would not be seen.

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