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Maurice Li  creative services director @stayandwander vancouver & elsewhere IG stories for tips, food, culture & behind-the-scenes

Signs of summer in the Canadian wilderness. #stayandwander

The wonderful thing about seaplanes is that even a short flight allows you to admire “hidden” places where the land and sea meet. #stayandwander

Waiting patiently for the big reveal. #stayandwander

Roaming this earth through all of its elemental forms. #stayandwander

Taking advantage of some alone time in a tunnel of Torii gates in central Tokyo. #stayandwander

Catching a glimpse of the sunset sky as the ebb & flow of the crowd moves me through the cozy corridors of Shibuya. #stayandwander

Walking through a dream where 1000 cherry trees and a field of canola flowers meet in Saitama, Japan. #stayandwander

Soaking in those Shinjuku nights. #stayandwander

Sometimes it helps to take a few steps back so you can see the big picture... #stayandwander

Feeling overwhelmed, in the best way possible. #stayandwander

Looking through all these photos & videos from Japan and I can only think one thing... Why is it so hard to get a fantastic tonkatsu in North America? #stayandwander

No matter how many times I come to Tokyo, I always make a bit of time to stop by and admire the Yasuyo Building in Shinjuku. Designed by Nobumichi Akashi and built in 1969 as a structure that “stands in the present moment”, it has withstood the test of time - even as it stands now in stark contrast to the modern skyscrapers and retail buildings that surround it. #stayandwander

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