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Юлькин чоловік  Summa dis n summa dat, but mainly sunrise/sunset shots.

In Steven Tyler's parlance, livin' on the edge.

If short track speed skating is not what NASCAR in a cul-de-sac would look like, then I dunno what is. #Pyeongchang2018

Even in wintertime, Florida sun is pitiless.

Hey pa, where's my first birfday present? Put yo camera aside n make it happen.

The climb to reach the first 365 is completed.

Hood morning.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's definitely something sexual about this tag. If you don't feel it, just ask Marvin Gaye.

RIP 2017. Deplorable New Year, Murica!

Aww, Maxx, ya so romantic and such a giver.

I don't mean to sound like an energy engineering school dropout, but I'm fairly certain this Christmas lights display could prolly power 23 Teslas, a small-to-mid-sized village in Turkmenistan, and the Sun. #deckthehalls

Stuck the landing like it's my first, yet not the last, Olympics. #rodeobullantics

"Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh, hey!" #tistheseasontobejolly

Doesn't walk or talk yet, but already lippy as hell.

C'mon, Bitcoin. Quit tickling 10K all day long. Just do it already.

Only in South Beach. Free HIV/STI/STD screenings. Right before you hit the beach. How convenient!

Chasing some chihuahua tail in SoBe.

Family photo for this year's Christmas card - check.

Dem clouds like Bob Ross used to doodle.

I hope, for the squirrel's own sake, she ain't a diabetic. Trick or treat, y'all.

The nugget wanted to go to a petting zoo. I didn't have the heart to say "no".

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