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Maximilian Nicolai  Cardiff. Drums for Casey 🤘🏼🕉✨

Headline show in Perth, Australia. Door sales only. Come hang 🌻 @caseytheband

Can't wait to be back on tour next month. Been wanting to tour Australia since we started this band. Aussie mates, get your ass down to a show 🌸

Alfie 💛

A night on the sip in London with my lovelies in @endlessheights_ shit got weird 🍻you know when I'm smashed to level 💯 cos my brain decides pointing at the camera is what I should do with my hands☝🏼

‪Happy birthday brother. To think we were just 19 and now it's Almost 5 years since you chose to end your suffering in this life. You will always be sorrowfully missed and I'll always wish I could have done more to keep you here. Im sorry for my mistakes and for anything I could do better. I'm far from perfect but I hope I make you proud.

Irrelevant photo of my hair blowing in my face.
I'm gunna be staying in Australia for a while after our tour there ending on the 15th of July. Gunna be in Sydney, haven't fully worked out my travel plans but I wanna see some Aussie pals and see some cool places and hopefully not get eaten by the various deadly animals that inhabit your ridiculous but excellent country. 🇦🇺
👕- @doomsdayco 📷- @7syks

We're coming to Australia, fucking oath cants!!!! You've been asking us to do this for 3 fucking years so get your fucking tickets u bunch of blaady dingos 🌸 @caseytheband

When I'm not being an emo you can catch me at ur local neighborhood rave . S/o @iambenjiwild much love b 🌸

New favourite flower 🌺🌸

Spent the day sipping wine in the sunshine now I am 1 Burnt Boi ♨️

The night of the jungle juice. Swipe for nothing but @caseytheband and @endlessheights_ real hours. Funniest night ever. Caught by the wonderful @candacekrieger 📷

Tbh all I think about is being back on tour 🚀🚀 @caseytheband @gingerdope