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Experiencing one of the quickest transitions from summer into fall in recent memory, but I’m not mad about it at all. #stayandwander

Quite happily lost in these beautiful twists & turns. #stayandwander

Spending the last days of summer admiring the beautiful place I call home. #stayandwander

A welcome break and much needed change of pace over the weekend... Rain to help all the green things grow and clear the wildfire smoke from the air. Feels like we can finally breathe again and move towards wrapping up the summer on a high note. #stayandwander

A little stranger made a grand entrance as @h_cato and I spent an afternoon exploring an icon of gothic revival architecture in London. #stayandwander

Step Into a World... 🎵

Hiding briefly from the summer sun and heat as we made our way along the Route des Grands Crus, a road which travels 60km through the most prestigious wine vineyards and picturesque villages in the Bourgogne (Burgundy) region of France. Not a bad place to visit if you want to lose yourself among some of the greatest red and white wines in the world. #stayandwander

Neck craned awkwardly for what felt like hours as I stood mesmerized, admiring the ~6500 square feet of stained glass windows that tell the story of the ages. #stayandwander

From one timeless Paris spot to another... #stayandwander

Spent a few days in the Bourgogne (Burgundy) wine region of France this week, admiring the countryside’s rolling hills and beautiful chateaus. I have to admit it has been a bit of a struggle at times because of the heat (upwards of 37°C/99°F) and intense sun. Things I often take for granted on travels, like air conditioning, have been difficult to come by and I’ve caught myself wanting otherwise very enjoyable meals to come to a quick end. One of the best restaurants I ate at in Beaune had us seated at a communal table, sweaty shoulder to sweaty shoulder, sticky leg to sticky leg, with strangers. Turns out this was a blessing in disguise because we got to talking to visitors from Belgium who spoke fondly of the charming little village they were staying in, situated in the middle of nowhere. Curious, we made the trip to find it and stumbled upon this idyllic setting in a place you could miss completely in the time it takes to count from one to ten. Thank you, New Belgian friends! #stayandwander

First time in the countryside of France. Couldn’t think of a better reason to be here than to celebrate love & friendship with a wonderful group of people. Congratulations, @sliceofpai & @bsantiard.

Hall of wonders, taking me on a journey through the ages. So inspiring to see how the old masters interpreted and portrayed the world around them. #stayandwander

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