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tea time, Berlin, 2017

Outtake from @Prada story shot for @ssense

New @Prada story shot for @ssense around Milan up now on #Ssense !
Styled by @lem0nadia
The heat strikes hard in the sweaty and deserted streets of Milano. Its eternal inhabitants of Bronze, Alabaster, Marble, Stone, watch us every other steps, impassible and beautiful. 
I really want to eat polenta but everybody and especially Sarah who’s our Italian guru makes fun of me because we don’t do that in summer apparently.. Naomi cools down under the shower on our rooftop, and i get stung by a innocent looking cactus. Keeping hundreds of tiny but sharp spikes in my skin for too long. We stay in the East and the nights are deliciously silent, scented of artificial citronella, fresh tomatoes and bufala mozzarella. 
We head to the countryside, in search of a breath of air, and what a delight to inhale as much as possible of Gio’s 2-strokes dream machine’s exhaust, breaking the silence like the sharpest knife, in a dusty melody paced by his clutch. We enter a paradise full of love, animals and fields, racing fast through narrow roads, slaloming around the potholes. Sitting back with the chickens and ordering pizzas like if it was the only place in the world where it would make sense to do that. There is something so intensely tense and romantic watching Bianca holding on with all her body to Gio at full speed wheelieing on the dirtbike, her long hair floating and her smile freezing time.
I wanna stay there in the countryside living out of love and vodka, everybody does. But we leave in the darkness of the night. 
Sweaty and happy in the richest Prada Cashmeres. 
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sharp nights, Berlin, 2017

the dreamhouse experience, Berlin, 2013

nylon trap, Berlin, 2017

the ones we miss, London, 2017

If you'd find yourself in Berlin this evening, I'd be delight to see you at @johann.koenig on Dessauer Strasse, 6-9pm. The very first copies of #LesAbsents will be available, and the exhibition will run till the 16th.
@hatjecantzverlag @sangbleu
(soon available on, and selected store worldwide)

I'm very happy to announce that my first book #lesAbsents, published by @hatjecantzverlag and @sangbleu, designed by @b.a.m.stagram, prefaced by @cgaimari and #JohnIsaacs, will be available from July 5th in selected stores worldwide as well as on &
The first launch and exhibition will take place in Berlin July 5th at @johann.koenig, 6-9pm.
I'd like to thank with all my hear all the persons featured in this book, the real ones and the fictional. As well as Hatje Cantz, Sang Bleu and Johann König for making it possible, allowing me to lay down on paper both beauties and demons.. 272 pages, hard cover, 35€
'Maybe it's a book about fear.
Fear of death and its contrary. Fear of
desire. Fear of love.
of the truth. Of reality.
A primal fear, almost ancestral. Which was born with your first breath,
and will only leave you, finally, at your last.
But we don't do books about fear. So it should be about something else.
Is it not for your vertigo, that you strive to climb trees, buildings, cranes or rocks;
only to lean over once too far from the ground,
and contemplate at the void,
melting under your feet?'

Kim, Berlin, 2016 @thecornerberlin @louboutinworld

soaring, Mexico, 2016 @masumirioja @ssense #Nike

slow cooking, Berlin, 2017

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