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Does it get much more meta than this?

This is how I read articles now.

#TheBrain, meet @trubrain. Hope this works. Took me 10 minutes to remember where I'd put my iPhone to take the pic!

We're having a #Futurama cast reunion tonight! And you're invited! To watch online, that is... (There's just not enough room, otherwise) But listen, we are going to perform a LIVE reading of one of our best episodes (Thanks, Mike Rowe!) and it'll be streamed LIVE, TONIGHT at 8pm PDT/11pm EDT (11:30pm in Newfoundland) right here on the Facebooks! Go to @Futurama Facebook page, join/like the page, and TREMBLE IN FEAR BEFORE OUR MIGHTY HUMOR, PUNY HUMANS!! #FuturamaLive

I'm @jinyaramenbar listening to people talk nice about stuff I worked on without knowing I'm me. #Lexus #Zootopia #MrBig #whatsyourslurpgame

"Chewie, we're gnomes." (At least, standing next to the great Peter Mayhew @TheWookieeRoars, we are!) #geekdcon2015

So grateful to have just guest-voiced on #TheSimpsons, and to be voice-directed by the busiest brilliantly funny man in animation, @AlJean!

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