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MAX  House Of Divine World Tour Part 1

Columbus sold out. San Diego, Boston, LA look like they’re next. Bunch more cities behind them to sell out!
Tickets: (link in bio)

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How much you guys loving “Satisfied” scale of 1-10?! 🌈🚘


VIP packages for “House Of Divine” tour just went on sale. (Link in bio). Columbus show just sold out and there’s a bunch of cities close behind it.

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House Of Divine, an explanation.... Many of you guys have been asking why the new album and tour are called “House Of Divine”. In “Lights Down Low” there’s a line “Can I swim in your Divine?”. To me divine is the purest form of happiness. You can’t think outside of it when you feel it because it’s an all consuming beautiful energy. Much of my life the last few years has been spent in cities that are not my own home, but because of you guys those places some how still feel like home. Because of the people that show up, the HKA, the OG’s, it feels like im with family. You guys make me feel that divine energy in places I’ve never been. I can only hope that this tour and album can make you feel that same way. That at these shows and through this music you feel your safest, your most vulnerable and authentic self , your most fabulous, and the purest divine happiness. Love you all always my friends.

Fastest selling tickets we’ve ever had for a tour! Columbus looks like it will be the first to sell out but a couple other cities close behind it! Get tickets: (Link in bio)

I just want to know what our babies will look like

Editorial w/ @blancmagazine 🚀

House Of Divine World Tour Part 1 officially on sale now (Ticket link In bio) 🌈🚀
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