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Made it to London! Excited to see everyone at #rdv2018 this weekend :D In the meantime, here are more clips from yesterday's third sesh of the day haha. Really happy with the first line since I wasn't sure the weird swing tac to cat at the end was possible (just trying to be more like @sethjumps and his mad tac skillz). Also pretty happy with my attempts at the dyno/bar challenge from the Skills finals. Learned a bunch about finessing that transition during my 10ish attempts :) Excited to stick it when I am back next week!

Ex nihilo. Creating something out of nothing is one of my favorite parts of parkour. I just can't get over how cool it feels when you transform "filler spots" into movement magic. This little tree line was the culmination of 45 minutes of play and exploration and about 20 attempts. I always love seeing a tiny idea sprout into a unique use of unplanned, unloved space. Eternally grateful to friends like @joel_eggimann @movemendijs and @joenkkoe for opening my eyes to the beauty of discovering and creating in simple spots :)

Sesh of the month with my very patient girlfriend @kristine_dietrich ...managed to knock out three new challenges at @apexmovement I have been looking at for years tonight. Gotta come back and get sticks on the last two soon 😍 Also, on Wednesday I head out to London for #rdvxiii with @parkourgenerations !! Really excited to share some power development concepts from my training/work with my strength coach @buddhamuss that have helped me a ton. If you are in the area and want to go you can get 10% off the ticket price with the code 'maxrdv2018' 😎 Gonna be a blast with all the awesome coaches we have lined up this year! Also, one last shameless plug for @strike_mvmnt these Intervals are so fire and aren't even broken in yet πŸ”₯ Thanks @iamwavezilla for the hookup β™₯️ #ilovepk #sostoked #platinumchallenge #parkour #training #plyometrics

Today feels like it might be a multi-sesh kinda day...but here are some clips from the morning! Stealing so many cool ideas from @sethjumps and @elijahmuller 😘 Thanks for coming through @brandondouglass @ryenkeenan @tryhardcollective

Finding fun things to do while my ankle gets back to πŸ’― :) I love how diverse parkour is...also gonna have to channel my inner @jimmyperreira and smash out this underbar cat to dyno before I leave Colorado

My groan escalated in volume and pitch with each attempt πŸ˜‚ This was pretty hard but has me convinced that the Imax thief pre is totally a thing...maybe not for me yet haha but definitely someone! Thanks for the commentary and support @melrivera004

Got a phone again, and got some jumpies with friends too!! Sweet chill day with @nate_weston @movementpower @_nicholasortiz_ @ciciparkourkat and @melrivera004 ❀️ Stoked for the comp this weekend!!

What an awesome day of training with @nashwheelerfitness @anthonyfulk @joeybreithaupt @alykkinkade and Justin up in Traverse! Used our hive mind to put together the first run and was super happy to connect everything smoothly (no, my feet didn't touch on the dyno...haha). Always fun to flip around in the sand to close out a sesh too :) Tried a twist dleg but ended up just kinda dabbing in the middle. Oh well πŸ˜‚

Also suuuper jealous @kristine_dietrich gets tp train at 4tlom this weekend 😭 If you see her say hi so I can live vicariously through my girlfriend πŸ™…πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ

So here's a really nice training session in reverse chronological order that didn't end so well :( Foot slipped out and my ankle turned on the windowsill going for crappy crane bail but all things considered isn't feeling too bad. Gonna tiger balm and swim for a few days and that should get me right pretty quick :) Then it's back to smashing out this tac challenge!

Sk8park quickie, still feels so good to vault again πŸ––

Double post cuz double trainings πŸ‘Œ Got way too hyped watching new @movemendijs and @eric.moor vids today and had two really solid sessions. Feels good to get back into the swing of things, just hope it doesn't rain too much this weekend 😨

Insanely excited to be coaching #Rendezvous again this year in London with the likes of @boki_pk and @stephane_vigroux (among other awesome coaches that haven't been announced yet) πŸ˜€

I had a blast getting to meet and train with so many new people last year - can't wait to make more friends and explore more sweet London spots this year! Not to mention do my best to deliver some exciting, fun, and challenging coaching 😈😎 See you in August!!

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