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Max Henry  Parkour athlete, author, musician, and occasional mathematician.


#EbonyStud bluegrass duo coming soon to a jam near you πŸ˜‚ With the legendary @realseanendres

Some more fun challenges from NC :) Filming some legitness on Thursday but saving it for a bigger project so I guess Insta is only gonna get the scraps for now...haha
P.S. My foot didn't touch the ground on the second clip! πŸŽ₯ @makethepre

Fun lil kong pre plyo from a chill training sesh at NC State. Quality filming, laughter, and product placement by @adammcc1572 ❀ #pkgamericas #sponsorme #feedmyhungrybelly #wheezylaugh

Stoked to let people know I'm doing a workshop at #PillarParkour in #Richmond VA in a little over a week! The workshop is Saturday, Nov 18th at 2 PM so if you're in the area and want to improve your power, confidence, and control in #parkour stop on by :) In the spirit of improving power, here are some plyos and a very hard stride challenge from a short speed session with @miguelephant !! The stride will be mine when I am wearing stretchier pants...hahaha πŸ˜… Repping @_etrefort with the fresh black tee, still need to get my hands on a pair of their joggers!

Andres Luzardo (@buddhamuss ) turned me on to strength and conditioning when we met in 2011. He taught me to squat, clean, and oly lift and shared his amazing wealth of resources with me so I could turn myself into a better athlete. Now that I have more serious, long term training goals it has been an amazing relief and help to outsource all my S&C programming to the man I trust in that department more than anyone else. We are about a third of a way through his program and I am stronger and faster than I have ever been (while maintaining a good level of technical training). Looking forward to pushing even harder through the winter to become a better conditioned, more mobile, and more explosive athlete. Here is a stressful 5 sec isometric squat under pins with a superset of jump squats...getting ready to hopefully smash out some legit goals in North Carolina next week with the @ensomovement boys!! Also, gotta get my core stronger so I don't fall apart on later sets/reps with my jump squat like I am here...always room for growth :) haha

I feel like I have been pretty complacent with my mental game lately. I am working toward some really big goals and haven't been wanting to push things too much and risk a setback to my training schedule. As a result, it took me about 15 minutes to commit to this running pre yesterday. It was frustrating. I wasn't afraid of the jump or nervous...it ended up being super chill and I had fun drilling the floaty overshoot. My brain was just rusty and I had to tap into that anger and frustration for the first time in months to clear the rust. Trying to find a balance between coaching, long-term goals, and short-term satisfaction with my training can be tough sometimes, but striving for the self-awareness to know when it's good to push and when it's good to chill is vital. Glad to work in that head space again yesterday :) Thanks for catching this awesome shot @scottmcdermott_ and for training/chilling yesterday @michael_alessi_picks !!

Haven't been doing a ton of technical training for the past week but found two fun little challenges today during a short sesh between coaching, plus one hard one that I'll have to come back for haha :) Lifting a lot right now so also threw in a tech check on a back squat at 315# from when I was working up to a 1rm the other day. Thanks for filming and putting food on my table @themovementcreative :P

Had an awesome time at The Cliffs today! Pretty stoked to have @emilyaharrington belay me and chat route recon πŸ’ͺ I had a blast at her workshop, also definitely glad to be taking and not giving a workshop for the first time in a while haha πŸ˜‚ #feelsgoodtobeanoob

Possibly the most random, weird, hilarious parkour video I've ever seen. The Long Island/Staten Island parkour communities have always been a little bit different from most and this video definitely shows that. Some really sick runs in here too (obvy) so if you wanna see the peekay action, skip to like 2:45. Definitely suggest you sit down and watch the whole thing though haha the full video is in @unknownparkour 's bio :) #roofclub #spoof #spoofkour

Had 40 minutes to try and smash out this run between lifting and heading up to the Catskills with my fam...almost got it πŸ˜‚ Third clip included because it's amazing how adding just one extra challenge makes the whole thing so much harder haha. Someday I will get rid of the wussy little steps in between :P Also, some squats cuz that's what we should all be doin! :) Thanks for filming @ponderingmacaque can't wait for #roofclub :D

Right before I went, a guy next to me asked for beta on this problem...I told him to totally ignore the stupid but stupidly fun #dyno I was about to try haha πŸ˜… So happy my #brooklynboulders membership is finally sorted! :)

Some progress on @tonytrischka 's fun little etude 2fourteen. Despite playing off and on for three years, I am definitely still in the beginner phase of playing - where I'm an imitator and not an originator - but woodshedding pieces like this are helping me get the hang of bringing out the melody/chord changes more :) Really love spending a few hours a day playing my #banjo when I'm too sick for #pk training or lifting. Gonna have to start messing around with clawhammer and a little improv next so I can start jamming with the illustrious @michael_alessi_picks !! #offday #keeppracticing #eventuallywillsuckless

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