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MAWRA 🏆  Actor - Love is the answer ✨✨✨✨✨💖


What’s cooking?
Good Looking!! 😻😻💥❤️ #LastBirthdayPost #SorryNotSorry #HappyBirthday @inseyazdan Love you! Love you! Love YOU! x

It took me a little while in Life to understand that all these Happily every afters with your Prince Charming are quiet overrated! If at all the promise to stay together forever had to make sense, it’s the promise your siblings make to you right at their birth! @inseyazdan You make me believe that I will never have to be alone in Life because I’ll always have you by my side.
Happy Birthday my darling little brother!!! I love you & I only think of you when I read this #khaledhosseini quote:
“You’ll be close by?”
“Until we’re old?”
“Very Old.”
“For always?”
“Yes! For always..” #Precious #Pieceofmyheart ❤️

Since it’s midnight in Aussie land, Happy Birthday to the most good-looking person in the family, the most sensitive & the most Caring one, so much that it has spoilt me & @urwatistic forever 😻 May this year bring you ONLY HAPPINESS!!! I Love you the mostest & I shall continue to be your favourite sister as I hold this rank very dear 😋❤️❤️❤️ُ
Happy Happy Birthday Baby brother not so much a baby anymore!!!! #Mashallah 👶🏻💥💥 @inseyazdan #BrothersBirthday #Babybrother
P.s I can’t believe this wedding was the last we met, I shall see you very soon. Miss you!!!! 💋

Morning Fellas! 😻 #WorkingSunday #Aangan #NeonVibes

Does a forced smile hide the emotional upheavals of ones heart? I think not. #selfmusing #Aangan

I’ve never heard myself wish death upon someone but my take on this recent atrocity that has come upon us is as brutal as it gets & I’m sure you all would agree, Hang not one, HANG THEM ALL!!! These monsters that are taking away the innocence, childhood & lives of our children shall not be forgiven neither shall this be forgotten till the perpetrators are publicly executed. In this day & age where everything & everyone is scrutinised, why are these murderers & rapists getting away with these heinous crimes. We HAVE TO make sure they die a death that is remembered!!!!.
P.s Little Zainab we failed you. Sending Love & Prayers all the way to the heavens w a broken heart! ❤️ #JusticeforZainab #HangtheRapists

Hi there my Dearest,
This is a Thankyou note from me to you for always subtly empowering girls & women of this industry with your actions not because you had to but because you knew we needed it badly. It’s sheer greatness to think for others selflessly while dealing with ones own life & pressures not only that but also being among the best of the best at your craft!
I Love you & I Thank you because gratitude is the right attitude 💕 #superwoman #vibemate #relatednotbybloodbutbyheart @sabahamid_21 X

Ghar ki Chai before the ride to Gujranwala ⭐️💋 #Aangan #MorningPerson x

BROTHERS 👊🏻❤️❤️❤️ @komnomnom @msloud07 #BFFs #ThankGodforthem X

In our reflections we see all that we intend to hide.. #selfmusing #reality

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BZ!!! 💥❤️❤️ @iambabarzaheer May you continue to beautify people w your magical hands & beautify their lives w you golden heart for the next 70 or something Years!!! You make my life at #AANGAN so full of Laughters!!! 😄😄😄⭐️ #BirthdayatWork #Workaholics #Madsquad #LoveLoveLove 💋

Happy Birthday Mano BananO ⭐️❤️❤️ @sarahaizad1 I thank my stars that I grew up w the Best Best Friend, that’s you!! Love you lots & lots! May we always take more chances & Dance More Dances 👯‍♀️💋💋
P.s I bet Australiaaa didn’t sleep last night 🍻 #Represent

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