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Lately @itsme.erikachoismith and I have been experimenting with different pasta techniques and I read about this one where you use cabbage, and lemon juice, to change the shade. It works!

Blue’s Clues Millennial Edition

#inktober2k18 is officially over!!! The last day features one of the most complicated requests I’ve ever gotten but because he helped me set up my submission site he deserves it. #inktober2k18 day 31 features “Elvis is laying in a hospital bed. The room is a normal hospital room except that there is a poster of the Blue Oyster Cult on the wall. Elvis is dressed in full Elvis regalia and had has a thermometer in his mouth that reads 103°. A witch doctor is standing beside the bed writing a prescription for cowbell. Oh and put a coconut with a lime in it on the bedside table.” Suggested by @kristoferogren. Happy Halloween y’all!!!

#inktober2k18 day 30 featuring a very special person! It’s a picture of @maryloureiff and myself!

Okay i had an issue with recording this and I only just saw now I think that it’s because I got a phone call during, so only have the video is there sorry fam. :( but #inktober2k18 day 29 featuring Gritty from the Philly Flyers laughing at a dog with a pumpkin stuck on his head. Suggested by @amandarachael13 and @alaskantrash

#inktober2k18 featuring Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled! Suggested by both @jessieicesk8s and my lovely other half, @winternoel

#inktober2k18 day 27 featuring Snoopy! Suggested by @davidjbotero

#Inktober2k18 day 26 featuring Lotor from Voltron! Suggested by SiWongDesert ‬on Twitter

#inktober2k18 featuring Natsu and Happy from Fairy Tail! Suggested by Erin Castro

#inktober2k18 day 24 featuring Tyler the creator, suggested by @tj_nyman

#inktober2k18 day 23 featuring Ursula from the little mermaid! Suggested by Becky Bradley

#inktober2k18 day 22 featuring HIS BOY ELROY, from the Jetsons! Suggested by @luannpiccard

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