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The brilliant @susieabromeit @christiemaccampo and @alonatal have created this genius and painfully accurate show about what it’s like to be an actress in Hollywood. Wrote it, produced, shot it. That’s empowering. It’s called “Famous Adjacent” Think Entourage meets Girls... or something like that ;) Can’t wait to see it! Congrats :) @famousadjacenttv
#FamousAdjacent #TheRealLaLaLand

Had a great time at the @sagaftrafound #PatronAwards last week! Join me in supporting this great org that provides a safety net for performing artists: http://www.sagaftra.foundation/donate

🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃#ComePlayWithUs #tbt

Max here with your helpful hint of the day... highly recommended NOT going inside the @blumhouse maze at #halloweenhorrornights ... unless you’re into horrific nightmares and that kind of fun stuff... #StillRecovering #universalstudioshorrornights

“It will be fun,” they said. “You won’t s@&t your pants,” they said.

Still recovering... 😱😑👖🤦🏻‍♂️ #halloweenhorrornights #universalstudios #universalstudioshollywood

Corruption sucks. Let’s fix it. Conservatives, liberals, all of us. Together. Link in bio. #RepresentUs @representus

#Politics #America #Corrupt

If you feel powerless in the current political system, then you need to see this.
Our system is broken, and our political leaders are beholden to big money -- that's not good for anyone. It undermines any chance to have a healthy democracy, and puts the priorities of the few above the many.
Now...I hate complainers... but I'm a total hypocrite. I've been complaining about corruption in politics for a long time. But that’s as far as I could go. I didn’t know what to do! The only thing I knew how to do was complain. It's certainly not very effective, but it does make me feel worse ;) Happy to report that I'm done complaining. I don't want to live in the problem - I want to be living in the #solution. I want to be #empowered. That's why I hooked up with the lovely guys and gals @representus
I got involved with Represent.Us because their plan for rooting out big money from politics is smart, pragmatic and effective. I have many causes that are near and dear to my heart and I want to fight for those causes with everything I’ve got. But first, it has to be a fair fight. And very little is going to change in this country until we address corruption in our political system.
So, in terms of next indicated action for how to help out, this is it!
Please share this message (it's for ALL Americans), sign your ass up and get involved :) Get involved. Link in Bio

#RepresentUs #ForAmerica #ForALLofUS

It has been a hellish week for our community, friends and family in Northern California. Lives and homes lost. I am grateful to all of the brave firefighters from around the world who showed up to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. They saved my home. I feel indebted to them for their service and sacrifice. Still, the fire rages on and families need our help. I have included a link above in my bio to an organization that will provide much needed relief to those who have lost more than I can imagine. Stay strong. #TubbsFire #CalistogaStrong

Always going to treasure my time with the pack. Thank you for the magic, the friends and the memories #TeenWolf 🐺❤️😘


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