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MAX  Working on my second album 🔱

Thank you for all the love my people ❤️

I love you all so much
I can’t wait for you guys to hear my new album next year.
2019 shall be wild 🔱❤️ @spotify

Life is great 🍭 I find out if I need surgery on Monday. Honestly I’m pretty zen about it all mainly because of all of the messages of kindness I’ve been receiving. So thank you for your kind words and energy. Life ain’t perfect but these low moments remind me how lucky I am to have people who care and support with all their hearts. I will overcome this and I hope you know it’s because of your encouragement and belief that I believe even more


There’s a lot of things that change in life. But one thing that doesn’t is how loyal and passionate you guys are. I’m honored to have such dedicated and kind fans/family. You make me feel like we can get through anything, conquer all obstacles, and keep growing into something amazing. Thanks for staying so true. I love you all whether you’ve been a part of my team for a day or 8 years. Thank you HKA, OGS, MY PEOPLE.

Shit sucks. I’ll be back better than ever. I believe it all happens for a reason. Gotta stay positive

Out now everywhere! Really proud and excited to be a part of the @greatestshowman reimagined album and to sing this with @tydollasign was a dream. Hope you guys love it. I’m hype as hell! 🔱🔥❤️

New York, my hometown and heart, was magical last night. I remember playing in Central Park on my ukulele for anyone who would listen, just dying for people to care about my music. Last night you all sold out the biggest headline show of my life. Thank you to the 1200 amazing humans who made it a night I’ll never forget. My family, my best friends, my New Yorkers, and all of the people who flew in or drove in from thousands of miles away to be there. I am so lucky more than anything to be surrounded by your love and care. I love you all with every ounce of my heart. Whether you’ve been a fan for a day or 7 years you are a part of my happiness and soul and I’m grateful to be a small part of yours. 📹 by @kevmgutierrez

Friday 🔱🔥

I adore you more than you know. Everyone should love exactly who they’re meant to love in this world. Whether you’re gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, you should love who you’re destined to love and love yourself the way you are. I say that every night before I sing “Lights Down Low” because I’ll always fight for that acceptance because you taught me that Emily. I was made to love you. We will always fight for love.